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Thank you for following along on our Baby Essentials series! We have loved working with all of these companies that provide amazing products for moms and babies! Having babies requires so much gear, it’s important to make sure you know where to find what you really need and what will make your life easier. Now that our series as come to an end, we are THRILLED that we can give these products away to our friend and readers here!



SOLLY BABY – Jessica Rutledge

PUJ – Caroline Kaczmarski

BIRDLING BAGS – Hannah Groombridge

STAY + CO – Laura Paulk

COVERED GOODS – Shelly Vicchi

PONS SHOES – Shannon Fabin

OILO – Anna Uhm

TUBBY TODD – Stacy Hart

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  1. Just two?! The stay and co blanket and the solly wrap. But I also need the puj tub and towel. Yikes. These are all must haves!!

  2. Seriously though, this is the best giveaway I’ve ever seen. All of my faves combined. Love love sollybaby and those Birdling bags!

  3. I have loved following along on your baby essential series. I look forward to your posting daily. I have also loved showing my newly pregnant sister each post. If I was the lucky winner I would love to gift my sister with some goodies and keep some for my baby Indy(2 months). Thanks again for this amazing giveaway.

  4. I forgot to list what two items I would love. I got carried away with the thought of this amazing giveaway. I would love the sollybaby wrap and the birdling bag.

  5. This giveaway is amazing! I love every item you have listed, and have been eyeing them all for baby #2 who’s coming in January! I would just die if I won! The solly wrap and your amazing products are top on my list just waiting for the funds hahaha

  6. I would love love love to win this amazing giveaway for my baby girl due in January! 🙂 EVERYTHING in this giveaway is wonderful but I especially would love the Solly Baby Wrap and the Birdling Bag!

  7. Two products I loved but never got ahold of for my first baby were the Solly wrap and Birdling bag! I’d love them for this next munchkin!!

  8. Would love to win this amazing giveaway! I could definitely use a Solly Baby wrap for my brand new baby girl and I would love a Stay + Co. blanket and hat set to keep her warm in these upcoming winter months. ❤️

  9. I would love the solly wrap they look amazing! I have a baby ktan wrap and it’s good its just a little too big I think :/ I also would love the birdling bag<3

  10. Everything looks amazing! I think I would like the Solly baby wrap and maybe the birdling bag….but I would love to win any if them!

  11. How do I pick just two? I’d have to say the stay and co hat and blanket and the covered goods. I really want the solly and oilo one too! Ha

  12. WOWZA! how can i pick just one? Probably would say the Solly baby wrap because i am delivering in 9 days!!!! and would LOVE to snuggle her up in it! GREAT GIVEAWAY! #prayingiwin

  13. Absolutely LOVE LOVE this giveaway! All my fave shops rolled into one! Would love to win this to persuade hubby into baby #2 🙂

  14. I think anything from Oilo would be amazing + I’ve been wanting a Solly Wrap for I can’t even tell you how long!

  15. Everything is so beauuuutifulllllll but I have to say I am definitely obsessed with baby blankets for my little one and the cover up is so cute!

  16. I would love a solly wrap for my son and I. He has a congenital heart defect so bonding with him in a wrap would be so grand.Also if so lucky to win I think the olio studio products would be so great for his nursery! Thank you!

  17. There are so many essentials here! It’s hard to choose which ones you really need! When you need them all. Those blankets look soft though! But I’ve been i. Desperate need for a tub since little man is getting too big for little sink

  18. wow, just two things out of all this list that is so hard. Well having 4 kids already I would really use the Solly wrap all the time. I could also use the Oilo Crib, and the covered goods. Sorry I had to put in a third everything is great.

  19. Thank you in advance just for letting me enter, this giveaway is perfection!! If I win, I could take lots of stuff off our registry! Fingers crossed 🙂 Bebe would love everything!!

  20. These are all amazing products! I could really use the bag and the blanket. The blanket looks incredibly comfortable for my brand new baby girl.

  21. I would absolutely love to win the crib for my daughter Allyson Rose! As well as the wrap, just because we’ve had no luck on finding a comfortable one to carry her around in. Winning this would be a blessing in disguise!

