Harper's Blessing - Kailee Wright
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Harper’s Blessing


my dress  |  heels + similar |  harpers dress was my old blessing dress – similar here + here  |  bow

Last week mine and Joe’s entire families had the opportunity to come together for little miss Harper’s blessing day, and what a blessing it was to be completely surrounded by  the ones we love that weekend. Family has always been one of the number one things in our lives and we were lucky enough to have almost everyone there including all of Joe’s brothers (there are FIVE of them) in town for the occasion.


We’re so blessed to have BOTH sets of my grandparents still with us! To have them all be able to make it for that special day, made it even more memorable. Plus, the little people just adore them!!

My grandpa + grandma Hunter (this is where Hunter got her name) have always been the best example to me throughout my life of what marriage + family should be. They’re probably the most COMPASSIONATE people I know. Just typing this bring tears to my eyes. I wish you all could meet them. Within the first five minutes of chatting with them they would make you feel like the most important thing in the world!! I can’t even put into words how amazing + christlike they are. No words are good enough to describe them, although PERFECT comes to mind.

With Easter just around the corner our church challenged us to find our #PrinceOfPeace in our life. Joe is definitely mine/ours!! He brings so much peace + love into our home daily, and helps us all draw closer as a family. He’s one of the best people I know and has always been an example to me since we were kids. (that’s a whole other post in itself – as we have been friends since I was 13!)

He is the rock of our family and the glue that holds us all together. He’s always there for me and so supportive of anything I do, even when he thinks I’m crazy. He pushes me to be a better me, nudges me to be more forgiving of others, and gives me hope for the future!!

I hope wherever you are in life that you have that someone. And if you can’t think of someone at the moment just know that the savior is that person for all of us. I’d love for you to visit mormon.org to learn more about what we believe + about how you can feel more peace over all. I honestly am so grateful for you all and your continued support here in this space!!

xx – kails


getting baby girl ready for her special day

baby-blessing-dress kailee-wright-family-baby-blessing kailee-wright-family-baby-blessing kailee-wright-family-baby-blessing baby-blessing-dress kailee-wright-family-baby-blessing

Could you just die over how cute they are!!

kailee-wright-family-baby-blessing kailee-wright-family-baby-blessing kailee-wright-family-baby-blessing

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