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Valentine’s Traditions + Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Kailee Wright valentines kids gift ideas

hayden’s top + similar skirt  ||  harper’s similar romper +here + shirt  |  hudson’s pants + shirt + socks ||  chairs + pillows + rug 

Valentines Day is just around the corner and I am so excited! It has always been one of my favorite holidays. What is better than celebrating love?! So I wanna know, when you were growing up, was Valentines Day a big deal in your house, or more of a holiday you just kind of had at school but that is it? What about in your current home? For me, when I was growing up, my mom made holidays so special for us. Valentine’s was no exception and I think that plays a big part in why I still love it so much today!

Kailee Wright valentines kids gift ideas

The reason I loved it so much, is because of one special tradition. Every year we would make yummy treats + Valentine’s Cards so we could package them up for the neighbors. Instead of delivering them like a normal gift, we would doorbell ditch them with the little surprise. We LOVED it and thought it was the best thing ever as kids. Fast forward to my time as a parent bringing this tradition to my little family. I had NO IDEA this was not the norm. My naive self literally thought it was something everyone did for Valentines Day, and I couldn’t figure out why nobody ever did it to us in return!

My little people love it so much, that I had to keep the Valentines tradition alive, and I even do something similar for them. I package up a little gift, and some yummy treats and doorbell ditch them with their own Valentines Day surprises too! It has been so fun! You don’t have to make it over complicated or anything too fancy. In busier years we have delivered cookie dough or store bought cookies instead. Don’t complicate it, just have fun with it!!

Kailee Wright valentines kids gift ideas

To help with your own Valentines surprises, today we rounded up a giant gift guide full of ideas for everyone from your toddlers up to your hubby, and of course you too so you can sneak some hints!Kailee Wright valentines day girl gift ideas


pajamas  |  bow  |  swimsuit  |  ruffle sleeve sweatshirt shoes bag chapstick

Kailee Wright valentines day boy gift ideas


legos  socks  |  skateboard hat walkie talkies  |  shoes  |  joggers

Kailee Wright valentines day teen gift ideas


pmd clean  |  graphic tee  |  bracelet water bottle  |  shoes loopy case  |  lip mask 

Kailee Wright valentines day men gift ideas


cologne bluetooth speaker basic tee  |  shoes  |  yeti socks  |  hat

Kailee Wright valentines day women gift ideas


airpod case  |  pmd  |  wright duo loopy case henley top  |  apple watch band  |  tumbler  |
blue light glasses hat  |  necklace  |  eye balm  |  lipstick clutch  |  towels 

Kailee Wright valentines kids gift ideas

We hope these little ideas help you out and you enjoy  your Valentines Day with your crew! Sending extra love from our team to you for your support and being part of this community too!

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