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New Swaddle Sack


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So a lot of you have been asking about the new swaddle sack we got for Harper. So I decided to hurry and throw up a quick update for you all. We’ve only used it for a week and so far I’m in love!!!

I have swaddle ALL my babies from day one. They all have loved to be swaddled and sleep better. I’ve never used a swaddle sack like this before, but Harper started getting out of her swaddles and waking herself up in the middle of the night. (and trust me – I am a great swaddler!) haha. My parents always die because I swaddle my babies so tight.

Anyway’s so far so good + I just found out you can strap your babe in the stroller on the go with this sack!!! Seriously GAME CHANGER for me!! Harper has been an okay sleeper during the day (better at night). But I’ve had to continually wake her up to take the kids to their activities. Every time I’ve just wanted to leave her swaddled and buckle her in so I didn’t have to wake her.  NOW with this swaddle I don’t have to! She’s been staying asleep when I transfer her from the stroller and going back to sleep really quickly once I take her out.

Well I hope that helps answer a bunch or your questions. If you have any more just leave a comment below and I’ll try and answer asap. Thanks again loves!! Plus, if there is a product out there that I should know about or should be using PLEASE let me know!! We’re friends, right? I still can’t believe I hadn’t seen this swaddle sack on anyone else before — or maybe I’m living under a rock. haha.

xx – kails

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  1. I loveee this plus it looks so comfy! I’ll have to try this on our next babe. I use the zipadee-zip once we transitioned out from the swaddle and it works fantastic! It reminds me of this because the arms and legs are free but they still feel constraint.

  2. Can you explain why with this swaddle you can leave it on in the car seat? I’m so curious! She is gorgeous by the way! My little guy (3 weeks) hates the car seat but if I could leave him swaddled that would be a game changer! Thanks!

    1. Hi Allison, I don’t think you can use in a car seat. Just in a stroller. But if you find out otherwise, let me know because that would be awesome.

      1. Yeah I was wrong. I saw a video online and thought it was a carseat…dang that would have been awesome!!

    2. I was wrong… I saw a video online and thought it was a carseat…but I guess it was a stroller. Now they need to make it for a carseat!! Cause I need that in my life.


  3. Just ordered this swaddle sack — thank you!! Also loving the Solly wraps! Can we talk naps a little more…where/how does Harper nap during the day when you’re looking after/entertaining your other littles? I just had baby #3 a few weeks ago and have my 3 year old at home with me also and I’m pretty much holding my newborn all day because she won’t sleep in her bassinet. Any other tips for juggling multiple kiddos who all want a piece of their mama at once would be welcomed. I’m feeling a wee bit overwhelmed and am in awe of how you manage five when I’m struggling with three 🙂

    1. Jackie!!
      Hang in there… I promise it does get easier. So the solly is a lifesaver for those moments when baby needs to be held and your toddler needs you as well. I’ll put harper in the solly and feed or read a book to houston. And sometimes someone is just crying for 10 mins while I tend to the other child or give baths etc. It’s life and i feel like it’s okay for them to cry for 5 mins if your other person is really needing you. Swaddling has help harper be calm with in your rock n play. I love that thing because they are sitting up…your baby might love that instead of laying flat on her back. Your doing amazing…just take it one day at a time.


  4. This swaddle sack looks awesome. I am a horrible swaddler lol. Was wondering how long do usually have your kids in this swaddle sack for? Til they are what age?

    1. Hi Kim! It really is such a life saver and we loved using it for Harper! It actually comes in different sizes, so you can move up with your babies weight. Once Harper grew out of this first one after a few months, we switched to the option that you can remove the little arm sleeves for a few months too!


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