    Ps. I accidentally wrote this same comment on the wrong blog post a few minutes ago, sorry >_<

  22. As a working mom, I am obsessed with the Birdling Bags for keeping my life organized. The Stay and Co blanket also looks so cozy! Thank you

  23. I would love to win the covered goods nursing cover or the stay + co blanket/hat set. All of the items are awesome though!

  24. These are some of the best products out there! I would love to win it all! But if I had to choose I would pick the Puj Tub and the Birdling Bag. Crossing my fingers! xoxo

  25. My Junebug is jonesing for a new cute bigger crib since she’s almost outgrown her mini crib! We’re also into family baths lately, so we all want to try Tubby Todd! And a Birdling Bag for all our weekend adventures to the ski hill, Jackson, Yurts and the cabin?! Yes, please!

  26. Such an awesome giveaway!! I would love the Puj bab tub and Oilo crib set for my son, Nolan. But all the item are great!

  27. I need a solly baby wrap and a puj tub for my baby due in March. I have a 3 year old, and I’ll still need to keep up with him after baby is born and the wrap is the vehicle for me to do that. The puj tub would be perfect because we need every space saving baby gadget we can get, our two bedroom house is tiny.

  28. If I were to win the most essential items for me would be the Solly Wrap and the nursing cover.
    Our family is expecting our newest addition this Thanksgiving, and I’ve never wrapped before, and with my last baby I nursed for the first time and I would have liked to have had more wraps at my disposal. I wasn’t sure about how beneficial either (the wrap or the covers), now having done it, I know for sure we can use them!

    1. Oh I definitely think the nursing cover and baby wrap would be the most essential to me! Making it easier for mama’s to do such health benefiting things for their babes!

  29. Would love to win! I have baby #3 coming soon and feel a little outdated on some of my baby items– thanks for this fun giveaway!

  30. I’ll be a new mom in a few months so this giveaway is perfect timing! I would say the two things I need most are the Solly wrap and the Olio crib!

  31. Birdling bag and stay and co. And solly wrap and puj tub….how can I chose my favorites. My sister in law needs all of this!!!

  32. I need the Solly Baby Wrap for baby #3, it’d be nice to have my hands free while holding our newborn while chasing my toddlers 🙂 We definitely need the Puj tub as well, and of course the Stay and Co essentials to go with it!

  33. Ah love every single thing on the list but have to go with solly baby wrap and a birdling bag for my top 2 most necessary things

  34. Oh my!!:O honestly if I win at least one of these prizes it would be a dream come true! From a bag or puj or wrap or oilo it would be amazing!!!:)

  35. How to choose just two items?! I love them all. The crib would be amazing since we don’t have one yet, the bridling bag would be amazing and the silly wrap has been on my mind forever now. 🙂 of course the stay & co blankets are essential as well!

  36. I have the nursing cover and love it but I need the Solly Wrap and Stay & co clothing. I have been lusting after both companies items for quite some time!

  37. Oilo and birdling bags! Literally birdling bags are the only ones that remotely make sense to me. I mean I am always losing things in the bottom or corners of my bags.

  38. Solly baby wrap and a birdling bag is what I need most but I sure would love to win anything in this amazing giveaway!!

  39. I’m absolutely in love with the new stay and co hats and blankets for my new babe!! I also need an olio crib, a solly wrap, a puj tub, a bag and a nursing cover

  40. Baby #2 comes in less than 2 weeks! I’ve been wanting a birdling bag for a long time now! Everything in this giveaway would be such a blessing to win!!

  41. This giveaway literally has all of my favorite baby things in it!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that I win! 🙂

  42. I would LoVe to win the grey & white striped nursing cover from Covered Goods & a Birdling bag to tote all of my baby goodies around for two little twins who will be arriving this January!

  43. I would love to win a birdling bag or some new nursery gear from Oilo! Also the shoes, or stay + co stuff would be amazing!

