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Cabo Recap

We had such a fun trip with our residency friends in Cabo last weekend! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about our trip so I wanted to recap everything here on the blog!

so thankful for all these people


Kailee Wright Cabo Recap

my top + sweats + belt bag + hat + suitcase


We met EIGHT other couples in Cabo last weekend and it was a blast! We all met years ago in California when we were in medical school + residency and became like family. We experienced the hardest times of our lives together… miscarriages, deaths in the family,  adoption and more. Before everyone moved away, I shared the idea to try to get together once a year for a trip, and we’ve been doing it for 7 years now! Every other year we do a family trip with all the kids, and every other year we do a couples trip! With some 40th birthday trips with all the girls mixed in between.

We pick the same weekend in April every year so everyone knows to get the weekend off, usually it’s a Thursday to Sunday. We get two full days together, which doesn’t feel like enough but with our schedules that’s just how it works best. It’s a miracle that we were able to get all nine couples together from all over the country!

my swimsuit + top + shorts + hat + sunglasses

Kailee Wright: Residency Family

swimsuit + swimsuit + swimsuit + my swimsuit + my hat + my glasses


We stayed at a private residence, and they don’t rent it out so I can’t share the house link. But the house was on Diamante Resort and it was amazing! The resort had a lagoon where you could paddle board, ride motor boats, kayak, etc. They also had a wipeout course that we all did and it was so much fun! It would be a great place for families. It was only 30 minutes from the airport and the service was amazing!

The house came with a house manager, and we also hired a personal chef who made us breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The chef was Albert Martinez, provided by Kreaccion Los Cabos. Their email is if you are ever interested in hiring them! We had some groceries delivered and then the chef bought and prepared everything we needed for meals! We told him what foods we were wanting, and he made up the menu. They also made the yummiest drinks too! They were a dream to work with and it was like we were at a hotel, but we had the privacy of our own home.

Kailee Wright Cabo Recap

my top + pants + glasses


Honestly, we didn’t care to go out and do too much. We just wanted to spend time together and catch up! Joe woke up the third day and said his abs were sore from laughing so hard! We spent one day at the lagoon doing the wipeout course and paddleboarding and that was so fun for everyone! We also hired a masseuse that came to the house! The house had a massage room, so that was great. We hired Adele’s Mobile Spa and they were amazing!

One night we went on a boat dinner cruise, and it was amazing! The boat tour was with Tu Enamorado Tours so if you’re ever in Cabo, definitely check them out! I’ve been on a few dinner boat cruises, and this one was more relaxing than others I’ve been on. The whole boat was cushioned and had extra pillows and blankets. We were served a steak dinner and ate “picnic style”. Which was really fun.  There was no entertainment, and we don’t drink any alcohol, it was just so low-key and we really enjoyed it.

Kailee Wright: Our Residency Family

my top + pants + flip flops

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You can see everything else I packed for Cabo here!

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