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Stocking Stuffers for The Whole Family

Kailee Wright Christmas Stockings

houston’s similar pajamas + here + slippers  ||  my pjs (sold out) similar here + here  |  beanie  |  slippers  ||  harper’s pajamas  || stockings  ||  similar garland + berries

We are just a little over 2 weeks until Christmas and I can’t even stand it!! The excitement level in our house is out of control, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s not just the little people! When it comes to Christmas shopping, I always try to be really on top of it. This year I finished up all the gifts with Black Friday shopping and was so glad to be done and enjoy the season!! But every year, stocking stuffers seem to creep up on me. I don’t know why but I always seem to leave them to the last minute. So this year, instead of putting it off, I reached out to you guys for your best ideas and you TOTALLY delivered!! So since I’m sure I’m not alone in needing new ideas,  I’ve rounded up some of the best stocking stuffers ideas from your suggestions for everyone in your family!

Kailee Wright Stocking Stuffer Gift Guides

bath toys : crayons, color changers  |  art supplies : stickers, markers, paint stick, playdoh  |  bubbles  |  card games : spot it, uno  |  hair accessories : bows or  hair color spray  |  mini water bottle  |  favorite book  |  chapstick  |  gift card flashlight  


My kids LOVE bath toys and would stay in there for hours if I’d let them! Some of our favorites that make great stocking stuffers are these fun bath crayons or the color changing tablets that make the water a different color. So simple and fun!


Another favorite of all my kids that would make great stocking stuffers is art supplies. From your basic markers and stickers, to these super fun paint sticks or play doh, you can’t go wrong! I love that it gives them something hands on to use their imagination.


We love bubbles at our house! They are great to play outside or even in the bath tub! They make a great affordable stocking stuffer.


Kids LOVE card games! It lets them get a little competitive and learn some new skills all at the same time. This game is a full family favorite, and Houston would play it all day if we let him!


Hair accessories are a great essential that can double as a stocking stuffer. Cute bows or this fun temporary hair color would be perfect!


I love having these water bottles for my kids! They keep their drinks nice and cold, are easy for little hands to use, and the straw lid avoids spills.


A favorite book is a great idea too! You could do a fun board book for a baby or toddler, or one from a favorite series for bigger kids.


Chapstick has always been a go to for stockings for boys or girls. It is such a simple little thing, but they love having their very own.


We love gifting our kids little gift cards for future date nights with us or fun family nights. You could do ice cream, their favorite store, or somewhere they could pick out a new toy.


This one seems a little odd, but I’m promising you your toddlers will love it! A little mini flashlight could entertain Houston and Harper for hours.


reading light … fake snowballs … slime kit … underwear … socks … brain puzzles … treats … book … magazine subscription … glow sticks … bandaids …  electric toothbrush

. . .

Kailee Wright Stocking Stuffer Gift Guides

water bottle  |  travel skincare  |  makeup: mascara or lip gloss  |  scrunchie or gel  |  wallet or clutch  |  socks loopy case specialty treats  |  gift card batting glove


We love these water bottles for keeping drinks cold! And of course they are fun colors! If you have a teen you know of their love for covering them in stickers to personalize them too!


You know of my love for all things Tula, and Hunter is already hooked too! I want to create good habits while she is still young so skincare is always a priority for her. They have some great stocking stuffers this year and you can use code KAILEE to get 20% off!


Hunter is dying to start wearing makeup, so we are easing her into it with mascara and lip gloss. This gloss has been my go to for years and it such a steal!


Hair accessories and supplies is a great practical item turned present. Hair scrunchies or hair gel for boys would work great!


Teens are totally in the stage of having and carrying around their own money, so a new wallet or clutch would make a perfect stocking stuffer!

:: SOCKS –

Practical turned present again, but Hudson loves these socks so much he would still be excited!


If your teen is begging for a phone, you need to get them one of these loopy cases! They keep them from dropping them and protect their phone. You can use code KAILEE10 for 10% or KAILEE15 for 15% off two cases!


A fun stocking stuffer, especially for teenage boys and their never ending appetites, is a specialty treat or drink. Think the glass bottle sodas, or a fun candy they love or don’t normally have!


We love gifting our teens little gift cards for future date nights with us or fun family nights. You could do ice cream, their favorite store, or a movie theater.


Another fun idea for your teen boy is a new batting glove. If they aren’t into baseball you could go with a different sports accessory like golf balls, shin guards, etc.


fancy pens and notebook … slippers … nail polish … bath bomb … body cream … coloring books …
perfume … jewelry … face mask … lotion … bath salts … tickets … film for polaroid
. . .

Kailee Wright Stocking Stuffer Gift Guides

blue light glasses  |  apple watch band  |  portable chargerbeanie  |  bracelet  |  loopy case  |  travel skin care  |  makeup  |  wallet or clutch  with gift card  |  the wright duo


If you are around a screen a lot (aren’t we all), you need these blue light glasses! They have made such a difference for me and bonus, they are super cute!


If you or your hubby have an apple watch, a new band is a great idea! It is fun to customize the colors to your preference or be able to switch them out!


I know you’ve all heard me talk about this charger a million times, but it is that good!! It can charge your phone I think 7 times before needing to be charged again and is so great to have on the go!


Christmas means cold around here, so a beanie is a great stocking idea!


What girl doesn’t love a little bit of new jewelry in her stocking? I found these bracelets a few months ago and fell in love with them! They give you the look of multiple bracelets stacked but its all hooked together with a quick magnet closure. And you can use code KAILEE for 30% off!


The perfect idea for anyone with a phone is one of these loopy cases! They keep them from dropping them, give you the hands free option on the go, and protect their phone. You can use code KAILEE10 for 10% or KAILEE15 for 15% off two cases!


My love for all things Tula runs deep, and it would make the perfect stocking stuffer! Whether you pick one of your favorite products, or go with a cute set they’ve made especially for the holidays, you can use code KAILEE to get 20% off!


Makeup is the perfect size for a stocking! Something as simple as your favorite lip gloss or lip liner would work great!


A fun spin on the wallet or clutch gift is to fill it up with cash or gift cards to their favorite place for future date nights!


If the stocking you are stuffing belongs to a girl with hair of any kind, this is a must have!! This is the ultimate dream team to take your hair from drab to fab in seconds. It honestly makes sweaty flat gym hair instantly turn into fresh blowout looking hair with a couple sprays. I am obsessed and know you will be too! Plus you can use code KAILEE for 30% off anything on the site.


spatula … coloring books … kitchen utensil … hand warmer … magazine … reusable straws … cocoa stirrer … golf balls … gift cards

I hope some of these ideas help solve your stocking stuffer needs!

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