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The Ultimate Gift Guide For In-Laws + Parents

Kailee Wright Gift Guide for Inlaws

You guys! CHRISTMAS is only 51 days away!! I cannot believe it is already here! This year has flown by! I don’t know about you, but as soon as November hits I’ve got holiday shopping on the brain. Personally, I like to get alllll the shopping done as early in November as I can. That way I can just enjoy the rest of the holiday season with my family a little more stress free!

A lot of you over on Instagram said you are early shoppers too! So I decided to dedicate this whole week to our GIFT GUIDE MANIA! We are covering everyone from in-laws + parents, to your best girlfriends, some awesome non-toy ideas your kids will love, and the guys in your life too!

Plus we will have lots of exclusive discount codes!! So today we are starting it off with one of the trickiest categories…the in-laws + parents! Something about them already having all the things just makes it a little trickier to get creative, so we’ve rounded up all our best ideas and have so many for you to check out below!

Kailee Wright Gift Guide for Inlaws

jewelry  |  skincare  |  slippers for her  |  slippers for him  |  ring doorbell  |  laundry detergent + nicer gifting bottle here  |  wifi picture frame  |  journaling scriptures  |  packing cubes


: Custom Jewelry – One of my favorite gifts to give and receive is Made by Mary jewelry. Every piece is so special and holds a memory with it. Not only do the pieces mean so much, but the quality is out of this world as well. You can do sentimental initials, birthstones, dates, anything. An idea I love (and did for my mom) was this necklace. I did a dot for each of the grand kids. It is super simple but has that meaning behind and she loved it. The best news is there holiday sale is going on RIGHT NOW, so you can snag pieces for the best price you’ll get all year.

: Skincare – You cannot go wrong with your favorite tried and true skincare. For me that is hands down Tula. Tula is so great for every skin type! They offer everything from moisturizer to eye cream to face wash. I just gifted this set of all my favorites to my mom. It is such a great deal and comes with the cutest travel case. If you want something a little smaller, I’d go with their 24/7 hydrating cream. It is what dreams are made of and I gift it to every mom sister and girlfriend out there because it is incredible. You can use code KAILEE to get 20% off your order too!

: Slippers – You guys, winter is COLD here! I cannot live without my comfy slippers. They make such a great gift because they last for years! These are my favorite brand and feel like you are walking on a cloud. I never want to take them off! They have great options for men too!

: Ring Doorbell – If you don’t already have one of these doorbells, get one for yourself while you are grabbing your gift! Nothing like the gift of peace of mind when you are away from home. We love being able to check for packages, and see/talk to people at the door if we are away. It is a great beginning to security for your home, and something in-laws + parents would love!

: Wifi Picture FrameThis is the ULTIMATE gift for parents + in-laws. We all know how much they love to see pictures of their family, and are always asking us to print/send more. Well this solves everything. Not only is it a picture frame, but it works as a digital slideshow of any picture you load on to it. And the best part, you can upload the pictures via wifi, so as soon as you get new images you can send them to the frame. That way they are always getting new fun images to see and the most current as well.

: Journaling Scriptures – I love these so much, and they would make such a great gift for in-laws + parents! They take your normal scriptures and turn them into a larger print, journal format. There are margins on the side for you to take notes and really customize and jot down your thoughts. They have the cutest color options too so you could get one for each parent!

: Packing Cubes – If you know me, you know I consider myself a bit of a professional packer. Haha. Maybe not that extreme, but I can pack the whole family in one bag so I’d say I’m doing pretty good. And a lot of that credit goes to packing cubes! They are a game changer and such a great gift for travelers. A fun idea would be to gift them along with tickets for a trip together or a card with a hotel reservation! And they are offering you guys an exclusive discount for 15% off using code KAILEE15.

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rug  |  similar stockings  |  christmas tree + decor


: Car Detail – Is there anyone that doesn’t love a clean car?! Scheduling a car detail is basically the perfect gift for anyone on your list, especially those harder to buy for. We love using Fresh Detail because not only do they do an incredible job (check out their before and afters), they come right to your house!! So you aren’t sitting around in a shop somewhere thinking of all the things you could be doing while you wait.

: House or Window Cleaning – As women, I think the last thing we ever want to ask for is help, especially when it comes to “airing our dirty laundry” that our house isn’t quite as clean as we might make it out to be. One of my very favorite gifts I’ve ever been given is 2 hours of a cleaning service at my house. Not only does it give you the clean house which feels amazing, but it frees up time for you to tackle the rest of your list or spend time with family. It is another great gift idea because everyone can use it!

