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Why I Love the SNOO and a giveaway!


blush t-shirt  |  white jeans  ||  baby pajamas  |  headband  |  snoo

Today is the ultimate giveaway for expecting parents!! Have you seen the or read about the Snoo?!  Well I’m going to tell you my favorite things about it + why it’s pretty awesome + we are giving TWO away!!


  • I love the modern design – and I haven’t been able to find this style anywhere + it matches the style of our new home we are building.
  • If you’ve read the book Happiest Baby on the Block you know all about the ‘5 S’s’. (I loved this book for my babies) The Snoo basically does it all!! Swishes, rocks, jiggles and swings + sways your baby to sleep.
  • Also, I your read my Six Must Have Sleep items for Baby you know my little people sleep with a sound machine and it already has one built in!! This is my big kids favorite part – and well that all this happens at the simple push of a button. Love it!

The SNOO retails for $1,160!!! And we are giving away TWO!!

It’s super easy to enter:

  1. Follow @kailee_wright & @happiest_baby on Instagram
  2. Sign up HERE + get $125 off a SNOO
  3. And leave a comment here on this post!





photos: malea ellett


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  1. This looks incredible! We are expecting our third baby this May and the Snoo looks like it’s a lifesaver for those newborn months!

  2. So intrigued by the SNOO! Would love to win one – and also see pictures of this home you’re building!

  3. Beautiful! We are due in July with our first! We would absolutely be so blessed by this SNOO! Such a fun and useful giveaway.

  4. I’d love to win a snoo! I’ve been following there Instagram since there first post. It’s such a clean modern bassinet. Would love for baby number 2 to have this bassinet!

  5. Would love to have a snoo for my baby, it’s such a beautiful bassinet with benefits to help your little one.

  6. I’m in love with these! To bad we can’t actually afford to buy one, but I’ve heard and read so many great things about them it would be a dream to win one, second baby is due April 23rd! ❤

  7. Oh my goodness I would LOVE to win this. I am due with my second in 3 weeks and this basically looks like the most amazing thing ever!!

  8. This bassinet sounds amazing!! I’m expecting my first and would absolutely love to rest my baby girl in the Snoo when she gets here in June. Love your blog Kailee! Thanks for all of your baby/motherhood tips and advice that you post. As a first time mom, I appreciate it tons!

  9. I so want this for my second baby coming in July! Had such a hard time with my firsts sleep and used his methods to help her!

  10. I have been dreaming about a Snoo! Would love to have one for my little bean. ..who I think is beginning to make his arrival today!

  11. I’ve never heard of this before but now I have to have it!! My little lady is 5 weeks old and would love to snooze in this!

  12. I’m due in October with my second and since my first was a TERRIBLE sleeper I’m preparing for the worst! I’d love to have something like this to give me some peace of mind before the delivery!

  13. Love love love your site! I have been eyeing a Snoo – what a wonderful invention! Hoping to have one before baby #2 arrives in a month!

  14. I so believe in The 5 S’s( they worked with my first born) and I’ve had my eye on the Snoo for my baby girl due in June. Fingers crossed I’ll be one of the lucky ones

  15. I’m due with my second baby in September and would love this. Heard so many great things about this bassinet!

  16. This is adorable! I love the way it zips the baby in 🙂 My little one to come would probably love it!

  17. I think this is an amazing product and one of the best on the market. The price is a bit high for most people including myself, so I would love to win one.

  18. I’m due in two weeks (my second) and my sister is due in September (her first!) and we would loooooove this! Swoon!

  19. I’ve been hoping to get this, but there’s no way we’d be able to do it on our own! Crossing my fingers!

  20. Such an amazing giveaway!! I just recently heard of this product and thought it sounded like a great investment for our baby!!

  21. Unbelievable! I was actually looking online for any used Snoos because of the price. This would be so much better than an arms reach cosleeper! OBSESSED!

    Plus your daughter is just GORGEOUS!

  22. WOWOW!!!! This is utterly amazing!!!!! I’d be so grateful to win!!! Looks awesome & it’d be perfect for my little!! & my friend as well!!