  44. Love them all!! We need a crib, and the bag would be so help. So I would love the Oilo crib and a Birdling bag 🙂

  45. I would absolutely love to win! My two favorites would have to be the puj tub and the solly wrap. Thank you for such a generous giveaway 🙂

  46. I hope I could win something maybe the stay and co wrap or the bag or the tub or anything would be soooo goood I hope I win something

  47. I would love love love to have all of these items! My top two which are on my must have list for baby #2 though are the solly wrap and covered goods nursing cover.

    1. This would be so amazing for me being a newbie and all. I would love the Solly Wrap and The Covered Goods! 🙂 I’m crossing my fingers

  48. The two things that I would love most is the bridling bag and the Tubby Todd wash for my baby’s sensitive skin! What an amazing giveaway!

  49. I’m due in April and would be BLESSED to have these gifts for my little one! The solly wrap is on my must have/Christmas list 🙂

    1. Whoops didn’t read the raffle rule under the blog post entry first! I have read great things about the Puj tub so that and the solly wrap would be my top 2 picks 😉

  50. Which two? That must be a joke because I’m dying to have it all! Anything that comes out of the stay-and-Co kitchen I’m pretty sure I need. I would so be looking forward to sollybaby wraps and Oilo. Please pick me!!

  51. Expecting my first in about a month! The Solly Baby wrap would be perfect for keeping him snuggled close and I’d love the Birdlings bag for tossing in all our essentials to tote around! Thanks for sharing all these amazing companies! xx

  52. I would love a Birdling bag and the Tubby Todd products for my three year son and two year old daughter. Busy mommy needs a new bag for the munchkins and natural bathing products for their sensitive skin !!!

  53. I am expecting my second child and would be so grateful to win one of those awesome Covered Goods nursing covers (no flashing the public?? Yes please!!) and a Birdlings Bag! I think with two littles the words “pack mule” come to mind and those bags are the perfect size and can STILL manage to make me look like I tried that day

  54. I’m having my first baby and I’m due in 4 weeks as of today! And I would love the bridling bag and solly baby wrap!

  55. I need all of these essentials!!! But if I must pick two I would say I need a solly baby wrap and a birdling overnighter bag for my 4th baby boy due in March :).

  56. The two baby essentials I need the most are a Solly Baby wrap and a Birdling Bag. These two things would make such a difference for my little one and I!

  57. I am in most need of a Solly Baby Wrap and Birdling Bag! I would LOVE to support any of these wonderful companies and add some quality products to my baby gear stash. 🙂

  58. I would love the Solly wrap & the tubby todd! But winning all of them would be amazing! Especially for a first time mom such as myself!

    1. Oh my word I know I said Solly wrap but that bridling bag is to die for!!! I would want that. Gosh this is an amazing giveaway I’d really take any of the products! Giveaways are so sweet and generous. Thank you!

  59. I NEED that Solly Baby wrap and one of your new super soft blankets!!! Actually I need all of it for baby #2 coming in Feb

  60. the covered goods and birdling bag would make life grand! my family is on the east coast and I am not. also for day trips in California.

  61. I still need a birdling bag, and oilo bedding would be nice!!! Due in jan so all of it would be a nice surprise!!!

  62. Expecting our first bundle of joy this spring and very exciting about shopping for all things baby! This is such a great list of products. I love the Covered Goods wrap- so versatile and cute at the same time. I also love the Birdling Bags, as they look like they could tote all the necessities and still be stylish!

  63. Baby #3 is on the way, so I’m all about practicality. The Solly wrap and Covered Goods would be my first 2 choices because they both will creat ease in running around with 3! I love all the Stay and Co stuff too, so it’s hard to choose!
    Thank you for this giveaway, such a blessing!

  64. First time mom here! I would love to be able to use covered goods so many options wrapped into one! I also am in need of the puj tub I hea d its a must ;)! Thanks Stay and Co

  65. Winning this giveaway would mean worlds to help this working mom of a 3.5 year old get used to juggling two kids and full time work! The solly baby wrap would keep my hands free for my oldest while the covered goods multi would be great for those times when I don’t want my baby disturbed!

  66. All amazing products! Especially love the Solly Baby wrap and the Birdling Bag. All these products would be perfect for my 21 month old and 2 month old.

