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Our Home : Living Room/Family Room part 2

Pillow_Blankets-30.Pillow_Blankets-57.Pillow_Blankets-38.Pillow_Blankets-49.pillows :  peach circle  |  light blue squares  |  black + cream  |  grey herringbone  |  fluffy grey


pillows :  fluffy grey  |  fluffy navy  |  mini black triangle  |  squares  |  grey herringbone

Pillow_Blankets-52.Pillow_Blankets-31.OUTFIT DETAILS :  peach shirt  |  jeans  |  Houston’s moccs

Okay Friends!! So today I am sharing ALL the rest of the details for our family’s most used living space…our living room + family room and why we chose what we did!! Plus, as part of our “OUR HOME” series I’ll be sharing through out the next few months all the rooms in our tiny little home here in Southern Cali and how we make it work with four little people. I’m hoping to take you all on a visual tour on Periscope (username : kaileewright) soon!! So go download the app and find me + I promise it’s a fun one!

I just love how this space turned out + how well it works for our family and our needs. If you’ve followed along on Instagram you’ve probably seen the slow transition to the space, as we have changed things around. I linked everything below + go into detail as to why we chose each item. AND the best new is… my friends over at Lulu & Georgia were so sweet to offer you all a discount code to help updated some space in your own home!! Just use the code : KWRIGHT20 at checkout to receive 20% off your ENTIRE purchase!!


  • couch : So we used to have two smaller couches. We decided to go with a large sectional to gain more seating and fill up a bit more of the room with out wasting any space. (you know that small space between the two couches)
  • yellow ottomans : Our old ottoman was quite large and couldn’t be moved around easy. We went with two smaller ottomans this time so they could actually be used for more seating if we needed and can easily be moved for when we need the extra space for entertaining.
  • antique brass floor lamp : Oh my!! I just love this lamp!! I seriously have been looking for a GREAT floor lamp that will actually stay up!! I bought a few cheaper ones, but they all seemed to sag down and were not very sturdy if my little people came by or touched them. (I ended up returning them all) I watched and watched for this baby to go on sale and it finally did at West Elm + it had free shipping!! Sold! Honestly, the base on this thing is so heavy and study + I love that I can turn on the lamp with my foot by a little clicker on the floor. So worth every penny!
  • rug w/lines : If you know me you know my love for Lulu & Georgia rugs!! They are just simply the best and hold up so well with my people.
  • rug w/ squares : I knew I didn’t want just one big rug (since that is what we just did in our playroom) So when I saw the idea of combining or overlapping two smaller rugs I knew that is exactly what I wanted to do for this room! Plus, it ended up being cheaper then buying one really big rug. So keep that in mind when you need to cover a large amount of floor.
  • kelim pillows : Okay, so I have an obsession for pillows!! I feel like you can never have to many…haha okay you can, but my love runs deep for these fluffy things!! Joe thinks it’s crazy, but I just love all the color and textures you can add into your room with pillows. And they don’t cost as much as a couch so you can always change them out or switch things up by moving them to another room or outside.
  • fluffy lamb pillows (grey + navy) : These are THE softest pillows ever!! My kids fight over who gets to lay on them. I also love that they are so different then your usual fabric pillow.
  • blue triangle blanket : We’ve always had a blanket close by the couch or in our ottoman. I think it makes your space feel more relaxed and “homey”. Of course I wouldn’t put a blanket in my formal living room (obviously because it’s suppose to be a more formal space) but a family room…always.
  • white frames (similar here) : These frames are super simple and cheap and make any space look clean and modern. I love the “similar ones” from Target better because the mat is a true white! But of course I didn’t find that out until later.
  • white side table : Super simple and clean for all our tv, dvd, and video game stuff that I don’t like. Haha.
  • gold vase/planter : If there is one accessory you need to get for your home it’s this!! Gold is so fun right now and can pretty much go with any color in your home. I honestly move this planter around our house monthly to different spots just to change things up a bit. I’m planning on purchasing a few more because I ended up loving it that much!

