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Top Five Denim Pieces

Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Jeans

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Denim is always a classic and probably the number one “must have” thing to have in your closet. Finding that great pair of denim jeans is always the hardest part though. There are just so many options of washes + colors, styles +  fits that makes it a little overwhelming!! Anyone with me?! But finding what you feel best in is the only thing that matters. If you’ve followed a long with my blog and Instagram, you’ve probably noticed… that I wear the same jeans over and over with everything. I basically have about 5 pairs of jeans that are my all time favorite and I wear with everything. I am all about quality + fit over quantity. I’ve linked my top 5 denim pieces below!


Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Jeans

. . top five denim pieces . . 

black jeans:  These are one of my favorites. I wear them all the time (like seriously almost every day) in the fall and winter. Black is such a classic color and dresses up nicely.

white jeans: ($59)  My white jeans are a must!! Everyone needs a pair of white denim jeans. They go with anything and everything and I think they are so perfect to wear in the Spring and Summer to lighten things up a bit.

boyfriend distressed: I’ve had these for a while now and they still are my faves! They are seriously the perfect boyfriend jeans. They have a tight enough fit that they still feel like form fitting jeans, but still have enough looseness to them that make them so comfy and still give them that boyfriend look.

high-waisted: These have become a new favorite of mine! I used to think that high-waisted jeans looked like old mom jeans and never used to like them. Until I found this pair! They are so comfy and are so cute and fun!

denim jacket:  I have always thought the denim jackets have never gone out of style. I still have one of my old ones from the 90’s! They really are such a classic and timeless item to have in your closet. You can pair it with almost anything: black on black, white on white, dresses, you name it. It’s the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

xx – kails


Kailee Wright_Nordstrom JeansKailee Wright_Nordstrom JeansKailee Wright_Nordstrom JeansKailee Wright_Nordstrom JeansKailee Wright_Nordstrom JeansKailee Wright_Nordstrom JeansKailee Wright_Nordstrom JeansKailee Wright_Nordstrom Jeans

in collaboration with Nordstrom

photos : corissa ann



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  1. Kailee – I love your style. simple and easy, my two favorites! I struggle with finding jeans that fit and flatter me. I have large hips and a small waist, and I don’t love the way I look in skinny jeans. Do you have any tips for finding jeans that will flatter me?

    1. Hey Madeline!!

      Send those hips my way!! I always wished I had a little waist and hips! So have you tried true boyfriend jeans? I think they would look amazing on you since you sound like you have a darling girlish figure!! Seriously I wish I could wear them…but I am shaped to straight i look like a boy in them. haha. Or try a true high waist and let me know what you think – but I think the boyfriends are the way to go!!