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March Amazon Buys

Today on the blog I’m sharing my March Amazon buys! I can’t even believe it’s April already! If you missed my last blog post, I shared 5 swimsuits I’m loving, so be sure to check that out because they are GOOD! It’s starting to warm up here in St. George and I am so happy about it! With moving and getting settled into our new house, I’ve been ordering alll the things!! Sharing everything below!

Kailee Wright: March Amazon Buys


Kailee Wright: March Amazon Buys

scalp massager + yoga mat + organizers + hand pump + white set + food containers + swimsuit + shelf dividers + mop set + rug + workout bands


I ordered this scalp massager for both Hayden and Hudson because they have so much hair! The massager makes it easier to wash their hair and scrub their scalp. Hayden just puts her shampoo on it and scrubs her whole head! It also stimulates blood flow to your scalp, so it’s good for hair growth too!


I bought 2 of these black yoga mats for our home gym and we really like them! I use it for workouts that require me to be on the floor. Only $20 and also comes in pink and blue!


These clear organizers are amazing! I use them in my pantry but you can use them in the bathroom or office too! What I love about them is that they have dividers that you can take out and make them different sizes, etc. We use them for tupperware lids, cake supplies, etc. They’ve been a game changer!


We have a black bathroom so I ordered a few of these soap pumps and they look really good! Only $9.99 too!


I ordered this linen set for Cabo and love it! It’s the perfect dinner outfit. Fits true to size and comes in a ton of colors!


I bought a few sets of these glass containers for our pantry! They hold so much and you can use them for really anything…..flour, pasta, oats, protein powder, protein bars, rice, and the list goes on! Definitely recommend!

March Amazon Buys: Black One Piece


This swimsuit is SO good! The material is great and I love the one-shoulder! It’s a one-piece but has a fun cutout on the side which makes it unique. Comes in tons of colors and you can’t beat the price! Fits true to size- wearing a small!


I ordered these shelf dividers for my closet, specifically to organize my purses and I love them! They look so clean and organized.


With moving into our new house, I wanted to clean the walls really well. I ordered this lightweight mop that comes with a wringer set and it is so perfect for mopping the walls or the floors! We just use hot water to clean the walls and this set makes it really easy.


I kid you not, we have FOUR of these rugs! We bought 2 of the ivory color and 2 of the light grey. It comes in all different sizes. They are sooo soft and have held up really well! The price point is really good too!


I love these workout bands! We’re trying to get our gym all set up, so I needed some new ones! They come in a pack of 3 and are under $20! Definitely recommend!

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What was your favorite Amazon buy last month?!

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