  67. The solly wrap and the covered goods nursing cover are top 2 on my baby wish list! I’m really grateful for your baby essential list as we embark on another baby (5 years later), and so much awesome stuff has come out since our last one. Thanks a million!!!

  68. With baby no.3 on the way I could must have a solly baby wrap and the covered goods nursing cover! What an awesome giveaway.

  69. I have five beautiful girls and I am due any day with number 6, that to our great surprise is a baby BOY! I Would LOVE to win any of these great prizes from these amazing companies!

  70. Oh, love Stay and Co new collection of dresses and blankets. Also Solly baby wrap, need it soooo much, as well as Birdling bag! Thanks for the great opportunity!

  71. This is super awesome. Found you on insta and I’m so glad I found your blog and all. Gonna be coming back to see all your future stuff!

  72. Best Giveaway Ever! I have nearly all of these items on my baby registry. Especially keeping my fingers cross from the Stay & Co blanket and the solly baby wrap!

  73. With a 2 year old and another baby due in April, it’s hard to choose just two items I need the most! But I’d probably say the crib and the solly baby wrap! I have a VERY busy toddler so a wrap as awesome as the solly would be a lifesaver!!!

  74. The Baby wrap carrier and nursing cover! Baby number two due end of December and I plan to babywear and breastfeed. 🙂 These products will be a necessity and life saver!

  75. Oh wow, well I love everything, what need for sure is the puj bath and the silly wrap. What I really want is a nice new stay and co wrap just for my baby boy so he doesn’t have to have his sisters left overs when he comes in February. 🙂 thank you for such a generous giveaway and for designing such beautiful and functional products!

  76. My first child is due March 13th and all the baby products available are a little overwhelming! So, I have loved this baby essential series 🙂 I can’t wait to wear my baby with a Solly Wrap and Oilo Studio is divine!!

  77. I have a baby boy due in December so I need all these product LOL. But I would say what I need the most are the Solly baby wrap, because I have a 4 year old boy who likes to run around all the time, so I will need this wrap to keep the baby close to me while I still care for my older boy. I would also love the Stay + Co baby blankets and beanies because they are just too cute <3

  78. I have loved following along on your baby essential series! Absolutely perfect picks! If I was the lucky winner I would choose some of your fabulous blankets and meanies and of course that fabulous Solly wrap…I’ve heard the greatest things about the wrap and I sure could use some free hands to get some things done!:)

  79. I’ve got baby #3 arriving in March and I desperately want a Solly Baby Wrap. I need both hands free to hold my other two toddlers when out and about. Also, my diaper bag is getting ready to bust and I would love to replace it with an awesome Birdling Bag!

  80. First time momma struggling to breastfeed in public: covered goods nursing cover would be incredibly useful! Birdling bag:We leave for Africa to live/serve for 5 months this January with our baby girl who will be 4 months when we leave. That olive color and size would be perfect for our 30 hours of travel to get there!

  81. With this new little bundle coming and a toddler at home I need a solly wrap :). I have also heard amazing things about the Puj bath set. I think that will be essential for this next sweet little lady!

  82. Thanks so much for a chance at an awesome giveaway!! It is hard to pick which of the products I need/want the most considering they are all stellar products but I would have to say my top two choices are the oilo products and the solly wrap!! Good luck everyone!!

  83. What a great giveaway from some awesome companies!!!! Any of these eould be amazing for my new little man. 🙂

  84. Would love one of your blankets, and a silly baby wrap. Would be so happy to win those! Thanks for the chance!

  85. I love everything in this giveaway but if i had to choose two i
    would love a Solly Baby wrap and some stay and co blankets!!!

  86. Oh my goodness. I am going to be a first time mommy in a few months and would LOVE to take the birdling bag as my overnight bag to the hospital! And I die over the solly baby wraps! I love them!

  87. They are all so great! But I think I need the Solly Wrap and Birdling Bag the most. Have a 3 mo old and 2 year old to run after

  88. Wow! All these products are amazing & so hard to choose 2…but if I had to, I would have to choose Oilo & Birdling bag

  89. This is a fantastic giveaway and I love all of these brands. I’d be so happy to win a Birdling Bag and Stay + Co. Merchandise. It’s really hard to pick favorites!

