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Answering Your Most Asked Questions


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Today is my birthday and I’m turning 34!! It feels really weird to say I’m this old, but then again I still feel super young!! haha. Anyone else feel like this?! I don’t stress about getting older, but I totally remember being 18 and all my co-workers turning 34 – so it’s just crazy to me.

So I thought it would be fun to answer 34 of  your most asked questions about myself + our family.  Some are pretty personal — so I’m hoping by the end you’ll feel like you know me and my family a little bit better!!


  • Where were you born?  I was born + raised in St. George, Utah
  • How did you meet your husband?  I met Joe when I was 12 years old when he became our neighbor down the street  —  we’d walk to middle school together. After I met him for the first time I knew I was going to marry him (I knew it was the CRAZIEST thought I had ever had – and never really thought it would happen)
  • When and where did you go to hair school?  I went to hair school when I was 17 and went to Evans Hairstyling College in St. George — they are the best!
  • Did you go to any college?  Yes!! I went to Dixie State College and cheered for a year. It was such a fun year.
  • What would your dream vacation be? I’m pretty simple and right now I’d just love another relaxing trip to Hawaii!
  • What is your favorite color?  Black (literally my all black outfit is my favorite go to outfit!)
  • What line of work is Joe in?  He is a Cardiac Anesthesiologist  
  • Would you tell us more about Joe’s job?  He is an anesthesiologist and puts people to sleep for surgery and wakes them up. haha. Cardiac – so he is specialized to work with hearts.
  • What are his hours?  Right now with his new job we are just learning + adjusting to his new hours. He works almost 6 days a week but sometimes has a full weekend off. About once a week he has a 24 hour shift. Some days can be up to  16+ hours and some days he gets off at 1-2pm. So everyday is different. 
  • How does he balance family time?  Some weeks are crazy and we don’t see each other much and some weeks we cram in as much family time as we can. We have family prayer and scripture every night so we make sure to always chat and catch up with all the people during that time.  
  • What made you want to become a blogger?  So I actually never really wanted to blog. I started my own baby line business almost 5 years ago, and that sort of transitioned into this. Also on the side I had a family blog – so I finally just decided to join both worlds together and here we are.
  • What has been  the hardest part so far?  Just trying to balance it all. I want to share so much and do some many projects but I also want to be here for my little people because they are only little for so long. 
  • Did you ever suffer from postpartum hair loss?  YES!! Really bad with my last two babies. There is not a whole lot you can do for it, but just give it time.
  • Any tips/tricks?  I wear extensions (just one clip) on both sides to help with the hair loss. After about a year it starts to thicken up and I usually won’t wear my extensions anymore. 
  • Best advice for someone who would like a big family.  Just go for it!! Honestly I don’t think you ever feel completely ready for the next (unless you have been waiting a long time) which we have gone through that. But having a few year gaps between a couple of the little people have helped.  
  • Traveling with kids. Entertainment, snacks, how do you do it alone?!  It’s nuts sometimes but I feel like if I want to see family or do the things we do there is no other choice then to just do it!! Hunter (my oldest is a huge help) I share HERE and HERE about a bunch of our traveling tips and packing tips HERE.   
  • If you could choose to have a $500 gift card to any one place, where would you choose?  Of course Nordstrom!! I just feel like they have such a great selection + they carry Madewell and Jcrew which are a few of my favorite brands.
  • How do you stay in such great shape after all those babies?  Right now I am leaning on genetics. My mom and grandma have always been pretty thin…but I am hoping to tone up and get back into a workout routine soon. 
  • How does your nap time and night time routine work with two babies?  I try to be home as much as possible during nap time. Everyone just seems happier when the babies nap. Right now Houston (2yr) only takes one nap around 1 and Harper will usually take 2-3 naps depending on what activities we have going on that day. And most of the time 1-2 of hers are in the car seat. Nighttime : I’m a sleep crazy mom and try to have all the kids in bed around 8 during the summer and 7-3:30 during the school year. 
  • What is your sleeping arrangement with 2 babies? Especially now that you are in the rental?  Things are crazy right now being in a two bedroom rental. So all four of the older people are in one room and Joe, myself and the baby are in the other room. It’s been an adjustment but we really don’t have another choice. 
  • You have incredible style. What are your favorite stores to shop?  Nordstrom, Madewell and Jcrew are probably my most favorites!
  • What is your favorite mini van + why?  We had a Toyota for 5 years and loved it. And just recently got the Honda and I am in love. I love all the extra details it has like the vacuum and the middle sliding seat has been a huge game changer for my people
  • How do you keep a clean house + stocked fridge with all the kids and their busy schedules.   Haha. So to answer this – it doesn’t always happen. Some weeks we kill it and other weeks not so much. I think my people have had cereal for dinner the past 4 days! I am loving Walmart right now and that I can order my groceries online and pick them up without getting any little people out of the van!! This has made a huge difference for us. Also I have  3 calendars…a big one on the wall for everyone to see the schedules for the week. One for work on my computer and phone and one in my purse as a back up. 
  • How old are all your kids?   Hunter is almost 11, Hudson 8, Hayden is almost 6, Houston 2, and Harper is 7 months. 
  • We are just moving to Utah, and are major foodies. I know you and your husband were born and raised here. What are you favorite places to eat (local or not)?  Wehaven’t lived in Utah for almost 10 years and so much has changed. We too are trying to learn the best places to eat. So if you live in Northern Utah PLEASE help a mama out and share in the comments. I do love Freddy’s, Cafe Rio, and Fire House Subs!!
  • What are your most useful mom survival tips with 4+ kids? Just try and stay calm. Because the times where I feel like I’m losing my mind and raise my voice it ALWAYS backfires on me and everyone seems upset. So I honestly just try to think this tantrum will pass. haha. I just shared THIS POST about going out and about with the little people by myself and they are very helpful tips. 
  • What discipline tactics do you use?  Time out – for Hayden and losing minutes from fun activities and playing with friends. So if we have an event and someone is being sassy, or not doing chores etc. we say you’ve lost 10 minutes (or whatever minutes) from the next fun activity. So they have to sit out and watch everyone else have fun until their minutes are up. It has worked really well for our people.  
  • Was it difficult going from 4 to 5 kids?  Honestly there was not a big change from 4 to 5 people. I think the hardest thing for me was two babies. Really after 3 kids I think it’s all the same — you’re outnumbered. haha.  
  • Are you done having kids?  Yes we are. I thought we would only have 4 but we knew there was one more and we both feel totally complete with the 5 we have. 
  • What do your kids want to be when they grow up?  Gosh it changes daily. haha. Hunter loves soccer and wants to get a scholarship to go to college and she loves to dance. Hudson loves all sports and talks about being a doctor like his dad. Hayden…you never know with that girl. haha.
  • How do you cut + style Houston’s hair, and what products do you use?  I usually shave the back and sides with a number 4 or just finger cut and leave a bit more length on top. My favorite gel for my boys is Spiker. I get it from the hair supply but you can get it off Amazon as well. 
  • How did you find your new church?  We are LDS and there are church’s all over the world. So finding a new church was fairly easy for us. You can learn more about it HERE 
  • What are your top 3 favorite treats?  Oh my….I could go on and on. I love ice-cream and my favorite would have to be Baskin Robbins. Also homemade chocolate chip cookies and cake!! I’m not a huge candy fan but will eat starburst and skittles.



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