Well I hope this helps answer all of your questions?! Thanks so much for your daily support + for being such sweet friends!! Happy Friday!!



photos : Corissa Ann


Our Home : Living Room / Family Room part 1


mini black triangle  |  black + cream  |  navy patch/squares  |  grey herringbone

Pillow_Blankets-28. Pillow_Blankets-42.

left squares rug  |  right lines rug

Pillow_Blankets-43. Pillow_Blankets-41.

peach semi circle  |  black + cream triangles  |  colored squares  |  grey herringbone



I am so excited to finally share with you our updated family room!! It’s been a slow process as we have pieced the room together over the last couple of months, but I am thrilled with how it all turned out. When one of my favorite interior design shops Lulu + Georgia reached out to me a few months ago about our living/family room I knew it would be a perfect fit!! Their rugs are some of my absolute favorite EVER!!! You can see how we designed Houston’s entire Nursery / Playroom around THIS L+G rug! It’s the main vocal point of the whole room + how can you not love it!!  Anyway, I wanted to do the same with our family room.

We decided to go super neutral with the couch color, again, because I knew I could throw in a lot of color with my rugs and pillows! My biggest piece of advice when buying large purchases (like a couch) is always go classic or neutral. That way, when the style changes in a year or so your couch won’t be outdated. Or if you change your mind and end up not loving the color purple anymore your not out a whole couch!! Instead, throw in all those crazy colors, fun patterns, and super trendy items with your pillows and rugs!! They are always super easy to change out if you get sick of them, or it’s really nice to reuse them in a different room in your house or outdoors. Plus, it didn’t cost you a fortune. We had our last couches for almost 12 years, but I changed out our pillows at least 4-5 times!! You get a whole new look for less then a 1/4 of the price!!

PLUS…Lulu and Georgia was kind enough to give you all 20% off your ENTIRE purchase!! Use the code : KWRIGHT20 at checkout!!

Also, I’ll be sharing the rest of our living/family room sources + more details about the “Our Home” series later this week!! Hope your all having a fabulous day!!


in collaboration with Lulu and Georgia

photos . corissa ann 

Athropologie Sale

Hey friends!! It’s been awhile…but I am now getting back at it after the long holiday break. I hope you all had the best Christmas + New Years!! So Athropologie is having a huge 40% of SALE on all sale items!! Use the code: XTRA40 at checkout!! Enjoy + Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!!


Lace for New Years

KaileeDress-2.KaileeDress-13. KaileeDress-9.KaileeDress-11.KaileeDress-5. KaileeDress-12.dress (only $48)  |  heels similar here + here just got these ones  |  bracelets + here  |  lip color (snob)  |  nail color (first timer) |  slip

How is Christmas only three days away?! I hope you all are ready!! I still have one present left to buy and then I’m finally done. Anyway, we are headed to Utah the day after Christmas and I can hardly wait to spend time with our families!! We will be there for New Years and I’m hoping we make it out for dinner!! Haha because we all know it might be a pajama’s + game night and in bed before midnight!! Real life, right?! But if we do make it out and I’m planning on wear this lace dress (that was only $48) from New York & Company. I ordered a few of their Eva Medes dresses + these heels and I am loving the new looks in my wardrobe!!  Plus, the fact that their entire site is up to 75% off is bonus!! Hence the reason I ordered a few dresses. Haha. I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas with you family + friends!! And always thanks for stopping by and for all the support you give us!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!





in collaboration with New York & Company

photos Corissa Ann Photo

7 Gifts that will Work for any Woman

KaileeChristmas-47.KaileeChristmas-41.… WATCH + BRACELETSKaileeChristmas-28.POM POM BEANIE … 
KaileeChristmas-21.NECKLACEKaileeChristmas-38.jeans  |  white t-shirt ($18)  |  booties  |  blanket scarf (similar)  |  hat  |  pom pom beanie  |  watch  | necklace  |  bracelet + here + here  |  lips (color snob)

You guys!! Christmas is in ONE week!!  I know you all can’t be done with your Christmas shopping…completely. I still need to finish up a few girlfriends + my mom!! Today I’m sharing  with you my all time top seven gifts that will work for any women in your life!! Regardless of budget, age or size. Honestly, you can not go wrong with these!! Plus there is still time to receive them in time for Christmas!! If you’ve followed along here for awhile you know my love for Nordstrom and their FREE SHIPPING + RETURNS, not to mention their fabulous selection of everything! Right now they are offering FREE DELIVERY by Christmas EVE!! So hurry up and finish that list of yours!


    • bracelets : what women/girl doesn’t love darling accessories especially ones that you can build on + have meaning! I just LOVE these Alex + Ani bracelets!! I have a few but want a TON more!! I love that these are simple and not a pricey gift at all!!


