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My Sunscreen Favorites


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Summer is finally upon us and I could not be happier about it!! If you know me, you know I could LIVE by the pool all summer long without a single complaint. I’m sure some of you were from the days of covering your body in tanning oil or even baby oil and waiting for your skin to sizzle, but we are older and wiser now, so let’s talk all thing sunscreen. In my opinion, they are definitely not all created equally! From weird smells, to greasy residue, some are a no go. So I’ve done us all a favor and rounded up the best of the best sunscreen for the whole family!


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I’m sure you have heard all they hype behind this cult following glow screen. I was hesitant it could really be that good, but IT 100% IS!! Glow screen is a tinted spf 40 that gives the prettiest natural glow, just like the name states. It is so beautiful on your skin and all I have been wearing these summer days.



If you have been around here for a while, you know my love for all things Tula, and this sunscreen is at the top of those favorites. This one doesn’t have a tint, but it does have the prettiest slight shimmer or glow to it. My kids (especially my girls) love doing this one. I love to use it for my hands and my chest and anywhere I don’t want to stress about a tint rubbing off. You can use code KAILEE for a discount too!



Next up is this one from Elta MD. This is the ultra option that Elase recommends. If I know I am going to be in the sun all day or for a longer period of time, I will do this one and the glow screen on top. For the best protection and top grade option, go with this one.



This was one a lot of friends have recommended as a quick and easy option. And I will be honest, while I love it to spray on my arms or over my face if I have makeup on, my kids are not a fan. Like most kids, they hate the spray in the face…but if your kids are old enough to be ok with keeping their eyes/mouth closed during the application, this is a winner. It is Hunter’s favorite and doesn’t have a sticky residue.



This one is new to me that I just grabbed after multiple friends recommended it. I love that it is a super clean option as far as ingredients go. They have also said it has a really natural glow, similar to the supergoop option above, that is great for makeup free days at the pool. I will report back, but if you would like to try it, use code KAILEE20 to save!



Last but not least is the sunscreen stick from neutrogena. We have been using this for our go to for pool and beach days for at least 10 years. It is honestly the one my kids beg for and never complain about using. It glides on super smooth and easy without leaving any chalky marks. It does have your typical more greasy residue of a sunscreen, but the application is so quick and easy it is for sure my top option for kids!

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That is my round up of tried and true favorites! If you have another go to you or your kids love, PLEASE share!! We live outside all summer long so I’d love your recommendations!

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