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10 Things about our birthday boy Hudson

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I don’t know about you, but we are over her trying to cram in everything on our Summer Bucket List and enjoy every last second of it before the little people are back in school! One of our favorite things about summer is our summer birthday boys! We celebrated Houston in July and now we are celebrating Hudson turning 10!! If you know him, you love him! He is so full of energy, our resident baby whisperer, and just the sweetest kid you’ll ever meet. So today I thought it would be fun to share 10 things about him so you can get to know him a little better!

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If you’ve been around here for very long, or follow along on Instagram, you know Hudson is our baseball star. He literally lives for baseball and you can see it in the way he plays. His heart is completely in every game, and he is determined to always give his very best. You can often find him out in the batting cage hitting for hours, or challenging himself to be able to do more pullups or pushups to keep himself in the best shape he can be. This is all completely on his own because he wants to give his best and I love that about him.


On that same note, I swear he was born an athlete. He is just turning 10 and already has a 6 pack and just so naturally fit. But even though a lot of things come naturally to him, he pushes himself and never accepts better than his very best. He is also very competitive like his dad (which of course has its challenges) even when it comes to board games, but I honestly think mixed with his sweet/tender personality it just makes him strive to be a better version of himself and not focus on being better than others.

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On that same note, he is such a hard worker when it comes to chores and helping around the house too. He is the first to wake up and work through his chore chart so he can go have fun. When he is done, he always asks if there is anything extra he can help me do before he goes, and seems to always be aware when I could use an extra hand with the babies or other things around the house. He very rarely complains about any of the work we ask him to do too, which if you have kids around that age, you know is HUGE. I just love that he is always willing to do his part in our family team.


Heaven help me! This boy can eat! For example, when we have French Toast, he will down like 8-10 pieces of french toast. And that is on normal occasion, not him trying to prove anything. He can drink a gallon of chocolate milk in one day if we let him. It is so crazy and makes me nervous for the teen years to come!

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One of my very favorite things to watch is Hudson’s bond with Harper. He honestly loves her so much and it such a sweet thing to see and soak in as a mom. I feel like girls always get all the credit for being the best babysitters, but Hudson is incredible. I know I can completely trust him to help with her when I’m busy whether it is a diaper change, putting her down for a nap, or just keeping her happy.  He loves to take the time to just snuggle with her, and the same goes for my sisters babies too. There is just something about him that is so sweet and gentle, that the babies are so calm and happy around him.


Speaking of babies, Hudson himself was SUCH a hard baby. He was so so colicky. Like constant uncomfortable pained crying. It was the saddest thing and SO hard on my mom heart. I really didn’t know if we were going to get through it all and kind of gives me anxiety to even think back on. But as soon as he hit about 6 months, he was an angel baby and we could not get enough of him and it has been that way ever since. In fact, we were so obsessed, we couldn’t wait to have another one…hence why Hudson and Hayden are only 2 years apart!

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One thing I really look up to Hudson for, is his ability to be such an incredible friend. He really makes it his goal to keep an eye out and make sure everyone is included. There have been times when other moms or teachers have told me that he will leave his group of friends to go see if someone that looks lonely wants to join them. When there is a new kid in class or the neighborhood, he is the first one to jump over and introduce himself and be their friend. He is always the first to stand up for the under dog or the outcast and just sees people as their very best. I wish I was as brave and aware as him when it comes to including everyone and being that person that makes sure everyone feels loved and like they have a friend.


When I look at Hudson, I see so much of Joe! And I’m sure some of you do too when you see the amazing faces (like the picture above) he pulls in our Sunday pictures. He doesn’t love the social media spotlight, just like his Joe, but he is honestly one of the funniest and fun people you will ever meet. He loves for people to be happy and will go out of his way to be crazy and crack jokes to get a smile.

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One thing about Hudson that I’ve always noticed, is for being such a tough athlete kid, he has such a tender heart. He hates for people to feel sad, hurt, or lonely, and has a very sensitive spirit about him. Even since he was little, he has felt all his emotions bigger. He will still come and snuggle or lay with me when he knows I’ve had a harder day or if he has. I just love that he knows its ok to feel and has never been “too cool” to have emotions too.


Hudson always has his focus on those around him. Whether it is looking out for his friends and classmates like I mentioned, or just helping out around the house, he is always quietly serving those around him without looking for extra recognition or anything. Somehow he always knows when I could just use an extra hand or a break with the babies and will come and take them to play. He takes the time to ask how my day is and what he can do to help, even when I know there are things with his friends he would rather be doing. I just always see him doing the smallest things to make another persons day a little brighter and I love that about him.

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As you can see, we are pretty big fans of our sweet Hudson. He is as good as they come and we feel so lucky and blessed to have him as part of our crew.

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