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How to Spring Clean Your Bathroom

Kailee Wright spring clean your bathroom

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Doing a little happy dance over here because I love Spring Cleaning. I realize how silly that sounds, but you guys know me by now. Give me all things cleaning + organization. I love to enlist the family to tasks that will make our home feel as though it’s been deep cleaned, emptied of anything that doesn’t belong, and just a little brighter and shinier than usual.  Do you know what I mean?  Spring cleaning is the best! And we are starting with the bathroom!

Getting on your hands and knees to scrub grout or on tall ladders to dust light fixtures is no everyday chore so it’s important for my mind to plan ahead what needs to be done, how long it will take, and who will be doing it.  Bathroom cleaning can contain some icky surfaces and possibly stronger cleaning products than are used in other parts of our home, so I like to plan ahead to assign tasks like that to my bigger kids or the adults. 

Kailee Wright spring clean your bathroom


I think it’s important in any cleaning scenario that you work from top to bottom.  This prevents any hard work done in one area to be undone by cleaning another.  Starting with the walls + ceilings, and work your way down to shower doors, tub floors, cabinets, and tile. This will ensure that things stay clean as you go, instead of just transferring the mess. 


If you notice that you are really having to scrub in certain areas or that things are more dirty than you might expect, take note of that spot.  Let’s see if there is something that you can do on a weekly or biweekly basis to keep that area in tip-top shape.  This might be adding it to your weekly or monthly cleaning list, or making it a more regular chore for one of your kids. 


Depending on your own cleaning style and personal preferences, bathroom cleaners can be strong.  Make sure that you are opening any windows available and letting the air vent run while you clean.  

Check out my checklist below for a more step by step look at the process to ensure you get everything squeaky clean!

Kailee Wright Master Bathroom


: AIR VENTS + INTAKES: Remove, wash, and replace

: SHOWER CURTAIN: Wash + steam or if necessary, replace

: WALLS + CEILINGS: Dust + remove any marks using a magic eraser.

: SHOWER GLASS: Deep clean glass of hard water spots + shine with a glass cleaner.

: SHOWER + SINK FAUCETS: Remove hard water using a limescale remover of your choice.

: TUBS + SHOWER BASINS: Scrub both using a mildly abrasive sponge or brush + a bathroom cleaner of your choice.

: CABINET FRONTS: Wipe down.

: CLEAN OUT DRAWERS + CABINETS: Remove everything. Purge anything not useful or broken. Replace products in an organized way that is most efficient/functional for your needs.

: TOWELS: Replace any towels and washcloths that contain irreparable stains or holes.

: BATH MATS: Thoroughly wash bath mats + vacuum.

: FLOORS: Steam and/or scrub tile grout as well as any other tile throughout the bathroom.


I hope these tips + tricks help you tackle the dreaded bathroom spring clean a little easier this time around!!

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