Tips and Tricks for Packing with Kids - Kailee Wright
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Tips and Tricks for Packing with Kids

So I get asked all the time — when we travel as a family how do I fit our entirely family into 3 bags or less?!! Today I’m going to share some of my favorite tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way that have made packing for my entire family not as stressful.

  • First off I make sure all my laundry is done. (of course I try and do this a few days ahead) Joe doesn’t think this is important, but it is because then I know our wardrobe possibilities are endless, and that everything is clean. The about of stress that is relieved from just this small thing is huge for me.
  • Next, I think about where we are going + what we will be doing and I pick out everyones outfits based off that, along with ONE pair of shoes for each little person. Trust me it makes all the difference when packing!! I pick a pair that will go with everything — from my girls dresses, to them playing, etc, and then they wear the one pair of shoes. (this saves a ton of space)  In the fall/winter my people always wear their Hunter Boots. They are such a great investment, they clean up so nicely and last for years!! In the summer I’ll pack everyone a pair of flip flops in addition to the one pair of shoes they are already wearing. This rule doesn’t always work for Joe or myself but I try to keep it down to 2-3 shoes for myself. Usually, I pack a pair of athletic shoes and wedges that I can dress up or down. I always pack our shoes in their own separate bags so none of our clothes get dirty. You can just use a grocery sack, really it doesn’t have to be fancy.
  • I lay everything out in my room and make sure I haven’t over packed anyone. I also always pack one extra outfit for every single person (and a couple for the baby) because you never know whats going to happen, or who’s going to spill something on you or themselves. haha. Then I stack each outfit with everything my people will need for that day – pants, top, underwear, socks, bow etc and roll it all up together. Continue to roll each individual outfit for your whole family. This makes it so easy once your on your vacation and keeps your suitcase or bag nice the entire trip. I even roll up pajamas + underwear together to make the night time routine even easier.
  • Another thing I’ve learned is to pack all toiletries in a separate smaller bag. That way this bag can just stay in or near the bathroom for easy accessibility. I also put all liquids or creams in smaller (gallon) ziplock bags incase anything spills or opens up. That way it doesn’t get all over everything you packed. Also, this way none of your clothes or shoes end up ruined either.
I’ve included a few more tips + tricks below along with images of how I pack everything  in the end. I hope you are able to use some of these ideas for your next travels with your people!! If you have any tips you’ve learned along the way please share in the comments because I’d love to hear!! Happy weekend friends!!
xx – kails

kailee-wright Kailee_Wright_Packing-23 Kailee_Wright_Packing-29tennies  |  wedges  |  flats (sold out) similar here

kailee-wrightI also like to pack the baby’s stuff in separate little bags (because there is always so much to pack baby) It just makes it easier when trying to find items for him. For example: I’ll pack all of his pajama’s in one gallon ziplock bag, and then another with his shoes + socks, one for bibs and burp clothes, binky’s etc. It keeps his part of the suitcase/bag organized and I feel like I don’t end up losing all his tiny things everywhere.




me:  shirt  |  jeans  |  necklace + here  ||  hayden:  tank top  |  pants  ||  houston:   onesie similar + here


Rolling EVERYTHING it will save you so much room and help items not get wrinkled as much.


Also, a lot of you have asked about Houston’s diapers. They are from Parasol and honestly feel like underwear! They are super super soft and are my new favorite + they get delivered straight to my door monthly. Anything that makes a mama’s life easier is worth sharing!! You can use the code KAILEE2016 to get $20 off your first box!! Kailee_Wright_Packing-8

All shoes always go in separate bags + then you can fit them into any extra space on the sides or bottom/top of your bag or suitcase.

kailee-wright kailee-wright
coral bag  |  polka bag  |  navy bag

Another tip that we can’t live without is to let each little person bring/pack their own backpack full of activity’s, toys, games, iPad’s, coloring books, etc to keep them busy for the travel time. I also, love it because if they wake up earlier then normal they can color or keep busy while they wait for the rest of the family to get up. I also have them pack a few snacks and baby wipes for those sticky hands (then they aren’t always asking me for one) + I’ll pack some extra puffsyogurt melts, and crunchies for the baby as well as the big kids because for some reason ‘someone else’s’ food is always better then your own.


photos: corissa ann


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  1. Where are the see through bags from that you have Houston’s socks and shoes packed in? These are a must have for travel with kids!

    1. Holly!!

      Yes!! I love them! We use them every time we travel. And sippy cups? Not sure what your asking….like to sippy’s fit in the bag pockets? Let me know and I’ll help answer. Thanks again!!