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5 Ways To Prep for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 womens

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It’s the most wonderful time….of the year!! Haha ok I won’t go that far, BUT the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is almost here and it definitely one of my very favorite sales of the whole year!! Unlike most sales that are trying to dissolve old leftover out of season products to make room for a new season, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is full of BRAND NEW fall styles at discounted sale prices!

While it is my favorite sale of the year, it is also for sure the most stressful sale of the year. The pressure to shop all the things at the sale can be a little overwhelming. But have no fear, I’m here to help!! I’ve shopped this sale for YEARS. By doing that I have learned a few tips and tricks that have saved me not only time, but the regret of missing out on some steals! Not only have I shopped it for years, but I’ve blogged it here as well for years too, so I totally have your back! To help you pre-game, today I’m sharing 5 tips that you can start checking off as soon as today that will make your shopping experience go so much smoother. And hopefully leave you feeling stress free and stocked up on what you need!



One of the biggest tips I can give you to shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is to know your dates and have a game plan in mind. Depending on your status with your Nordstrom card, you are able to shop on different dates. Since the sale is made up of all new and HIGHLY anticipated items, things sell out fast. The earlier you can shop the better!!

If you aren’t already a big Nordstrom shopper with Icon or Ambassador Status, but want early access, all  need to do is get a Nordstrom Card. I am typically not a fan of store cards, but this one is completely worth it for the Anniversary Sale alone. Early access allows you to shop up to 9 DAYS  before the sale is open to the public. So while the sale is open to the general public from July 15 – July 31, you’ll start shopping on the 9th! Being able to shop early access can often times be the difference in getting items you had your eye on.

And as an added bonus, right now if you are approved for a Nordstrom Card, you get a bonus gift card! Save yourself the FOMO and sign up now!



Unlike most sales where you can just kind of browse and find anything that sparks your interest, to fully benefit form the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale you need to go in with a plan. Now is the perfect time to go through your closet, your hubby’s closet, your kids and even your beauty shelves to do a little clean out. Get rid of the old and make a list of what you really truly need.

By doing this, those items can be your priority pieces. You aren’t just throwing money out on things you are already stocked up on because you are frazzled. Think long term as well. These are fall pieces you are shopping. So while you don’t need that amazing leather jacket or pair of knee high boots now, you won’t want to be paying full price for them in a few months either. Of course you’ll find items on your list that catch your eye to grab too. But having that list of priority purchases helps you stay focused and get what you really need.

One of my favorite new additions to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as of last year is a full sale preview!! Starting June 29th  you will be able to head over to Nordstrom.com and preview the entire sale. This makes a HUGE difference in making your list and seeing if this years sale is something you’d like to shop.

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If you think the sale sounds a little crazy in general, shopping in store can be madness.  So while I love a good girls shopping trip as much as the next person, Nordstrom is a place I love to shop online and here is why.

First and foremost, Nordstrom has FREE SHIPPING + RETURNS! So you can do as many orders as you need and you aren’t worrying about all the shipping charges or not being able to switch out sizes if you order multiple to find the right fit. You can choose to have items shipped directly to you or do the convenient curbside pick up, which  I love.

If you are worried about sizing and fit on items since you won’t be going in store, don’t be. You are more likely to find your size still available online than in limited stock in store. And if you need to order multiple, the free returns make it easy and worry free.

Another BIG thing to note is stores all have different stocks of different items, but EVERYTHING in the sale is available online. So it is your safest bet to see and have access to all items.


I know that sounds insane and slightly irresponsible, but let me explain. This is 100% not a tip I would normally give under any circumstance at all. I am the queen of minimalism, and less is more. But with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale you have to do things a little differently and change your mindset to “if you want it…even a little…grab it”! And here is why I say that. Items in this sale sell out so fast! You might just refresh your page, or wait to hear back from your bestie on if she likes something too, and you will be too late.

Now I’m not saying to blow your bank account and keep everything. Think of the buying it as more like adding it to your dressing room. The dressing room in this scenario is your house. You can get a feel for the items. Try them on with different things in your closet and make your decision there. As I mentioned, the beauty of Nordstrom is that they always have free returns. So instead of regretting not grabbing something before it sold out, you can go a little wild. Then sort through what you really need when you are less frazzled and more focused.


Last but not least is to remember the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale includes ALL the departments at Nordstrom, not just Women’s Clothing. Bloggers tend to focus all of their sale highlights on women’s clothing, when some of my best finds in the past sometimes come from other areas. We are talking everything from Kids and Home to Mens and Beauty. These other categories are often overlooked and can hold some great deals!! I love to shop back to school basics for my kids. So when you are making your pre-game plan, don’t forget the rest of the fam!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

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As in the past, I’ve got your back when it comes to shopping the sale with ease. Do these steps to start prepping! I will be back here next week with a full look at my favorites from the preview to help you get your list prepped and ready!

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