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The Mom Hack That Will Change Your Life

Kailee Wright Walmart Delivery

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I think as parents + adults, we all have those things we dread about being the “grown up”. For some of us it is doing the laundry. Others it might be meal planning and cooking dinner. For me it is grocery shopping!! The thought of loading up kids and keeping them contained, all while remembering everything on the list completely stresses out. So when I stumbled upon Walmart Online Grocery AND delivery, I’m not exaggerating when I say it changed my life!! I know it will be such a game changer for too if you aren’t already hooked, so I wanted to share more of the amazing details with you!

Kailee Wright Walmart Delivery


I never thought grocery list and stress free could be anywhere near the same sentence, but it is true!! There are lot of different options out there, but by far my favorite and go to for the past 2 years is Walmart Grocery. It is a maybe 3 step process and you are done!! All you have to do is

-Download the App

First up you’ll want to download the app. You can order from the website as well, but this is much more efficient and convenient. I love having the app on my phone, because when I run out of something while making dinner or think of something while I’m out running errands, I can quickly pull it up and add the item to my cart before I forget!

-Add Your Items 

Once you have the app downloaded and you’ve created a profile with your closest Walmart selected, you just add the items to your cart, as if you were virtually shopping the store. Everything from produce to diapers and all the in between!

Kailee Wright Walmart Delivery

– Schedule Your Time 

Now that you’ve got your cart ready to go, and you’ve virtually checked out, you can reserve your time. When I first started using Walmart Grocery I just chose a pick up time and would run over and get them. You stay in your car and they handle loading everything completely contactless. So it was already dreamy to not even have to get myself or the babies ready.

BUT then it got even better!! They added a delivery option and that is where my life was changed! For just $99 a year, you can get UNLIMITED grocery delivery. Everything you need for meals, toiletries, diapers, last minute school supplies, ALL OF THE THINGS right to your door!! I don’t think there has ever been a service that I have used and loved more than this.

And now as if it could not get any better, they have added a new Express delivery service. Think of those times where you realize you are using the last of your baby formula, or down to the last 2-3 diapers! Or driving/flying home from vacation and realizing your fridge is empty and your family is starving. You can now have the option of getting your groceries delivered to your door in 2 hours or less!! We have used it a handful of times already and it has been worth every penny!

**Walmart Express delivery is subject to availability at select stores. Standard delivery fee and/or Express delivery fee may apply. Minimum order applies.

Kailee Wright Walmart Delivery

. . .

When it comes to mom life, I am all about anything that is going to simplify the busywork and give me more time with my kids enjoying the good stuff! And this is one of those hacks that will do just that for you!

in partnership with Walmart 

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