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Okay so first off…I had the amazing privilege of being asked to  coordinate and style this awesome photo shoot with Duchess and Lion! Putting together the outfits and styling their hair is one of my favorite jobs in the business.

So today my very dear friend Stacie Lucas, of Duchess and Lion (a hip on trend kids clothing line), joining me today.  This lady is just simply amazing and as kind as they come!!  Stacie and I have been friends for over a year now, and I feel like we have known each other forever.  She’s just that kinda person + we know you are going to fall in love with this creative + inspiring women as much as we have!!  Enjoy.




Hi Friends.  What an honor it is to meet you over in this space today.  When I started Duchess and Lion, LLC in 2013, I could have never imagined it where it is today, and that is because of you.  People who are committed to supporting small businesses.  Businesses that operate completely stateside, completely ethical, and with such a passion and joy that we hope it is reflected in our designs.  So before I go any further – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

We are so excited to bring you our Spring line officially launching on Tuesday, February 17th (however, you might want to sign up for our newsletter here, as we often offer early access and great deals to our mailing list).  We as a company, and specifically me as a designer, have poured our heart and soul into our S/S ’15 collection.  It was inspired by everything I remember about my childhood summers—beach days, camping trips, and creating masterpieces as a little artist, and I hope it will inspire you to go out a create some of those memories with your own kids.

In my eyes, Duchess and Lion is way more than being the latest fashion trend.  This is my art.  Nothing thrills me more than seeing pieces for 3-4 seasons ago still being worn and loved on.  Or when you email me telling me it is wrapped in tissue + stored for your babies/baby.  That is what I dream of during my late night work.  I also dream of providing more and more amazing woman in my community with the opportunity to work from home with flexible schedules (that they set) in order to see these collections come to life.  This season we expanded our contractors (all woman, lots of moms, some grandmas, and many very talented crafts(wo)men) to 16 contractors!  To help provide jobs in our local community, to interact with these woman on a daily basis, and to build great friendships with each one, has all perhaps been the highlight of having our own production team that keeps our work out of factories.  Each piece has a story to me (and hopefully that story will be evident to you).

-How do you balance life and running your business?  Keeping a schedule.  I try to keeep my work days kid free, not cluttered with errands or other things/distractions…Basically trying to respect my work time.  I also don’t take texts or calls from friends.  Work time is work time.  I do take 2 days off a week, and do the same thing for the kids.  Respect that time that is theirs.  I can be fully engaged and not take on any work task (unless at nap time).  But my time with them sweet and work does not interfere.

-What inspires you creatively? Not Pinterest.  Haha just kidding.  I pick up inspiration everywhere.  I like to watch the street fashion.  I like to watch womens’ fashion and then modify to fit kids fashion. (I Kailee can vouch for this…Stacie can pick inspiration anywhere she is.  It seriously amazes me!!)

-Any tips for other ladies who are looking to turn their passion into a business? As much as you can be willing to step out of the box.  Let  your business grow organically and don’t try and push anything.  Give yourself some grace time.  You can’t just sit but have patients to grow organically.  Start with what you know and as you grow you can always expand.


-Also, what are your 5 must haves: I am a jeans and a white tee girl and these are my go to, day in and day out!

1 – Definatly a must is my Rag and bone Skinny- Rock w/hole in Black

2/4/6 – I can’t live without my coffee and my favorite thing to brew it on is my Mette Duebahl Push Coffee maker and to drink it out of it my Tall tumbler in Onyx from Health Ceramics or my Mason Bar Tumbler for my iced- coffee to go.  Oh and if you haven’t had Blue Bottle Coffer A.) you aren’t local to Oakland or you live with your head in the clouds. B.) you need to get on bluebottle.com and order yourself some.  Thank me later…or send me a package while you are at it.

3 – I like simple, minimalistic jewelry.  My latest crush is my La Terre Gold necklace from Junlia Zendrei.  Such timeless pieces, great prices, and independent designer.

5 – I did just mention I am a white tee girl right.  This one is my latest obsession: The Tensel Longsleeve in natural from Vege Threads.

6 – Lastly, and most importantly is my kids.  You can’t buy them but you can find me over-gramming their mugs on Instagram.







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