    • watch : my DW watch is so timeless + goes with everything. I love that the bands are interchangeable to work with anyones personal style! It’s like getting 5 watches in one!


      • hats : (you all know my love for hats) Any excuse to not have to do my hair…I’m game!


    • scarfs : I love that you can just through on a scarf and it will finish a whole outfit or make the whole outfit. My everyday Tee and Jeans turned into a put together look with my blanket scarf.


    • pompom beanie : what’s not to love?! Plus, these are not for just cold weather…I’ve been seeing a lot of my friends wear beanies in Arizona where it is still hot!!
  • delicate necklace : I wear my simple, classic necklace just about everyday! And another favorite one is this initial necklace with my little people initial on it. I have always love clean simple jewelry for everyday use.


  • staple booties : okay so I get asked about my booties EVERY SINGLE time I wear them. They are my most worn shoe in my entire closet and so worth every penny!! I’ve had mine for over two years and they still look brand new. Trust me you will be thanking me. haha.




in collaboration with Nordstrom

photos by corissa ann photo

My Favorite Holiday Look

KaileeChristmas-12.KaileeChristmas-15.KaileeChristmas-1.KaileeChristmas-16. KaileeChristmas-10. KaileeChristmas-17.

dress + similar here  |  black heels + fun style here  |  necklace  |  bracelet  |  lip color ‘snob‘  |  nail color ‘first timer

I’m excited to be teaming up with Nordstrom today to bring you one of my favorite looks for the holidays!! I feel you can never go wrong with a little black dress (especially one with sequins) paired with some classic black heels. If you buy classics pieces they can last you years! I can honestly attest to that. I have worn this dress to at least one party during the holidays for the past 4 years!! Not to mention through-out the year to weddings, or other special events that might come up. I love that it’s a timeless piece and won’t go out of style! Sometimes, I just like to take the thought out of my outfit…you know what top, shoes, jewelry, what skirt will I wear and how will I do my hair?? Hence, the reason this sequined dress is my FAVORITE LOOK!! I love that I can just throw it on and I’m done. It’s so dazzled + fancy that you don’t need anything else. You can play down your hair + makeup because your dress is the show! I found a bunch more amazing sequined dresses from Nordstrom (they always have a great selection) that I linked below + you can still receive FREE DELIVERY by Christmas Eve!!




in collaboration with Nordstrom

photos by Corissa Ann Photo

The Ultimate Baby Gift Guide

ultimate baby gift guide.

stroller  |  oneises  |  moccs  |  swaddles blankets  |  solly wrap

bibs  |  binki  |  swing  |  puj tub  |  hats

giraffe toy  |  bag  |  headband  |  car seat

Hey friends!! I hope you all are having a fabulous day!! I have had a bunch of you ask me about my favorite baby items + products I just can’t live without. So I decided to give you “The Ultimate Baby Gift Guide”. Every single one of these products I currently own and have used over and over with baby Houston and/or my other little people. These are items I love and would highly recommend!! I hope you are able to get some ideas for your own baby’s, pregnant mama’s, girlfriends or daughters that are having a baby or or anyone you know that has a little one!! Also, check back on my Instagram later tonight for an amazing #kaileesholiday GIVEAWAY!! Trust me you won’t want to miss it!! Happy Holidays!!