  90. I would love to win this so badly! I would love the stay n co blanket the most I think, but they are all equally needed! It would be such an awesome Christmas for me and baby that is due new years!!

  91. I have been wanting a Solly baby wrap forever and the crib would be awesome as I am due with my first in 3 months! I would love to get these both!

  92. Oh my, okay if I had to narrow down the two that I REALLY need the most…

    It would be the crib, one. I have 11 days until my due date, and no crib or funds to buy one at the moment. YIKES.

    Number two.. Would be the bathtub!
    I actually was just dreaming about bathing my Tinsley. A puj tub, or any tub at all would be a blessing!

    Then the cherry on top would be the sollybaby wrap. I’m working on my credentials to open a in-home day care, so the wrap would make my day run that much smoother.

    Thanks for reading!

    -Lia Michelle & Baby Tinsley

  93. This giveaway is amazing!! I am scheduled to have my third baby (my second one in the past year. Yup, they’ll be 12 months apart) in just 10 short days. If I could pick only two products (damn that’s hard!) I would go with the birdling bag + the solly baby wrap. xox

  94. This giveaway is awesome!! The two items I need most in my life (as if I don’t need them all 🙂 ) Would have to be the Solly Baby wrap- for our long walks on the beach with our new baby girl. And the PUJ baby sink tub- our home only has walk in showers and this would be prefect for us not to mention the adorable towels they offer as well!

  95. This is a great giveaway, it’s so hard to choose! I think the 2 things I need most are the Birdling bag and Covered Goods wrap. Thanks!

  96. After trying to get pregnant for over 4 years, we finally are! We had a little scare & thought we were going to lose the babe. We seem to be in the clear now & I couldn’t be more excited. I have never wanted anything more than to be a mama!! I am so excited to be gearing up. I would love the Birdling Bag, & Puj Tub!

  97. Our sweet babe is due in February after two years of trying many different things for fertility complications – we couldn’t be more excited! We would love and greatly appreciate all of these amazing items but especially the Solly baby wrap and the Birdling bag… And the crib. 🙂

  98. Ahh this giveaway is perfect. I’m due in 2 months so I could use everything! I would really love the tub and the crib! Also the birdling bags are awesome!
    -Lee Anne

  99. I would have to say Solly Baby Wrap since I’m expecting baby #2 and could use two extra hands. Also the nursing cover as I plan to breastfeed.

  100. Well just recently having a baby and having a toddler (2 year old) is sollybaby wrap would be like GOLD! I’m nursing my newborn exclusively so a coveredgoods nursing cover what also be a blessing, a HUGE BLESSING!! Seriously!! I cannot express that enough! 🙂

  101. Due with baby # 2 in June. Especially need another crib and Solly wrap!!! Love love this giveaway and your blog!

  102. What a wonderful give away! expecting my first so I have no idea which of these products I “need” more than the others but I love the solly baby wraps and everything by stay and co.

  103. Our third little one is due the beginning of December and I would love the opportunity to baby wear with the silly wrap and use the covered goods nursing cover. I’ve only had the chance to use hand me downs. So it would be exciting to get something new.

  104. Do I NEED any of these amazing items? Probably not. But I am expecting my third in a few weeks… experience has taught me that an organized bag is essential for baby/toddler/kiddo life, and the Birdling Bag is amazing for that. Also, all the cutesy blankies and bonnets are useless, compared to a comfortable soft and durable swaddler (not to mention stylish!!) like those from Stay & Co. Would love to win, because this time round, its tough to justify upgrading my gear….though I would LOVE to. Winning would be incredibly appreciated.

  105. The birdling bag looks great( & my husband might not mind carrying it! ;)) also some oilo products for decorations would be fantastic! Love it all!

  106. My first baby is due on Christmas, what a great gift this would be for both of us! I love the solly baby wrap and the nursing cover!

  107. So many beautiful products and so wonderful of you to treat a very lucky mama!! I would have to say at the time I would need to puj products and pons shoes or oilo products the most!

  108. I have a 7 month old little girl and am 12 weeks along with baby #2! So exciting, but so much needed! I would LOVE the Solly Wrap as well as the nursing cover!

