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Our Typical Morning – Since Having Harper


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Hey friends!! So I’ve been getting a lot of emails about how we are doing with five little people now and if my schedule since having baby Harper has stayed the same. You can see what our schedule (before baby) looked like HERE + I answered a bunch of questions about motherhood. But to answer your question . . . NO our schedule is not the same!!

Right now our mornings are a lot slower + I end up staying in my robe + pajamas almost half of the day!! After we get the big kids off to school I usually have to nurse the baby again. I feel like that’s all I do is eat and change bums. haha. Between feeding the baby, Houston and myself – it’s a full time job!! I know this phase will not last long so right now I am just embracing it and holding on to every second of this special time with my babies. I remember all to well how fast it goes and honestly I’m not ready to let this phase of life go.

I’m really trying to spend my mornings focused on Houston and giving him the extra one on one attention he needs. Just like holding him (because it seems like I’m always holding the baby) reading to him + we are working on his talking. So basically we hang out in our pajama’s most of the morning. My sweet mom got me these pajamas when I had Harper and I am loved them so much that I ended up snagging these satin pajamas from Nordstrom + my new robe – because let’s just say my last one needed to be replace.If you follow along on my Instagram and you’ve watched my Instagram stories I’m sure you’ve noticed I basically live in my robe, and I’m okay with it!! My family totally makes fun of me and my robe obsession but I don’t even care. haha.

So in short our schedule goes a little like this: feed  Houston+ nurse, spend one on one time with Houston, naps for babies, try and pick up + feed myself, nurse again + make lunch, Houston naps and then I finally get out of my pajamas, nurse again and then it’s time to pick up the big kids and nurse again. haha. I honestly don’t mind and know once schools out and the baby is a bit bigger it will all change again. Like it always does. Now tell me some of your schedules and any trips and tricks have worked for you!! I’d love to hear in the comments below.

I rounded up a bunch of my favorite robes + pajama’s below!! Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you all have a great weekend!!

xx – kails




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photos : malea ellett

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