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BEST OF 2019

Welcome to 2020!!! I can’t even believe I am saying that. I swear we were just dealing with the drama of Y2K, blinked, and here we are!! I am so excited for a fresh new year here on the blog. We have so much exciting new content coming up that I know you are going to love and I can’t wait to share it all with you! But before we jump in to the new year, I thought it would be fun to do a little recap post highlighting the BEST OF 2019! So keep reading to check out your top 10 most loved products of 2019, as well as your very favorite blog posts too!

01. Tula Eye Balm | 02. Bathroom Organizing Caddy | 03. Crib Tent |
04. Nike Hoodie | 05. Slippers | 06. jeans | 07. long sleeve top | 08. doll | 09. Sneakers | 10. Apple Watch band


Raise your hand if you feel like you are always tired, and it is starting to show?! This Tula Eye Balm is a game changer when it comes to fighting those tired under eyes. Not only does it help fill in fine lines around your eyes, it cools and hydrates at the same time. You will feel and look refreshed and nobody will be the wiser! You can use code KAILEE for 20% off too!


If organization brings you as much joy as it brings me, you need this bathroom organizing caddy in your life. It is so convenient to be able to just grab the handle and pull out one little caddy with all my morning needs, instead of sorting through multiple bins and drawers. Everything is clear and sleek so not only does it look good, but it is easy to see what you are looking for.


When I posted this crib tent on my Instagram Stories, my inbox was flooded with questions asking what in the world it was for, and then follow ups asking where to get one! It is every toddler parents dream when it comes to keeping your little one safely in their crib and not attempting any escapes.


Who knew a simple hoodie could be such a hit! But I don’t blame you one bit. In fact I love it so much I have it in two colors and so does my assistant! It is the perfect relaxed fit without being too baggy, and the neckline gives it a more flattering feminine look. It has been on of my go to faves all winter long.


Is there anything better than super comfy cozy slippers?! The second I walk in the house I have to put mine on. I love the fun feminine look of these, but they are tighter and slimmer, not too bulky to where around.


These jeans have been in my favorite rotation for at least 5 years and I am still just as in love with them as day 1. They have the perfect amount of stretch to be comfortable without being saggy and the distressing is just right.


I love that you guys love your basics just as much as I do! You can never go wrong with a closet full of staple pieces like this basic long sleeve, which is why I may or may not have it in 3 or 4 colors! It is such a great classic fit, perfect for dressing up or down and for layering!


Harper isn’t the only one that loves this doll. So many of you fell in love too when you saw it as her constant companion on stories. It is soft like a stuffed animal, making it extra cozy to sleep with. Plus it comes with the cute accessories that let them be little mini mamas. So so cute!!


When I need a good pair of sneakers, these are my go to and were definitely the shoe of 2019 here on the blog. I love that they come in a variety of cute color combos, and are so light and comfortable for working out or just running errands.


The one question I got just about every time I showed my hand, was about my Apple Watch band. I am a little picky and truly just love the Apple original, but so many of you fell in love with this awesome affordable version I shared too. With so many colors to choose from, you are guaranteed to find one that fits your style!

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That wraps it up for us in 2019! We hoped you loved being part of this community as much as we did! And we cannot wait for what 2020 has in store for us!

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