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Life Update

Time for another life update! Can you believe it’s almost March? We’ve been so busy with kids’ activities, the new build, and Joe’s new job. I feel like we’ve been all over the place! So I figured it was time for a life update!

my top + sweats + shoes + bum bag


my top + hat + cup


Big update on the new house! The builders are telling us we can move in on March 15th (which happens to be the kids’ spring break, so they are thrilled)! We are so excited. All that’s left to finish are the wood stairs, the carpet, and the landscaping! If you want to see the process unfold, I have 2 highlight bubbles on my Instagram you can browse through.


I’m sure most of you saw, but we were in Vegas last weekend for Hayden’s cheer competition and you want to know the best part?! Hunter competed on Hayden’s cheer squad too! She was asked to fill in a few weeks ago and has now secured a spot on the team. It was such a fun experience to watch them be on a team together because that probably won’t happen again! Their team did the best they’ve ever done and scored the highest they’ve ever scored! They also got a bid for the regional summit!!! It’s not nationals, but it’s a big competition that you have to get a bid for. Hunter has been such an encouragement and motivator on the team!

Hudson was asked to play in a baseball tournament with his old team. They came down from Salt Lake and he was so excited to play with them again. He had one of his best games yet- he hit 3 doubles! It’s just crazy because he’s way taller than me now. If you look at pictures from a year ago, he was a few inches shorter than me so it’s just crazy to look back on. He’s starting to fill out and has been working out every morning and is dedicated to putting on some more muscle. So it’s just been crazy to watch him go from boy to teenager!

After seeing the girls perform, Harper wanted to be on a cheer team so badly so I told her if she could do a back handspring then she could try out. She’s working on that and you can see on my Instagram that she made her own workout schedule! She has her first-ever dance recital coming up in May and she’s thrilled! As far as Houston’s update, he started baseball and he’s on a competitive team which is just a bunch of our friend’s kids and my cousin is coaching so Houston is stoked! Our neighbors have a batting cage so I love it because Houston just goes over and hits with his friends. He’s just in pure heaven. Both him and Harper start soccer in a week so we’ll be back into full fledge of sports!! Busy times but you gotta love it!


Joe has officially been in his job for almost 2 months! If you’ve been around a while, you know we moved a year ago for his job, and he’s JUST started it. It has been a season full of unknowns, but now that he’s in the job, we know it was all worth it. In Salt Lake, he had a 45-minute commute to work. Now it’s only 3-5 minutes. He LOVES it, and it’s been such a good thing for our family!


We’ve loved being in St. George surrounded by family and loved ones. If you missed our last life update, you can read it here. I talked about how we’ve been in St. George for 1 whole year!! We stopped by the new St. George temple this past weekend and we all loved it. It’s a different color scheme inside than most other temples. It was purple and green and purple is my grandma Hunter’s absolute favorite color so it was really cool because we all felt grandma’s presence there with us. Overall we are just so happy to be here and the beauty that surrounds us. If you ever stop by St. George, here is our travel guide of all our favorites!!

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Thank you for being here and following along our crazy, busy life!

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