  23. Omgsh! Dying over this give away!! This would be a huge lifesaver! I’m going to be a single mom so i have a feeling this would be a huge help!

  24. Our little baby girl would be so lucky to have it. It helps that it would look chic in our room as well!

  25. Beautiful pictures and wonderful giveaway! I would love to have this snoo for baby girl coming next month

  26. This is amazing! I’ve been waiting for someone I trust to have this and review it! This would be amazing for #3 who is on there way! My first two are terrible sleepers!

  27. This bassinet would be amazing to win! I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old so this would be a perfect safe place to put my daughter down when running after my toddler!

  28. So awesome! My fourth was a terrible sleeper so this might be a life saver for my fifth. Or maybe it will just be a naturally great sleeper… not holding my breath.

  29. This looks incredible! Beautiful design. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with all of the options as I’m pregnant with our first but this looks like the best of the best. I love it!

  30. This looks like the ultimate bassinet for a safe sleep. Wish I had this years ago for my first baby.

  31. I would absolutely love to win! We’ve just been hit with a few financial bumps so winning something for our upcoming baby would be an absolute dream to me!

  32. Omg! This is amazing! I saw the video of it on Facebook! Would love this for my newborn! Love how it’s so modern too and with sounds!

  33. I have been searching high and low for this kind of sleep solution for our first baby coming in June! Fingers and toes crossed!

  34. This is the BEST giveaway! We would be forever grateful to win a SNOO – I’ve been wanting one since we found out we are expecting a baby girl this June. Best of luck to all!

  35. Fingers and toes crossed! Just getting through my first 3 months, which has been difficult and scary. Looking forward to finally an upward slope and the excitement of shopping for baby things!

  36. wow! this is amazing, thank you. I’ve been a huge admirer of the snoo – I’ve just found you from their page. never even entered a giveaway before, fingers crossed! looking forward to following your journey now as well, how exciting!

  37. My daughter is having her 1st baby, and my first grandbaby!!! Nothing but the best for my grandbaby!!

  38. This is so cool! People followed✔️ Subscription entered ✔️ Friends tagged ✔️ Commented ✔️ Pick me pick me.

  39. My sweet girl is still not sleeping well… I think I would definitely benifit from this. It’s beautiful and I’ve only heard great things about it.

  40. What a blessing it would be to win this amazing bed!! Good luck everyone and Congrats in advance to the two lucky winners.

  41. This is such an adorable bassinet! Would love this for our sweet baby to be! Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!

  42. This is awesome! I’ve never heard of this, but would love to have it for baby #1! Such a great giveaway!!!!!

  43. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! You have such a beautiful family! Even though I feel like we are almost finished having kids, you inspire me to have more! I love big families!

  44. Such an amazing giveaway! I’m a first time mom due in October and would love this for my baby

  45. What a great gift to be giving away. We would be so grateful for a gift like this especially for our little one who has bad reflux. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

  46. You’re always so gracious! This bassinet would be a blessing as we welcome our new babe in may!

  47. Oh my gosh! We would be so grateful and thankful to win this! We are pregnant with our first after a long struggle with IVF <3

  48. This is amazing! My sister just introduced me to the Snoo! New to your blog but looking forward to diving in!

  49. This is awesome! We are trying for baby #2 and live in a tiny one bedroom apartment. Not only is this so cute and functional but would be really convenient for our tiny space! 🙂

  50. I have heard such amazing things about these bassinets!! I’m so excited for such a great giveaway! And one for my sister too!!!! If I win she’s gonna love me!

  51. Amazing! I have been coming back to this bassinet over and over for our second baby due early July but its just out of our price range so winning this would be a dream come true!! Thank you for all your amazing photos and helping me discover different brands to keep my kids and me looking cool and smiling.

  52. What an exciting giveaway! We have baby #4 arriving this September and my bestie’s is due on Monday!

  53. This would literally be a lifesaver. We don’t have space for a whole nursery for baby #3 and would love a sweet bassinet for those newborn days!

  54. I love following your posts and pictures Kailee! We have a 16 month old daughter, but plan on having more babies! Hehe! What an amazing and generous giveaway!

