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20 Goals in 2020

Kailee Wright 2020 goals

my top  |  jeans + similar  |  slippers  |  hat  ||  planter  |  similar cutting board

We have officially started 2020 and a fresh new year. For most people that means sitting down and thinking about some goals they would like to accomplish in the new year. I’ve never been a huge fan of making big long lists of goals, just because its a new year, but I saw my friend Merrick do this fun 20 goals in 2020 and wanted to try it out for myself!

So while 20 goals seems a little crazy, you’ll see that I’m not one to make huge unreachable goals that I know will end in disappointment. For me it is things I can do to be more intentional with my time and my people. So here are my 20 for 2020, that will hopefully help inspire you to simplify your own goals and rock it in this new year!

Kailee Wright 2020 goals

my top  |  jeans + similar slippers  |  hat  ||  chair + pillow  |  rug  |  planter  |  art


One of my biggest focuses for 2020 is to really be intentional with how and where I spend my time. I want big things for this brand but I also know these years with my little people are the most important, so finding a balance is my biggest focus as we go into 2020.

  • Spend less time distracted on my phone.
  • Be more efficient with my work time. Work faster and more accurately.
  • Be all there. If I am with my family, let my mind be 100% there and not thinking of a to-do list I have waiting for me.
  • Make time to read + study my scriptures or listen to an uplifting talk or podcast daily.
  • Set aside time for me. Usually for me personally, it is to workout. But something every day that keeps me mentally healthy and strong to be good mom and wife.
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My overall health and fitness were a huge part of 2019. I really put a focus on taking care of myself and getting healthier so I can be stronger both physically and mentally. I have loved the changes I’ve seen in how I feel and can’t wait to continue this healthy journey this year.

  • Continue to eat healthier
  • Get stronger
  • Drink more water
  • Go to bed earlier so I get a full nights rest but am still able to wake up early to workout.
  • Share more of what has worked for me to help inspire other women to meet their fitness goals.
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hunter’s top + skirt || hayden’s similar jumpsuit || joe’s shirt + tie + pants houston’s shirt + pants + similar jacket + shoes || my dress || harper’s similar romper || hudson’s shirt + pants


There is nothing in the world more important to me than my family and spending all the time I can with them. They are a big focus of my goals this year.

  • Spend more one on one time with my kids
  • Make date night a higher priority and get it on the schedule regularly
  • Regular family date night
  • Study Come Follow Me regularly as a family
  • Continue morning family scripture study

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Something that is really important to me when it comes to making goals, is that they don’t always have to have this major bold deadline. Some of the best goals and dreams we can have for ourselves take time. We don’t always have a for sure due date.

  • Be part of a service project to help others monthly
  • Hit our brand goals as a business
  • Finish the Book of Mormon
  • Pay off a chunk of our mortgage
  • Make a small investment

I hope whatever your age and stage in life, you are looking at this new year as a fresh opportunity to do and be whatever you want to be! And know that I’m here cheering you on and in to 2020!!

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