Best T-shirt Dress Ever - Kailee Wright
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Best T-shirt Dress Ever

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So I finally got this dress posted! And I’m calling it the best purchase I buy the entire Summer…honestly!! T-shirt dresses — are just flat out brilliant + so comfortable! I particular love this one because you can tie up the front and the back into a knot if you want to make the dress shorter or just leave it as is. Anthropologie has been sold out of this dress since I bought it, BUT they have it available to ship the first of June. Trust me, if you love t-shirt dresses as much as I do, snag this one — it’s a good one!



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  1. This dress looks so comfy!
    Just found out I’m preggers (insert clapping hands here) and I’m totally binge searching your site because I LOVE all the cute maternity dresses you wore

    1. JOI!!!
      Congrats girl!! That is such great news!! Thank you so much for your support here!! And yes go look through all the maternity posts (top bar . categories) and hopefully you’ll find some great stuff!!