: Meal Delivery or Freezer Meals – I love this idea one of you sent in for in-laws + parents! Cooking for two can be hard and kind of a pain, especially when you have other things you’d rather be doing with your time. Meal Delivery or Freezer Meals are such a great idea to give them a break from that monotonous chore and to try some yummy new recipes. I love that it can be more of a long term gift too by doing it for multiple months.

: Dollar Shave Club – Don’t worry we didn’t leave the dads + father in laws out! A monthly subscription box is such a great idea for them and literally the gift that keeps on giving! One of our favorites that every guy can use is the Dollar Shave Club. They started out as just a service that sent you razors and shaving needs in subscription form, but now they offer so much more and you can totally customize it. From shaving gear to shower products, even hair styling items are offered so you can really personalize it for your recipient.

:Stance Sock Box – Another subscription style box present we love is Stance Socks Box. Who doesn’t love fun socks? They are so comfortable and range from sports logos to dress socks and everything in between!

: 23 + Me Genetic Testing – I think out of all the “services” we came up with, this was my favorite for in-laws + parents. 23 + Me is such a fun way to dive a little deeper in your family history and learn more about where you came from. It kind of ends up being a gift the whole family loves!

. . .

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One pointer before we dive into these gift ideas. The one thing in-laws + parents want most is time with their family. So, when gifting an experience, one thing I try to do is make it more long term. Instead of just one golf day, plan out multiple throughout the year. They will love the time with you the most, no matter what the activity is.

: Spa Day With Mom – Raise your hand if you could totally use a spa day right about now?! Chances are your mom feels the same way, plus how much more fun is it to go together and make a day of it. I love gifting relaxation and pampering (something she would never do for herself) and getting the whole to just chat and catch up together.

: Golf Day With Dad – Just like the spa day, it is such a great way to gift your time together! So fun to just take it easy and enjoy each others company!

: Sign Up For Class Together– One thing everyone loves to do is learn new skills. While your mom or dad may already be an expert chef or professional artist, there is always something new to try. I recently did a cake decorating class with my kids and we LOVED it!! It is so fun to learn something new together! Some ideas would be a cooking, cake decorating, cookie decorating, painting, pottery, sewing, anything! Remember it is mostly about spending time together!

: Girls Night – In-laws + parents tend to already have everything, so just spoiling them with a night out can be a great gift! I love booking a hotel for a night with my mom. We can go out to eat and shopping if we are up for it. Or our personal favorite, order room service in bed, just talk and watch a chick flick. Another simple idea that focuses on the time!

: Tickets – Whether you make it a gift with you or for them as a couple, event tickets are a great gift for someone that is trickier to buy for. Here in Utah we have the option of Eccles Theater, Hale Theater, Tuachan, or even concert tickets to a band they love! Another great option that is geared more towards the dads would be tickets to see his favorite team. Maybe you get a little fancier and do box seats. Adults tend to focus most on their kids and don’t treat themselves, so try to spoil them!

: Family Trip – Last on the list is a family trip with the whole family that you’ve all already worked out with your schedules! They love nothing more than being with all of you together so it makes the perfect gift!

. . .


: Gallery Wall – If there is one thing in-laws + parents love most, it is pictures of their family! I love gifting family pictures or pictures of the grand kids to my parents. But this last year we stepped it up a notch and gifted them a gallery wall. We got all the frames, pictures printed, and offered our time to actually hang the collage for them and the loved it! Our favorite frames that work great for gallery walls are these acrylic ones from Highland Hardware. We love them because they are clean + simple so the focus is more on the picture, not the frame, and they go with any decor.

: Video – Another really fun gift idea is to make them a family video. It could be of a trip you took together or a highlight of the previous year. Another idea my assistant did for Fathers Day that would work great for Christmas was to interview all the grand kids asking “what do you love most about papa?” The answers were so sweet and something he cherishes now.

: Photo Calendar – On the same idea as photos, another fun gift for in-laws + parents is a family calendar. Each month can be filled with images from the previous year of the family. Think Halloween pictures, Christmas jammies, beach vacations. It is so fun to look back on throughout the year as you change months. Shutterfly has a great user friendly platform to make them on, and they constantly have great deals this time of year.

. . .

I hope this helped fill out your shopping list for your in-laws + parents! And if you have a gift you’ve given or received that you think would be a good fit, PLEASE leave it in the comments on Instagram and we will add it here!

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  1. This is the ULTIMATE gift gUide. I am torn between giving an experiEnce Gift for my Mom this year of the made by mary signature JEWELRY. Maybe both ?! Great gift guide. Dads are always hardest and i got some good ideas from this!

  2. The link for the made by mary necklace you got for your mom dOesn’t work and i would love to see which lne you got! Thanks


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