White Denim Jeans - Kailee Wright
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White Denim Jeans

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Happy Tuesday everyone!! I hope you all had a great weekend!! So I know a lot of women are scared to wear “white jeans” if they have little people, and if you don’t have any little people yet then you probably don’t worry about your “whites” getting dirty. I actually wear my white denim with my kids all the time. My secret to getting any stains out are the little bleach pens!! Seriously they take out everything — every time!! So now you don’t have to worry as much and can grab yourself a pair of white denim for your Spring + Summer staple piece. (I also love the baby wipes from Costco. They will take out most stains on the go).

I’m all about comfort these days…if you haven’t noticed. Haha. I love a good t-shirt + jeans look. If you’ve been following along on Instagram I’ve shared this t-shirt before (or maybe a few times). It’s seriously one of my favorites right now and I have it in a few colors. It’s super lightweight for summer but not see-through and it’s only $32!! So don’t say I didn’t warn you, that you might see this tee a few more times. Haha!!

As always thanks friends for stopping by, AND if you ever have any questions…ask away or hop on over to my Instagram for a quicker reply!!


photos: corissa ann

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