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Everyday Make Up Favorites


make up bag  |  perfume  |  contour kit  |  brush 1 + brush 2  |  nail polish – “Loverly”  |  matte liquid lipstick – (divine divine)  |  eye palette 




I’m excited to be teaming up with Nordstrom today to share some of my favorite beauty items. This is kind of a new space for me as it’s the first time I’ve shared any of my beauty favorites. With Mother’s Day being so close I couldn’t help but think of how my own mom and how some of her favorites have rubbed off on me.

Every morning…well lets be realistic (the mornings I actually get ready + put on makeup) Hayden is always right there by my side, watching my every move + wanting to see ‘all da colors‘ and ‘yip-sticks‘ I’m wearing. She’s at that stage where she wants to copy my every move. I’ve forgotten how sponge like this little age can be. I remember watching my mom put on her make up and I will always remember ‘her smell‘. Still to this day when my mom comes to visit, after she leaves my kids will say, “We miss Nana, but we can still smell her. Isn’t it the best mom?” I love how we can associate smells with the ones we love.

So I’m a pretty neutral + simple girl when it comes to make up, but I decided to finally branch out and try this new pastel eye palette from Mac, and Hayden + I are loving the subtle color. If you’ve followed along for awhile you know my love for a little pink lip. I JUST found this lip stain and I’m dying over it!! Maybe it’s an old thing — but why in the world did it take me so long to find!! And of course my favorite take away from my mom…Flowerbomb (her favorite perfume)!! You can check out a few other of my favorite’s above. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!!

nordstrom-kailee-wright mac-makeup-kailee-wright makeup-mothers-day-gift-ideas kailee-wright.jpg

in collaboration with Nordstrom

photos by Corissa Ann

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