  55. I found the snoo and have been dreaming about it ever since!! Could never afford it, but as a brand new mama of the two sweetest nicu babies in the world, this would be so perfect and a dream come true!!!!

  56. I’ve been dreaming of this for my little one! I’ve entered about 8 contests trying to win! Would love it for my fussy miss 🙂

  57. This seriously sounds like a GAME CHANGER for baby’s sleep!! (and let’s be honest, momma’s sleep too!)

  58. I would love this!!! My baby girl still needs all the help she can get for uninterrupted sleep. I love the design!

  59. How beautiful! I have a 3 yo daughter and 2 yo son, so my 5 week old daughter loves to be held and rock.. out of the way of the crazy toddlers! We would use this well, I love it!

  60. This would be amazing for my sweet baby boy! He is having the hardest time sleeping right now and this would help so much.

  61. This is so helpful! I am due in July with my first baby. Keeping gender a surprise and we are SO excited!

  62. We too fell in love with the SNOO the moment we saw and heard about it! I hope we win one for our first bundle of joy set to arrive in just a couple of weeks! Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  63. This looks amazing! I have loved following you and all your baby advice and clothing advice for during and after baby! I love your style and price points! Can’t wait to meet my bundle in June and use your tips!

  64. What an beautiful bassinet! This would be perfect for my baby boy on the way! I’m 6 months tomorrow!

  65. This looks like and awesome product and my wife and I would love to win it for our first (baby boy) coming this July!

  66. This would be AMAZING! Not only would this help me with the sleepless nights with our fussy newborn…but it would actually look beautiful in our room and matches our modern home !! Xo

  67. I would love to know that my sweet rainbow baby boy would be safe in this bassinet! June 7th can’t come soon enough❤️

  68. So excited about the Snoo!! Sleep with my first was a difficult task, hoping the second time around will be easier!

  69. I love your love for your little ones and seeing your Sunday family photos! Truly inspirational for this mamma to be who hopes to have many many children (first on the way!)! Thank you for this opportunity for one lucky mamma!

  70. My mil is obsessed with this!! She’s already talking about me getting one for baby #2 and we’re not even pregnant… yet 🙂

  71. This is a mother’s dream come true!!! I would love this for baby #2! I feel this would make my life so much easier with a 12 month old and a newborn!

  72. This is awesome!! Would love this and I know some very deserving new mamas who would LOVE it too! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  73. Omg I love this! With all the baby contraptions I have lying around my house nothing is like this one! Maybe it would help this tired mommy get some shut eye .

  74. Your sweet baby girl is too much! I am due in October with our fourth, and I have gotten rid of all my baby gear! I’m starting from scratch, and this bassinet would be AMAZING to have!

  75. It would be so great to win I’m expecting twins which will be numbers 4 & 5 for our family an very unexpected blessing . I just love your blog I’m new but I’ve spent a lot of my late night free time getting caught up

  76. Such an amazing piece!!!! Our second will need to be in a bassinet of some sort and this one is beautiful!!

  77. This is… so beautiful!!! We’ve had a co-sleeper bassinet for 3 kids. Would love this upgrade for our next babe!

  78. Such a perfect giveaway!! Would love this for my baby coming in September! Thank you for this opportunity!

  79. This bassinet is an absolute dream! From the design , to the makers behind it , this would be a dream come true to have in my home. My 1st baby was a horrible sleeper. I’m due in May and hoping for better luck!

  80. I’ve seen these and they’re beautiful with tons of room for baby to grow. Thanks for the opportunity!

  81. Oh my I have been researching these bassinets!!!! They are everything I have wanted look, feel and how much they can soothe my baby that is coming soon! I am gonna be a first time mama and this bassinet is calming all my first mom anxieties 🙂 Would love love love this for my little babe coming in September!!!!

  82. What an amazing bassinet!! Would love this for my sweet boy who was just born in St. Pattys day.

  83. Would love to get this for my new one. It’s pretty pricey for me, however, hoping to win the giveaway!!!

  84. My sister in law and I are both pregnant with our firsts! This would be so amazing for our growing families!

  85. I love it! It would be so wonderful for my bff of 20+ years and I who just had our babies less than a month apart. Good luck everyone!

