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Embroidered Trend


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I am absolutely loving the embroidered trend right now!! It’s pretty hot this season as we are seeing it on dresses, jackets, jeans, tops and even shoes (these ones are only $38)!! I really wasn’t sure about it until I found this amazing yellow dress and then it was all over. I love all the details and colors the embroidery adds!


Now you might ask, “How do I wear this trend?” Well that’s the easiest part…there is so much going on with all the embroidery that everything else you pair with an embroidered item can be super simple + plain. For example: if you’ve got some embroidered jeans then a plain white tee is perfect, because you have so much detail + color below. Same for an embroidered jacket keep your bottom super simple with a one colored skirt or your basic jeans. Easy peasy!!.

Below are some of my favorite embroidered pieces! Really it’s such a fun piece to add to your wardrobe, and basically can go with all your neutrals and basic items. Tell me if you are loving or hating the embroidered trend right now. And what are some of your favorite item?!

xx – kails



photos: malea ellett

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