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Easter Basket Ideas

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Yesterday we started putting together a few Easter baskets for friends next week, as we are headed out of town to spend the one last holiday with all our people here in Cali. The kids had a blast picking out items and talking about that they wanted in their Easter baskets. I listed a few of our favorites below!!

book : because what little person needs more candy + reading books is always a good excuse to snuggle my people.

see’s candy : is such a classic + a fun favorite. Their candy is the best and they always have the most darling options for Easter!

swimsuits : I love getting the little people swimsuits because – one, it’s always a need and two, it seems like it’s that time of year to replace them.

flip flops : again goes with the swimsuits. haha.

legos : what kid doesn’t like Iove legos?! My little people have just started getting into them and they entertain them for hours!!

bows / headbands : are just a great little filler item in baskets + my girls love them.

Tell me what you put in your kids’ baskets — I still need a few good ideas for my own littles. Happy Saturday friends!!


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