A Busy Mom's Guide for Getting Ready - Kailee Wright
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A Busy Mom’s Guide for Getting Ready

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sweater  pants  jacket  |  hat (similar + here)  |  watch  ||  harper headband + outfit  ||  houston shirt + pants

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With 5 little people in tow, you could say our schedule is a little crazy! You can often find us trying to get ready, eat breakfast, and finish a few last minute school projects all at the same time. With being busy and on the go so often, I’d like to think I’ve kind of mastered getting myself put together quick! As much as I’d love to stay in my robe all day everyday, I always get more accomplished (and less awkward looks) when I pull myself together. That being said, it doesn’t have to be hard, so today I’m sharing my busy mom’s guide to getting ready I use just about every day!


  • DRY SHAMPOO IS A GIRLS BEST FRIEND! … You know that question you always hear in “getting to know you” games.. “If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you take? Guys..I think Dry Shampoo might be one of my picks! haha! It is the one product I use more than anything else, and can be such a game changer. Curls can last for days, but if your roots are looking greasy, you aren’t fooling anyone! Dry Shampoo is a quick way to freshen up yesterdays hair in a flash. And it does not have to be the high end salon brand either. My go to is this super inexpensive one!
  • HATS AREN’T JUST FOR BOYS…Growing up, I always felt like boys had it so easy! Messy hair? No problem! Just throw on a hat! I am loving that hats have become so much more on trend + popular for girls because they are for sure another one of my quick getting ready hacks. Whether its my favorite ball cap or a a more girly hat, I love to throw one on and be out the door in no time!
  • MESSY BUNS, YES PLEASE …It’s not secret the messy bun is on repeat over here. If I don’t have time for my everyday curls, it is straight to a messy bun. It is so quick and easy, but looks like you put a little more effort in than a typical ponytail. My favorite way to where it is more on the side so I can throw a hat on top, but whatever way you go for, it is sure to cut your hair time in half!

Kailee Wright-Grey Sweat outfit


  • 5 MINUTE MAKEUP … If you follow me over on Instagram, you have already heard all about my quick and easy makeup routine with Maskcara. I rarely have time to sit down and put my makeup on in the morning before we need to be out and about, so having something I could pull together quick in the car was a must for me. I’ve timed it a few times and it never takes me more than 5 minutes.  It gives you a really natural look, but still enough of a boost that you look more awake and freshened up. The fact that it is all together in one easy to grab compact is so helpful too.
  • EYELASH EXTENSIONS … I wouldn’t call myself a high maintenance girl at all. My beauty + fashion routine is really pretty simple and nothing special, but there are a couple things I am willing to kind of “splurge on” for myself, and one of those is eyelash extensions. I can’t say enough good about these, and they might be my number one trick to getting ready quick, because with them, I really don’t have to do much to look awake and ready to go, and sometimes I never get around to putting makeup on because they do enough. I would 100% say they are worth every penny.
  • EYEBROWS … These are my other “treat yo self” splurge that I absolutely love! Something about having your whole eye area feeling put together without any daily maintenance is soo nice.

Kailee Wright_Maskcara Makeup

my colors: (top left) stone – walnut – aura (top right) nude, baby watermelon, petal


  • JOGGERS, THE FANCY PJ’S… If I could fill my whole closet with joggers and basic tee’s, I probably would in a heartbeat. It had to have been a busy mom that first designed these because they are perfection. Just as comfy as wearing your pajamas all day, but presentable to the world. I love pairing them with a basic tee and my favorite tennies.
  • JEANS + BASIC TEE ON REPEAT… We’ve talked about it before, and I like to call it my “momiform”, but you can’t get easier to throw together than jeans + a basic tee. I like to stick to a neutral tee to keep it clean and simple. One of my favorite things about this look is being able to switch out the tennies for heels + adding my favorite leather jacket and I am ready for a work meeting or date night, with almost no effort.
  • DRESSES… It’s no secret I tend to collect t-shirt dresses, especially in the summer months. They are so easy to quickly throw on, and so so comfortable. Now that Fall is bringing some colder weather, I’ve been pairing them with my favorite cardigans for a quick cozy look.


denim jacket  |  t-shirt  |  joggers + here  |  shoes (similar)  |  sunnies

Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Anniversary Sale_Grey Dress

dress + similar + here  tennies  sunnies


photos: aubrey taiese

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    1. Thank you so much Meghan! They are for sure my go to’s so i hope they were helpful!! Thanks for the feedback!

  1. Hi! I can’t find the stuff you recommended the other day for all of the hair products you use when you made that video. Just wondering if you could tell me where to find them? Thanks!

  2. Do you use a specific brand or type of eyelash extensions? I’m completely new to the idea, but I really dig the thought of them and could use some beginners pointers. Thanks!!

  3. I really like the length of your extensions! I have eye lash extensions as well and love them! They have saved me throughout my pregnancy with feeling beautiful! Definitely worth every penny! however, the lash extensions my lash stylist use on me are mink lashes and they don’t look as long as yours does! Does your lash stylist use a certain cm length of mink eye lashes on you or do you do just do a volume set?

    1. hey kayla!
      I dont really know all the details, but she usually rotates between 10-12 on me, depending on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I feel like they are way too long so we go shorter, and sometimes I go classic to keep it more simple.


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