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A Check-In of my 2024 Goals

Earlier this year I shared my 2024 goals and I thought it might be good just to check-in and tell you how everything is going. I started off really well with my goals, but things have gotten busy…and maybe some of you can relate!

Kailee Wright: Anniversary Dress

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Kailee Wright: 2024 Goals

joe’s shirt || my dress + rings


My spiritual goal was to read the Book of Mormon more and finish it by the end of the year. Honestly, I get to it sometimes but I feel like it’s been on the back burner. If I don’t read my scriptures the minute the kids go to school, then it doesn’t happen. That’s the best time for me to read them, just first thing in the morning. I just wanted to read more in general and I’ve been reading this minimalist book on Amazon and I really like it!

With all the house showings, traveling for cheer, moving into the new house, and everything else going on I feel like all my spare time goes to work. So I’m still trying to find a balance with everything.


We have been great about sticking to our financial goal which is to just keep saving and preparing for the final house! We’ve had to buy some new things for the house, but I’ve tried to buy things that I will also love for our future new-build.


My physical goal is to workout 4 times a week and eat high-protein snacks! I did really really well with this goal until last week when we started moving into the new house and things just got hectic. We’re putting together our home gym, so I will get back to it and get into a routine because it really does help clear my mind and starts my day off right! I’ve been working on growing my butt for my workouts, about 4 times a week. I do feel like I’ve gained muscle because my pants fit a little tighter in my butt, so I feel like I’m on track!

I started taking creatine probably 3 weeks ago so I can’t say that I’ve noticed a difference yet, but a ton of people have told me that this helped them gain muscle so I think I’m going to have to do it for at least 6 months. I’ve been trying to eat 3 meals and a chocolate protein shake every day. I was doing really well until the last 2 weeks. The FairLife drinks have 30g of protein and those are my favorite hands-down, so if you can find those you need to try! All of my kids love them too.


I’ve tried to be done with work when Hayden gets home, which is about 3 o’clock. But I don’t really have a choice! When everyone gets home, it’s so busy that we have to eat dinner at 4:00. So I work a little bit at night but I try to hold off until 9 o’clock when all the kids are in bed or just not work at all so I can enjoy some quality time with Joe.

I also wanted to make more time for myself and take one day a week to just go to lunch with friends. I do still take one day a week to go to lunch with Hunter and it’s such a highlight of my week! With all the house showings, I haven’t been able to find time to go with friends or even my mom, but I stick to going with Hunter once a week and that’s been a huge thing for our relationship.

I’ve honestly been struggling to schedule time for myself, but I’m just giving myself a couple weeks to get the house in order then we go to Cabo and then Florida with the girls so I’m just trying my best to schedule downtime. The one thing I’ve been doing is taking a bath at night and that’s been so relaxing for me. I’ve been using the Salty Tub, they do detox baths and they are amazing! It’s not a quick bath it’s just a really peaceful experience with no electronics and I’ve loved it.

. . .

I hesitated to share this post about my struggles, but I think the main part of this blog post is just to show that I’m not perfect. No one is! We set goals and just because we miss a day or something does not mean we are a failure, we can still get back on track. Thank you to everyone who supports me and follows along! I am so grateful for you!

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