  86. This is an AMAZING giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity! My husband and I could use this so bad! We are currently living with the in-laws and Daxton’s (our baby boy to be) nursery will also be our bedroom 🙂 So a happy sleeping baby will a little mean more sleep for us! Especially while trying to run our own business-this would be a dream come true!

  87. I’ve been dying for a Snoo! I first read about this in October when it debuted, and I’d love to get my hands on one for our newborn! Fingers crossed I get picked.

  88. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Harvey Karp last week and was able to see a demonstration on the SNOO. Love the concept and the modern look. I would be so grateful to win this for my little one!

  89. This is amazing and just what I’ve been looking for!! My sister in law and I are due 6 weeks apart (in the hot days of summer!), so this would be the perfect surprise for us!! We are both first time moms! Crossing my fingers!!

  90. From one mommy to another, this would solve so many sleeping issues we’ve been facing! I hope we get this blessing!

  91. This would be a dream for my family and I! We have recently encountered some financial hiccups but would love to win something for our baby. We’re due in just a few weeks but are not halfway ready for her yet. It has been my goal to have a SNOO ready for when our bundle of joy arrives 🙂

  92. Love your pics and your baby is adorable. the SNOO looks really cool. Having some trouble with my LO sleeping.

  93. I would just die, such an amazing giveaway! Baby (and mama) would LOVE to win! And those white jeans are

  94. What a wonderful giveaway for TWO lucky mamas! My baby girl is due in July and this would be amazing to have! My fingers are crossed!

  95. Oh I love this. It’s seriously amazing what they have come up with for kids since I had my last one 5 years ago!

  96. I always wanted this bassinet! It’s everything I’ve always wished for this for my current baby, but we settled for a mini crib. Now we have ANOTHER baby due late this year, and this would be perfect for him/her. I’m also thinking they might be twins, so I may need to buy (or hopefully win!) two!

  97. Would love to win these for my sister and I! Were both expecting boys in the next 3 months! Thanks for the giveaway!

  98. We had our baby on 3/9 and sleep has been a huge issue. I have major heart eyes over this gorgeous basinet! Would absolutely love to give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. This sounds amazing! Such a wonderful and thoughtful giveaway for someone very fortunate. We would benefit so much, but I wish everyone good luck and happy parenthood.

  100. This would be so awesome for baby #2! 🙂 (posting again because the first time I had a typo in my email address!)

  101. This is such an amazing opportunity. I have wanted this so badly but can’t afford it. Love love love

  102. I have been eyeing the Snoo since forever! I just wish I could afford one…Here’s to hoping I win! It’s such a beautiful bassinet with amazing features!

  103. I saw the Snoo in action at a Pediatrics conference last year before I was even pregnant and wanted one! Beautiful IG and website, btw. Happy to follow!

  104. This would be awesome for babe due in 5weeks! I don’t have a bassinet yet, and this one looks like it has it all!

  105. My baby has so much trouble staying sleep, wakes up so many times and this bassinet would be the perfect solution. Fingers crossed. Blessings to all!

  106. I read so much about it, I think any mommy would benefit from this this amazing crib, I hope I win it! Expecting my 2nd baby in November.

  107. Wonderful post & so true about the 5 S!
    My girlfriends baby is due May 10th! She has been the best mama friend ever to me and I would LOVE to gift her a SNOO’

  108. I love this!! And I loved that book for my first daughter.. this bassinet sounds like it would be perfect for baby #2

  109. My daughter in law is having our first grandchild in New York whilst we are in UK. She would love this.

  110. Incredible giveaway! I’ve heard amazing things about the SNOO and with our second baby girl on the way it wouldn’t be a major blessing.

  111. Beautiful Bassinet! I’m going to be a Grandma ! My daughter has been trying to have a baby , but having difficulties because she had 2 large cysts removed from ovaries years ago. We’re so Happy she was able to get pregnant by IVF!

  112. I wish they had this for my first two. With baby number 3 getting mostly hand me downs, it would be so special for him/her to have this special bed to come home to.

  113. Love love love!!! I will be a FTM in the fall and my husband works nights so this would be a blessing to have. Good luck everyone!!!

