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My 2024 Goals

Today on the blog I’m sharing my goals + intentions for 2024! I’m keeping my 2024 goals pretty simple and just giving myself grace. With so many things and changes going on currently, and over the last 10 months, I’m just trying to get used to Joe going to work again after 8 months off and finding my groove again with this new house and organizing! You know I preach simplifying all the time… and that’s because it has made a huge difference in my life. So instead of these HUGE crazy goals, I am sticking with a few small, simple goals because I know that over time these small and simple things will become great things!

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I really want to finish the Book of Mormon. To be honest, I have never finished it all the way through. I’ve started it a million times and this year is the year I am going to finish it!! Houston (since getting baptized last July) has been reading his scriptures almost every day and it has been so inspiring to me. So, we have started reading them together when we can. I truly feel like this will help me know Christ more and become closer with Him, which is always my ultimate 2024 goal.

I’ve never been much of a reader, but I do love learning. So, I’ve decided to try and read at least 3 books this year. I have so many friends that have recommended good books and so instead of scrolling on my phone I’m going to pick up a book. I know 3 books isn’t that many but with my scripture goal and this being new for me and want to keep it simple.


Right now, we just want to save as much as we can to eventually be able to build our final house. With interest rates so high and the price of building, we have put that on hold and are buying the house across the street. We’ve decided to travel a little less this year and pour that money into savings.


My main goal is to get back to working out 4 times a week. I used to think if I didn’t work out for a whole hour, I was doing nothing. Now my goal is to just move my body for at least 30 mins. I really would love to put on some muscle so lifting heavier weights is at the top of my list. I use both Cara Loren’s Burn workout app and Aubrie Edgington’s app. Both are amazing and I totally recommend!

I want to get back to eating more frequently throughout the day. Higher protein snacks and meals to help accomplish my goal of putting on more muscle. This past year with moving and selling, I’ve really let a lot of health goals go.


This last year with Joe not being able to start his job till now, I really increased my work hours. I am so grateful for my job and absolutely love it. But now with Joe working I really want to be able to focus on my kids and have set work hours. That has always been my problem…. I just never stop working. So, my 2024 goal for work is to be done at 2:30 pm when Hayden gets home and then not work again until the kids are in bed.

Another goal is getting my mornings to run smoothly + be more efficient with my time. Because I don’t “go into work ” at a certain time, it’s VERY easy for me to get distracted.  I’ve been trying to wake up at 6:20 and have my work out in and shower before I need to help the kids get ready for school. Then somehow after school drop off, I lose track of time and its NOON and I’ve accomplished nothing.

Lastly, I want to take one day off a week to focus on projects or go to lunch with my mom or girlfriends or just sit and read a book. I feel like I never have down time and I don’t want to feel guilty about it so I’m going to schedule that in my week.


I also wanted to share this goal sheet with you! If you are anything like me, having a place to physically write things down makes all the difference in tracking and keeping myself accountable. I searched for hour and found this one I really like over at Saturday Gift.

If you would like to use it, you can click here to download the pdf or just save this image! From a computer just right click on it and save image. From your phone, just long hold down the image and then click add to photos.


. . .

2024 is going to be a great year for all of us!


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