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Three Tips for a Great Beach Day with Kids


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We absolutely love going to the beach as a family + after four little people we’ve learned a trick or two to making the day a bit easier. Below are just THREE of my favorite tips (or items) to help make for a great beach day with your people.

  1. Mat or blanket for baby to crawl on. We’ve used towels before…you know how you line up a few towels so your baby can crawl around on and not get wet or get sand everywhere, but they never stay put!! Well this Gather Mat changes all that!! I love how easy it is to wipe up spills, brush off any sand + it stays put!! We honestly have two and use then weekly!! Think soccer, beach, picnics or painting (kids painting) ahhh!
  2. Sunscreen (that is EASY to apply + won’t irritate baby’s skin or eye’s) I swear my kids won’t even let me touch them with normal “rub on” sunscreen and when it comes to their face’s…it’s like torture. I LOVE this Spray Babyganics sunscreen…especially to use down my girls parts + to spray in Houston’s baby hair. Plus the Babyganics Face Stick is a game changer!! I can get right up under my little peoples eyes and noses and it doesn’t irritate their skin!! Win-win. (and not whining)
  3. Baby powder!! It took me a few years to actually try this trick, because honestly I thought it was to good to be true. But sure enough baby powder with take of sand like magic!! After we are done for the day…I don’t even have my littles wash off with water. We just head straight to the van, I sprinkle baby powder up and down their legs and arms and with a dry towel just dust the sand right off. It has made for the easiest clean up.



kailee-wright-babyganicsnewport-beach-kailee-wright babyganics-sun-screen babyganics-swim-diapers

Also, these Babyganics Swim Diapers are amazing!! I got them at Target — They change color when baby is outside. See that little frog? After about 20-30 mins of sun exposure the frog turns brown + reminds you to reapply sunscreen!! Anything to make my life simpler…I’m all over it!

Hope some of these items + tips help make your beach day that much better!! Tell me some of your favorite tips for the beach!!


in collaboration with Babyganics

photos: corissa ann


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  1. Have you tried beautycounters sunscreen stick? I would love to send you one. I was in love with babyanics until I tried this one! Thank you for your wonderful blog!

    1. No!! I haven’t tired that brand before. Sounds good. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and stop by!!

  2. Spray sunscreens are under scrutiny because they make it easy to breathe in all sorts of chemicals that irritate the lungs. Longterm studies have not been done. Be cautious of sunscreen sprays.

  3. thank you so much for such useful information. I will try and find everything to take to the beach. I’m taking my two year old niece and my 8 month old nephew. this will be the first time and I want to keep them from burning. we are staying 9 days. The items you talked about will be very helpful. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your help.


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