  114. I loved the happiest baby on the block book! This is the best bassinet ever and I’d love the peace of mind and getting more sleep when my little girl arrives this august. I have pretty bad anxiety (like most moms with new borns) but basically I don’t sleep the first three months. What a wonderful giveaway and thanks for the opportunity!

  115. These are ADORABLE! I’m a first time mom (approaching 26 weeks pregnant) and a photographer. I would loveee to be able to take snuggly photos of my baby girl in this beautiful SNOO as she peacefully rests with those pouty lips, button nose, and dreaming those sweet baby dreams! <3

  116. I’m expecting in September and have used the happiest baby book and the 5 S’s with my previous 2 children. The snoo sounds amazing!!

  117. I’ve been researching and dreaming of what little bassinet will cradle my baby this September. Thanks for introducing me to the snoo, crossing our fingers so tightly!!!!

  118. It is extremely helpful to learn about products like this! My last baby I had to buy 4 different products for what this does… all-in-one! Keep

  119. My best friend Sasha would LOVE this for her daughter! She’s giving birth to my beautiful baby niece named Maddie. This will help her sleep and have the best dreams ever. Please pick us!

  120. This looks the PERFECT item I need for my first little that will be born this year! Thank you so much for the great idea, I hope to be chosen!!

  121. I’m expecting my First baby boy #3 august 14th & would be so grateful to win this beautiful bassinet!!

  122. I would LOVE this as I will be having my first baby next year! This fits well with my house too 🙂

  123. I’m so excited for this giveaway!! Such a great bassinet it’s so nice, modern and sleek! I would to win this for my little boy! Good Luck to all the others mommies!

  124. I’ve been looking at the Snoo and would love to get one for baby boy! Never win anything so fingers crossed!

  125. I’m so excited for this, I’ve been eyeing modern bassinets and the SNOO would be amazing! Thanks Kailee!!!

  126. This is an absolutely stunning piece of furniture that is also VERY functional! Would love this for my new little one arriving in a couple months!!!

  127. This bassinet does everything!! I would love to have it for my little girl due in June. Fingers crossed 🙂

  128. What an amazing bassinet! My sister and I lost the our mom to cancer a few years ago, so as far as Mama-support, we rely on each other. My sister is due May 7 with her 4th baby. Boy would this be a blessing for her and her family to have! Thanks for doing this giveaway! Love your Instagram!

  129. What a gorgeous bassinet. It’s been 16 years since my last pregnancy so I’m starting all over again! I would love to win!

  130. What an incredible giveaway!! We’re looking forward to our little boy’s arrival thus July and I have a friend who is just 2 months behind me in her pregnancy who would love this!! Would be perfect!

  131. This is an amazing giveaway!! I would love this for our sweet baby girl arriving in June!! Fingers crossed!!!!

  132. great giveaway..would love to win for myself and my friend. btw.. you’re family is beautiful. bless them.

  133. What an amazing giveaway, I’ve been lusting over one of these!! This bassinet is supposedly like having a live in night nurse!! Fingers crossed!!

  134. Oh my gosh!! I’ve wanted one of these for so long! This would be so awesome to win! We are a HUGE Happiest Baby on the Block family!! This is so cool!

  135. I really really want to try this bassinet. I’ve been wishing and reading about this bassinet since before my little one was born it sounds like an incredible way to have parents and baby sleep comfortable and rested. I’d be beyond grateful to win.

  136. We learned so much from reading the happiest baby on the block with our first baby! I would love to have this amazing gift for my baby boy due in 12 weeks!

  137. Though we are not pregnant yet, we will be trying soon for baby number 2! Would love to have some fancy things the next time around! 🙂

  138. This is the most beautiful bassinet! All the other feature just top it off! Would perfect for my little bub and would love to pass this onto my sister when hers comes along…

  139. So sleek and beautiful! I looked at these before but could never afford this but I think my June baby boy would sleep like a dream in it!

  140. love love love! i’ve totally window shopped this bassinet. seems with baby #2 there was less room to splurge (tear!) but seriously, how amazing will it be for anyone to win this gem! fingers crossed. good luck!