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Fathers Day Favorites

Kailee Wright Best Fathers Day Gifts

joe’s tee + shorts  |  hayden’s top  |  harper’s dress  |  houston’s top + pants  ||  planters

Would you believe me if I told you Father’s Day is less than 2 weeks away?! I swear these spring + summer months are flying by!! It is no secret how obsessed we are with Joe around here. He works so hard for our family and when he is around, we all can’t get enough. If you know Joe, you know he is like a big kid and always the fun parent, constantly making us laugh! We love any reason to celebrate him!! He is super laid back and not a big gift guy, so shopping for him is both the easiest and the hardest, if that makes sense! But today I rounded up some of our go to favorite Fathers Day finds from years past, as well as a few new ones we are planning to surprise him with this year!


Kailee Wright Best Fathers Day Gifts

car detail  |  date night gift card  |  hat  |  massage gun  |  yeti cooler  |  swimsuit  |  hydroflask  |  shoes  | portable charger  |  bose headphones  |  airpods  |  wallet


All of the items above are things that we have gifted Joe, my dad, father in law, or brother in laws in the past and they LOVE! You can read why we love each below.


Who doesn’t love a fresh, clean, like new car?! Blake from Fresh Detail has been coming to detail my van for a couple years now and I have never seen better. His attention to detail is out of this world! And the best part is, they come to you!! It would make the perfect gift for your hubby to enjoy!


As we get older, gifting can be a little trickier. We kind of already have a lot of what we “want”, and really what we crave most is time together. That is why if you know me, you know I love gifting experiences. And that goes for Joe too! I love the idea of gifting a date night gift card. It could be for something as simple as dinner or your favorite dessert, or you could do something like top golf or trying something new together.

:: HAT

Just like you can never go wrong with accessories for a girl, you can’t go wrong with a hat for a guy. A hat is a great no brainer, especially with summer here and trying to stay protected from the sun.


One of our favorite things to do together is a couples massage. It doesn’t get more relaxing than that. But with things a little different in the world right now, why not bring the massage home? I have heard so many rave reviews about this massage gun and how great it is for those tight muscles. If your husband is a major runner or fitness buff, this is for sure the gift for him!


This cooler was our gift to Joe last year and it was such a hit! It is totally the gift that keeps on giving and we have all loved it! We use it for traveling, baseball games, even backyard fun. Highly recommend it.


This very charger has been featured in more gift guides over the years than I can count, and it probably will be for years to come because it 100% is the gift for literally anyone!! It is amazing and we love it so much we actually have 3-4. It can charge your phone I think up to 7 times before needing to be charged and is such a great peace of mind to have with you in the car or anywhere really. If you are stumped on what to get the guy that is hard to buy for, this will be a win.


Summer is here and that means swimming! Whether you are spending your days by the pool like us, or love to go boating or to the beach, a swimsuit is another easy fool proof gift for Fathers Day!


Everyone drinks water, so again you can’t go wrong with this tried + true Fathers Day favorites. We love these water bottles so much in our family that we each have our own. It keeps your drink icy cold pretty much all day long, so it is great for on the go or long days of watching kids sports.


Girls aren’t the only ones that love a good pair of new shoes! Summer tends to bring out the more active side of all of us with getting out running or getting in shape and a great pair of new quality shoes are the perfect Fathers Day gift!


As a mom during quarantine,  you already know that sometimes the best gift you can get is the gift of peace and quiet for a minute, am I right?! These bose headphones will give them just that. A little serenity from the craziness of life to just enjoy the latest podcast or music they are loving. Another great option for more on the go and less relaxing are airpods. I love mine to help keep me hands free and multi-tasking,


Last but not least on the tried and true Fathers Day favorites is a wallet. It is such a good investment that everyone uses. My favorite way to gift a wallet is to fill it with gift cards to some of their favorites! Makes it a little more exciting! I got one of these wallets for Joe this year and can’t wait to give it to him. They are such amazing quality and look so high end. You can use code KAILEE20 for 20% off and orders over $25 ship free!

Kailee Wright Best Fathers Day Gifts

joe’s tee + shorts  |  hayden’s top   |  harper’s dress  ||  similar rug + table + vase + greenery



I’ve shared these a million times before, and that is because they are the perfect gift for anyone. They are the most comfortable pillow ever. I love that they are customizable, so you can make it fit your personal sleep preference. You can always use code KW to score 20% off anything on the site!


If you know us, you know of our love for Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder. It is the only protein we have tried that actually tastes good!! If you’ve got a guy that loves a good protein shake, or is into fitness, he is going to love their protein powder!

:: G2G 

Along the same lines as the protein powder are these protein bars. The perfect snack for on the go. Our whole family loves them and they are a great idea to add to your gifts for your guy. The Chocolate PB is our personal favorite. Use code KAILEE for 20% off!

Kailee Wright Best Fathers Day Gifts


Last but not least,  we also had a few more big ticket items that would make perfect gifts. The best part about these options is they actually end up being a gift for the whole family, which is a great bonus!! Who doesn’t like to treat yo self a little too!


If there is one gift that will benefit your whole family for years and years, it is a Traeger Grill. It is amazing as a grill for all those yummy meats and veggies, but what a lot of people don’t know is it basically like an outdoor oven. You can make anything from pizza to desserts on it. I love following @kristinandrus for amazing recipes! I promise it is the perfect manly Fathers Day gift they will love that you might love even more.

:: TV

A tv is another splurge gift that the whole family can benefit from. We love having fun movie nights together. I got this new frame tv from Joe for Mother’s Day and think it would make a great Fathers Day gift.


Last but not least is an Apple Watch. I’ll be honest, when I first got mine I didn’t get the hype. But now I love it so much!! It keeps me much more active because I know it is tracking things for me, helps me keep things organized in my day with reminders, and keeps me off my phone a lot because I can just check notifications on my watch. Highly recommend!!

. . .

I hope this Father’s Day Roundup is helpful!! I’d love to know your favorite gifts to give the men in your life!

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