  • stoller  |  If you have followed along with us from the beginning you know I got my stroller way before Houston was even born!! I had read so many great reviews about the IVVI and the versatility + it has exceeded my expectations, and then some!
  • oneises  |  These are by far one of my favorite staple for baby.
  • moccs  |  Houston lives in his moccs!! They are so soft and comfortable and they ACTUALLY stay on his tiny feet + never fall off!! Plus I love that they are a keepsake too.
  • swaddles blankets  |  All my babies have loved to be swaddled, and these blankets are huge! I also use mine for nursing covers or to cover the stroller + they are really light weight which I like.
  • solly wrap  |  This is a MUST HAVE / CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT item!! I wear Houston at least a couple times a day and this Solly Wrap it’s the only way we survived the first few months of colic…and the only way I got anything done around the house. I love that I could wear him and still attend to all my other little people.
  • bibs  |  I love that these bibs look more like and accessory then a huge ugly bib. haha. They are soft + I usually leave Houston’s on all day long because he has just started drooling everywhere!!
  • binki  |  These binki’s go FAST!! I have snagged a few extra anytime they’re avalible. I just love the clean + modern design and they are so hard to find!! So buy them all!! haha.
  • swing  |  We all love this swing from 4moms!! And that fact that you can play music from you iphone and it has all the calming noises, is amazing!
  • puj tub  |  Honestly, this tub is the best gift ever!! I wish I would’ve had it with all my other little people!! Houston has NEVER once cried during bath time and I know it’s because of this awesome tiny tub. It fits in the sink and has holes so you can constantly have warm water running on your baby.
  • hats  |  I’m a sucker for baby hats.
  • giraffe toy + here  |  We can’t leave the house let alone the room without this thing! It’s just so easy for babies to hold and chew on!
  • bag  |  I absolutely love that this bag doesn’t scream diaper bag!! And bright fun colors have me sold!! Also, I’m a girl that love pockets and this bag is just that inside!
  • headband  |  Baby girls have always got to have a headband! I love these because they are SO soft and stretchy and they don’t leave that tight headband mark on your poor little ones head.
  • car seat  |  Ummm, I’m not sure what to say… but BEST car seat ever!! It has a million inserts to fit the tiniest of babies but then you can remove them all to fit those chunky little guys.


You can see a bunch of my FAVORITE OUTFITS for Houston + see all my EVERYDAY BABY ESSENTIALS 


KIDS . . . more BABY . . . for HER UNER $100 . . . for HIM . . . for the HOME . . . BEAUTY under $50 . . . favorite PAJAMA’S



Christmas Cards + Minted


(just one of our Christmas card attempts, haha) + you can shop our pajama’s HERE and HERE

We just got out first Christmas card in the mail on Saturday, and the kids were so excited to put the first card of the season up on the fridge. I absolutely love seeing all the creative + darling cards come in from our family and friends though out the month.

It’s always been a favorite tradition of mine to send out our Christmas cards!! This year I’m a bit behind on getting our cards out…I’m blaming it on the post pregnancy brain + the whole having four little people. Haha. I am actually in the process right now of ordering our Christmas cards + I can’t wait to show you when they are done!! Lets just say they are not your traditional fancy card + I might have a sassy four year old!! You can see our last years Christmas card with Minted . . . HERE.

Today I have teamed up with MINTED to give THREE of you a chance to win a $100 credit each towards your own cards!! Or if your on the ball and already have your Christmas cards out you can use the creidt towards anything on Minted’s site…like these amazing art prints, or these darling pillows (yes, they now have home goods!!) and I always love to give little notebooks or these calendars as little gifts for grandparents. I rounded up some of my favorite Christmas cards I have been eyeing to give you some ideas and help you pick the perfect design for you!!

You can ENTER the giveaway HERE 


for EXTRA entires scroll down below . . .

All THREE WINNERS will be announced Friday morning back here. Happy Monday!!




Minted THREE $100 credit Giveaway

A Day at the Park


GIRLS jackets  |  pink tank + here  |  leggings  |  new balance shoes (similar)  +  navy stipe top  |  jeans  |  pink converse shoes  |  bow

BOY jacket  |  crewneck t  |  pants  |  new balance shoes

It’s that time of year again…the perfect weather in SoCal + it also happens to be the time my kids grow out of EVERYTHING in their closet. (why do they have to grow up?!) I swear a few months after school starts my kids have a huge growing spurt and all of a sudden nothing fits anymore…shoes, jackets and on. Then I’m running around trying to find + replace all necessary items first. This year, jackets was the number one thing to replace. Living in Southern Cali we don’t need a heavy coat, but a cotton jacket just isn’t always enough to keep my little people warm.

I love shopping for my little people at Nordstrom because of their fast and free shipping, + easy and free returns and exchanges (which is especially helpful when your kids are in between sizes or if they’re picky like my girls on how their clothes fit and feel). I was thrilled when I found these Zelfusion jackets + here at Nordstorm!! They are lined with fleece but are also super light weight + my people absolutely love the thumb holes. We are constantly going to the park, riding bikes or playing soccer. I love how sporty they are but that they can go with everyday clothes for school days. Plus that fact that all the kids can match is huge in my book because that seems to be the “most important” thing to them at this time in life. Haha. Hope you all are having a great day!! 


(by clicking right on the image)


in collaboration with Nordstrom

images by Corissa Ann

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