  109. What a sweet and thoughtful giveaway!! I think the Solly Baby Wrap and the Puj are absolutes in baby-ing! Thank-you for the chance! Xoxo

  110. Would love to own a product from each and every shop listed! I have a 3 year old boy and a 9 month old itty bitty baby girl. With my son I had a big shower and got plenty of gifts and at the time I could afford to get things for him. But when you have a second child my family doesn’t do showers and well I didn’t expect them to and also it was a girl so no hand me downs. So everything I got her on my own. I love her dearly and would love for her to have nice things just like her brother did!

  111. Oh I would absolutely adore having a solly baby wrap as we await the arrival of our sweet daughter (Colin in January)! And the Birdling Bag looks so amazing. There have been so many fantastic products released since our three sons were born!

  112. Seriously, this giveaway is SO awesome! Each product and vendor are incredible but if I had to pick two my greatest needs right now are the Solly wrap and Birdling Bag!!

  113. I love all of the prizes you’re giving away! If I had to choose two faves they’d be the Solly wrap and Olio cradle.

  114. Wow! What a giveaway. So glad I found out about it before it ended. Will be a new mom in March and love all these products especially the Solly Wrap. Thanks! 🙂

  115. Stay&co blanket would be amazing. So soft and nice. Bridling bag for staying organized while being out with the little one.

  116. Such an awesome giveaway! I would love the Solly baby wrap, I’ve been admiring from afar! We could also put the Olio crib to great use because as of now we are lacking a crib. All of these items are great though!

  117. What a wonderful giveaway. I would be ecstatic over a Solly Baby Wrap and the Stay and Co blanket. Love your site!

  118. With my first baby due any day now I could definitely use a Solly Baby Wrap and Puj Tub. Both seem like perfect newborn items to make this soon-to-be mama’s life easier!

  119. I would love the Solly Wrap and the Stay and Co blankets. I’m due in December and would love these items for my new baby boy.

  120. With my first baby on it’s way, since it was a surprise ;P, my husband and I would appreciate all the help we could get on stocking up on baby supplies. I would LOVE the Solly Baby Wrap (a dream) and one of your cozy, stylish blankets! Fingers crossed!!! 😀

  121. I love the Olio products, the Stay and Co blanket and the awesome bag. I really don’t know how I could choose! With 6 kids I am sure I would use every single one of these great picks!

  122. If I had to pick two I would most definitely choose the Solly baby Wrap bc they are amazing and I’ve been lusting over all there new fall colors. For seconds I would pick the Oilo crib, right now we’re crib-less so it would be much needed especially one as pretty as this one!!!! These all are amazing and I hope we can win!!! Love to treat myself and babe to some nice baby treats!!!

  123. This is such a perfect essentials giveaway, it’s impossible to choose only 2 favorites. But after choosing the wrong tub and the wrong carrier for baby 1, I would be pretty pumped to win a Solly wrap and a Puj tub for the next time around. Thank you!

  124. I’m due with my first in march and would LOVE to win. I have both a sollybaby wrap and puj tub on my registry.

  125. With a 2year old girl, 1 year old baby boy, and a second boy due in January the solly baby wrap would be a dream! I would also love the Avarca USA sandals for my daughter! She’s been so great about being a big sister she deserves it, and here in south Florida we wear our sandals year round lol. Thanks for the chance!

  126. Would love the Birdling bag and the stay and co blanket. My little girl doesn’t have a lovie blanket yet so it would be nice to have one. Really anything on the list would be great.

    1. I would love to receive a solly baby wrap and the birdling bag! We would love to babywear our son who just turned three months old as well as carrying all of his essentials in one bag instead of two!

  127. I would love to win the birdling bag and the crib! Our little girl is due in March and we are so excited to spoil her!

  128. Oh my goodness! I am extremely excited about this giveaway and would LOVE to have all of these products in my home for future baby! If I had to pick two, I would have to go with the solly baby wrap and pons shoes! Love them all! Wishing, hoping, and praying over here !!!

