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Our Favorite Crafts + How we organize them!

Kailee Wright office kids crafts

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Are your kids the crafty type? The kind that are always begging to create, color, draw, or anything hands on?! Mine absolutely LOVE a good crafty project. Whether it is bracelet making, playdoh creations, or painting crafts are a favorite around our house!! As messy as it can be, I love seeing their imaginations and creativity develop through the projects they create! Whether they’re crafting for a school project or just for fun, we love to keep a good stash of our favorite art supplies, so that they can easily create whatever they need.  The task of organizing all of it can seem daunting! So today I’m sharing a few of our favorites PLUS some ways to keep them organized and accessible! 


First up let’s talk favorite crafts! You will notice this list steers clear of all things glitter and slime!! I am a firm believer you can still be creative and crafty without bringing disaster items into your house! So with that in mind, these our our top favorites!

kailee wright amazon favorites


These became a quick favorite for us (and a lot of people) during quarantine. The possibilities are endless! I love that they are fun for my older kids and me too it is something we all can do together! Houston especially loves making these and as you can see by his stack he is getting so good at them! This kit is our favorite! I love that it comes in a clear organized case to keep things simple and streamlined for easy organization, even for his young age, and you don’t have to buy something else to organize it in.


We have had these paint dotters for years and I love them so much!! They are such a great “less mess” option to painting, and toddler friendly. I love that they are chunky for little hands to grip easily, have a variety of colors, and are open ended so it is all about their imagination and what they want to create. And if you are going to grab them, grab some of these art smocks as well. They keep you worry free from any accidental messes for crafts or even snacks!

Kailee Wright office kids crafts


These lacing cards are one of my favorite (super easy to store) crafts to have around the house. As you can see they are completely mess free, which makes them great for car rides too! I love that it is working on fine motor skills, but fun and creative too with the different shapes and animals.


Playdoh is such a classic craft to have around your house and one we have loved for years and years. I love that you don’t need a bunch of extra accessories to worry about storing. You can use kitchen tools, toy cars, anything their imagination comes up with.


These sticker books were another great quarantine find and one the whole family loves! They are great to have to keep kids entertained in the car, or at restaurants or church where they need to keep quiet. I even find myself wanting to do them all the time too!


. . .

Kailee Wright office kids crafts

Now let’s talk arts + crafts organization. I think the biggest key to this is actually to keep it simple!! You want the organization to be simple enough that your kids, who are the ones primarily accessing the crafts, to be able to replicate your organization and keep it up!! Here are a couple tips to keep in mind!


As you can see in these images, I like to organize our crafts by category. That way, if the kids ask to do playdoh for example, I am only getting out one box, not sorting though different areas to find all the supplies. We have categories like playdoh, lacing cards, beads, crayons, paint dotters, etc. You can customize it to work for your family and what crafts you use together.


When it comes to organizing a kids space like crafts, clear bins are a must. Toddlers aren’t going to be able to read all the labels, so being able to see where things go is key. I love the look of clear bins with labels too because they are clean, simple, and give the space a uniform look.


Last but not least is placement in your space. If there are certain things you’d rather not give your kids easy access to (think markers, paint, glue) keep those stocked higher where they will need moms help to use. Other crafts you don’t mind them being independent with (think lacing cards, sticker books) put at their reach so they can play on their own whenever. Just like the pantry, keeping things user friendly and knowing your audience (your kids!) is key!

. . .


Kailee Wright office kids crafts

I hope these fun craft ideas give you something new to try, and that these tips were helpful in keeping your space fun + organized at the same time!

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