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My Quick Makeup Routine

Kailee Wright quick makeup routinemy jumpsuit (similar here) + bracelets  ||  similar vase + greenery  ||  hand towel (use code KW)

Raise your hand if you feel like you have a never ending to do list, and your “you” routine kind of gets put on the back burner? I promise you are not alone. When I asked for content suggestions over on Instagram, so many of you asked for a quick makeup routine that you could tackle in under 10 minutes, and I have you covered!! Head over to my Instagram Highlight Bubble to get the full video tutorial on my quick makeup routine + then you can shop the links + read about why I love and use each below!


Before I start my quick makeup routine, I always try to get in a little bit of skincare prep. It keeps my skinning looking fresh and healthy, and only takes a couple minutes! If you know me, you know my go to is Tula and has been for years and years! You can always use code KAILEE on any of the products I share from them for 15% off!

:: Face Wash

I always start with my very favorite face wash from Tula. I have used this same wash for years and years and never get sick of it. You use the tiniest bit and it gets the job done. I love that it doesn’t leave your face feeling completely stripped dry when you use it, smells good, and lasts forever!! This is one product in my routine that is completely worth the price (especially with code KAILEE for 15% off) and I wouldn’t switch out for something cheaper.

:: Toner

Next up is my toner. Again this is a product I have used for years and years. If I find something that works I stick to it and don’t switch brands/products often. Why quit a good thing?! I LOVE LOVE the gel consistency of this toner. It goes on so smooth and easy. I use it to help balance out my skin tone + prep it for the rest of the products or makeup I’m going to apply. Another perk is that it helps remove any bits of makeup that I missed in washing my face. Again you can use code KAILEE to save 15%.

:: Moisturizer

If I had a number one skincare product I would give to every single person I know, it would be this moisturizer. It is AMAZING!!! Like the cleanser + toner, I’ve been using it for years and still stand by it. I love that it gives you such a moisturized soothed feeling without leaving that greasy shine some moisturizes give. It is full of probiotics + is like a super food for your face! I always make sure to have a few on hand so I never run out, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to gift girlfriends. Code KAILEE will get you 15% off this one too!

:: Vitamin C Serum 

The last skincare step I do is my Vitamin C Serum. It helps reduce + prevent fine lines, discoloration and wrinkles and is so good for your skin!


. . .

Kailee Wright quick makeup routine


Ok now that skincare is done, I head into my quick makeup routine, which you’ll see the video tutorial of over on Instagram. I know the list below looks a little daunting, but every step is so quick and easy that I can get it done in under 10 minutes, kid distractions included!

:: Tinted Moisturizer

As you saw above in skincare prep, I mentioned the Tula moisturizer that I love and use a lot. Another moisturizer I switch off and use is this tinted moisturizer. It is my favorite to use when I only want a little color and sun protection and am skipping the rest of my routine, I have been leaning more towards this tinted moisturizer. I love that it is super lightweight, gives me a little bit of color, and number one that it has sunscreen!! For reference, I use the color 3W1Bisque.

:: Primer

Next step is my primer. I have been trying to find a good primer I love forever and this is it! It isn’t sticky or tacky at all and doesn’t make your makeup lay weird at all. It is the perfect prep for the rest of the products.

:: BB Cream

This BB Cream is my new favorite!! I can’t even explain to you how good it is. My favorite things about it are that it is buildable and has sunscreen in it. I love that you can still see your skin and it looks super natural, but if you want more coverage you can build up more. It is amazing!! I use the color Empowered. You can use code KAILEE for 10% off too!

:: Setting Powder 

Next up is setting powder. This is a step a lot of people don’t do but this extra step is worth it. It takes aways the shiny look you often see on people and sets everything. Even if you skip the bb cream, I would do this step, because it takes away shine and pulls everything together. I use translucent.

:: Bronzer 

After applying the setting powder, I like to use a bronzer. This is a step you could easily skip, but I like to add a little “tan” color to my face since I use the sunless tanner everywhere else. I love this bronzer because unlike most, it isn’t too orangey and it gives a nice natural tan look.

:: Blush orgasm blush nars

Another pop of color I like to add is blush. It is a great way to highlight your face and liven you up a little bit! My favorite is this one from Nars in the color Orgasm (sorry for the terrible name).

:: Brows 

After I’ve finished all the steps above for my face, I head up to the eyes, starting with my brows. I love this brow wiz so much. It is so quick and easy to use!! It is a pencil that gives great hairlike strokes, that I just use to fill in any gaps. So quick and easy! I use the color Dark Brown.

:: Eyeshadow

Now let’s talk eyeshadow. Shadow has always been something that totally overwhelmed me!! Which color in which spot and all the steps involved just seemed like too much work. Until I tried Flekk eyeshadow. Their whole system is completely fool proof and I am LOVING it! The palette you get is labeled with numbers, in order of how you apply, with a picture of where to apply on the eyelid. It also comes with labeled brushes for each step! You can’t mess it up and the results look like you spent so much time on such a pretty eye look. LOVE!! You can use code Kailee for 20% off.

:: Finishing Powder

Now that I have basically everything applied, I go in with this Finishing Powder. The best way to describe it is like a filter for your face. It brightens and highlights but kind of blurs everything together giving you that perfect finished looked like a filter would. I use Medium.

:: Mascara + Primer

This is a step I’m still getting use to, but to finish off my eyes I go in with Primer + Mascara. I shared all about my favorites I tried and why in this post, but I promise you will LOVE this affordable duo! And if you are looking for a great serum to add some length, this is amazing and I have loved it.

:: Setting Spray 

Since you took the time to do this makeup, you might as well do one more step to make it last all day for you, and that is the magic of a good setting spray. I personally love this one!

:: Lip Gloss goals 

And last but not least LIP GLOSS! I am here to tell you not all lip glosses are created equal. I cannot stand a sticky tacky lip gloss. No thank you! But this gloss is not that! Not only is it the perfect color, but it is super moisturizing and not the slightest bit sticky. On days that I don’t have time for full makeup, I will put this on with mascara and tinted moisturizer and feel great! You will be hooked! Use code KAILEE for 10% off!

. . .

I hope these details + the video over on Instagram help freshen up your look and realize you do have the time to spruce yourself up a little bit everyday! I wanna know what your makeup favorites are too so share them here!


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