  129. Would absolutely love a Solly Baby wrap and a Birdling bag because my husband and I are always on the GO. Our baby boy is due in April, two months before we are moving from Hawaii to Europe for graduate school. These two products are adorable essentials for traveling!

  130. Amazing giveaway!! Everything is divine but I’d have to say the Oilo crib and the Birdling bag! I’m a proud owner of two Solly baby wraps and know they are an essential too! 🙂

  131. I would love the solly wrap and the covered goods nursing cover! This giveaway makes me excited to meet my baby in February!

  132. Ooh, I am late to this glorious party, but I must say that I really really really look forward to owning all of these lovely prizes one day! Especially the Puj tub and Solly baby wrap!

  133. Oh my the best give away I’ve seen so far :))) I want all of em!!! Lol but the 2 main items would be the beautiful crib! I need one ! And the tub would b great! It’s Hard to choose with do many items but I’m hoping with all my heart to win!!! Never won anything before so hope I’ll be thr lucky one thick time 🙂 thanks a lot for the great chance 🙂

  134. All really wonderful companies coming together for a sweet giveaway. Definitely eyeing the sollywrap as well as everything else.

  135. With baby number two on the way, I would definitely need a Solly Wrap to wear my baby while I chase my toddler. I would also love to have a Birdling Bag. Two babies mean I have more to pack for weekends away. Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. I would love the covered goods nursing cover!!! And I am in the market for a new diaper bag so I would love the birdling bag!

  137. Aaahhhh so hard to decide but my 2 super wants are the Birdie bag and the nursing cover! Gah a second Solly wrap would be so nice though and the baby towels and the bath wash would be nice too! Mmm babies so cute!

  138. What a great giveaway! All of these are wonderful but a solly baby wrap and puj bath tub are what we need the most. Thanks!

  139. Hi, I love the birdling bag. How perfect for all the upcoming holiday travel with a baby! Or for business travel too 🙂 I also love hearing about the new bath product – very exciting to see more natural bath products available! Thanks!

  140. I am excited about everything! But I would love to have a Solly baby wrap and Covered Goods nursing wrap! Thank you! 😉

    1. Solly baby and birdling bag. I’ve traveled all over with my little and I’m convinced all you need is a good wrap and a good bag and the possibilities are endless! have baby, will travel! Thanks for letting me be part of such an awesome giveaway!!

  141. My little one is growing like crazy and getting ready to start walking before too long. Would love to have the pons for her (I have a pair and they are my favorite shoes!) and some stay and co clothing. She is outgrowing everything she has rapidly!

  142. The top two products I love would definitely be the solly baby wrap (since I have a three year old) it will definetly help me keep my little one (due December 26th) close and hands free to well you know just get “mom” things done. And the covered goods cover is just the best idea ever! One product and many ways to use it and as a momma who breast feeds I love that I can use it for a cover for us for some privacy and not take up space in the diaper bag.

    1. Please let me get my hands on one of those new stay and co blankets!! And the birdling bag! Thank you so much for this opportunity 🙂

  143. I’m so excited about the giveaway! I’m about to have my first baby and it’s been a miraculous experience.

    I’d love to win the Solly baby wrap and the nursing cover. I definitely need the other essentials too but these 2 are my faves!

  144. Oh my … Only top two? *thinking hard* …. Ok … If I really have to it’ll be Solly Baby Wrap and bridling bag! But really I NEED all of ’em 🙂

  145. I am 31 weeks, my first babe will be here very soon! I need ALL of it! Mostly I would love the stay and co blankets and I’ve been eyeing the solly wraps for some time!

  146. Oooohhh I love this far too much. I am having our first baby next April and have dreamt about using a solly baby every day since I found out we are expecting. Birdling bags, stay + co, covered goods, and tubby todd…. everything is just too good to pick just two, we love all of it!

  147. I would love the Birdling bag or the Stay & Co blanket!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win these great items!!

  148. My little Maddox was born on Oct. 26th so I could definitely use the Solly Baby Wrap and Stay + Co. blanket and hat set!! Awesome giveaway, I would honestly love it all though!

  149. I would love any and all of these products, but the most helpful at the moment would be the baby wrap and nursing cover!

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