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A New Build Update


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Are we still building our new home?? As of now YES! I’ve had a lot of messages and comments asking what is going on since we have been pretty radio silent about it since our post back in March sharing our excitement on the lot. The main reason for the silence is just because there is not a lot of exciting things to share right now. We are neck deep in all of the behind the scenes. Planning, engineering, and bidding just doesn’t feel as fun to share! BUT today I have a big build update for you so here we go!

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First off if you have ever built a custom home, tell me all your stress control remedies! Wow is it a lot! Our current home is custom, but the stress level was nowhere near the same. I think it is because we kind of knew it wasn’t our forever home. There weren’t as many must have boxes to check. We also built from a distance (which did add its own style of stress) but it was just so different. With insane pricing and all the lack of product in the construction industry right now, this has been so wild.

We bought the lot at the beginning of last year. I know that seems so slow moving, but I went into this with a very optimistic outlook. If something is supposed to take 4 weeks, I automatically plan for 8! Haha. That way in my head we are never too far behind schedule!

We are currently on hold while we wait for the results of a soils test. It will tell us how to engineer all the concrete walls required. Once we get that information from the structural engineer, we will make the decision on how to move forward. Yes you read that right. There is still kind of an “if” we move forward with this lot. Let’s just say, prior to the soil test, there was a number thrown out for the cost of all the walls we will need, and it was higher than our land. Cue instant want to throw up moment. Wondering if it is going to be worth it to build on this lot, and invest so much before we even start the house.

So we are just slowly moving forward and really just trying to put our trust in God that we will be where we are supposed to be and know what choices to make.

If all goes according to plan and we can make this work with the retaining walls, our hope is to be through the city and able to break ground by the middle of April or early May.


We started the design process with the incredible Elizabeth, and I cannot tell you how much she has been my saving grace. There is no way I could keep this job going and build this custom home. I don’t know how people do it with out help! She has taken so much stress off of me and just knows my vision and handles all the details. It is definitely a pricey commitment to make, but the services and peace of mind she gives is worth every single penny!

As we go through the designing (my favorite part) I have been sharing some sneak peeks over on Instagram and have loved getting your feedback. My style is very unique so of course I’ve got a lot of shocked messages, but I love sharing! It has also been so nice to rely on you guys for help in searching out good subcontractors as well! Your willingness to help me get a great price/service has been amazing and I’m so glad I have you with me along for this ride!

Right now we are finishing up the design on the craft room, as well as the living + dining room. We have already finished the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, master, and mudroom! It might sound crazy to already be designing rooms when we haven’t even broke ground, but with all the delays and crazy lead times, we want to be on top of what we can control!


As many of you read and saw on Instagram, our kids were less than thrilled about the idea of moving. A couple of them may have even threatened to move in with friends so they didn’t have to. To help with the moving process and feelings, we have decided not to sell our current home until at least after Christmas. With how long the build process takes, it just made more sense to hang on to our roots and keep them comfortable a little longer. Hunter is thrilled to be able to stay with her high school team longer! The other kids are happy to not leave friends so soon. Of course they all still have their good days and bad days about it, but we are hoping this will give them more time to mentally prepare + process it all.

Honestly the moving life has kind of been our norm with medical school, residency, etc. so they have done this before. That probably both helps and hurts because they know what is coming. I think it is good to prepare them for real life and that change is hard.

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