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3 Home Organizing Myths

Kailee Wright Organize

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harper’s similar top + similar leggings + bow 
pink boxes + similar clear boxes

You all know the love I have for organizing. Something about knowing everything has a space where it belongs, and there is no excess just makes me so happy. Not only does it help me function better, but it simplifies my daily life as well. But when it comes to organizing, I often get the same questions or complaints. “I can’t organize, I don’t have the budget”. “I don’t have the time to get organized”. And lastly, “I don’t know how to organize, I’m not a professional”. While these are all good arguments, I’m here to tell you how to overcome them and why I promise you can organize like a pro!

Kailee Wright Laundry room

white bins + smaller size option (similar here)  |  baskets  |  label + string  |
black stick on labels


First up is budget. I hear all the time that organizing is too expensive. And I am here to tell you that a lot of the options out there can be. The sky is the limit and I agree, you can quickly find yourself with quite the cart total. And while I love the high end fancy organizing gadgets as much as anyone, some of my very favorite products we use DAILY are so so budget friendly. Some of my favorite places to shop for organizing hacks + gadgets is IKEA. Always affordable and minimalist friendly. Walmart, Target, even the Dollar Tree have some great options if you get creative. If you are working with a budget, keep function in mind before aesthetic. Sometimes organizing doesn’t have to cost you a dime, it is just a matter of how you put things away, like you will see in the image below or if you check out my pantry post.

Kailee Wright Costco snacks


. . .

Kailee Wright Playroom Closet

clear boxes : IKEA in store – similar small  |  similar medium  |  similar large  |  similar long
black stick on labels  |  aqua basket  |  pink basket  |  toy cash register


Another comment I hear all the time, is that it takes too much time to get organized. And while certain areas can be quite the hassle to tackle, the amount of time you save once it is done is always more. I can’t tell you how much time it has saved us in the morning to have the pantry organized so it is easy access for the kids. Or my Master Bathroom organized so I can just grab what I need to make getting ready quicker. Just having that peace of mind and simplicity is worth the hard work and time in the beginning.

Kailee Wright Organizing Your Closet

gray basket + similar option here  |  label + string  ||  my top + jeans


. . .

Kailee Wright Kids closets

 top baskets  |  smaller baskets  : both available in multiple color options!


Last but not least in these organizing myths, is that you have to be a professional to have an organized home. WRONG! While I’ve seen some INCREDIBLE jaw dropping spaces organized by the pros, you don’t have to be one to tackle your own home. Start simple with an area like the kids closets. As you will see in mine, something as simple (and skill free) as having a basket for different clothes categories will help you be more organized. Adding these drawer separators is another idea. You don’t have to be an expert!

Kailee Wright Laundry room

similar clear bins + here  |  black stick on labels


As you can see, like with a lot of things we can make all the excuses of why we can’t. But organizing your home shouldn’t be one of those things. I promise you it is one of those things where if you just put it  a little bit of effort, time, and creativity, you will be hooked and your home will be so much more functional! So I wanna know what are your best organizing tips?!


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Kailee Wright Organize

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  1. I love these tips! Would you be able to share which bins you use for what? Also my home wasnt built with much storage space at all. Like not even a coat closet. Any ideas or tips for storage in a space like that? Thanks!


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