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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Kailee Wright mens gift guide

houston’s similar top + similar jeans  ||  joe’s top + shorts  ||  hudson’s top + similar pants

One of my very favorite things about Summer time is all the extra family time we get during the different holidays! I love a good family bbq and just enjoying that time with my people. One of the first holidays in the line up (and only 10 days away) is Father’s Day! It’s no secret we are all obsessed with our guy around here. We love any excuse to celebrate him! But that being said, sometimes the men in our lives aren’t the easiest to shop for. So today I’m sharing some of my go to favorites to get for Joe + some new ideas I have in mind for this year! From tech to clothes to a few totally out of the box unique ideas, you’re sure to find something awesome for the man in your life!

01. bluetooth speaker  | . 02. apple watch   |  03. portable charger  |  04. airpods  |  05. airpod case  |  06. phone wallet



When it comes to shopping for men, you usually can’t go wrong with gifting them the latest in tech! I narrowed down 6 of Joe’s favorites he uses pretty much daily that would make great Father’s Day gifts!

  • Bluetooth Speaker : We LOVE having this around the house AND on the go! The sound quality is amazing! I love that it is water proof too so we can take it to the pool, beach, or boating and not worry about ruining it!
  • Portable Charger : I think I’ve shared about this portable speaker 50 times, but that is because it is something EVERYONE needs and loves. It can charge your phone up to 7 times and is the perfect thing to have when your traveling to avoid the dreaded low battery!
  • Apple Watch : I’ll be honest, when I first got my Apple Watch I thought it was a little overrated. But not that I’ve learned all it can do, I’m in love. It is so nice to track your workouts or sleep, and to keep yourself a little more screen free by getting notifications quickly on your watch instead of getting sucked in to your phone. Such a great gift idea if your guy loves working out and tracking his health goals.
  • Airpods + Airpod Case : Joe loves these for using his phone and listening to music. No annoying cords everywhere, or holding your phone up to your face. They are great for when you are on the go too. If your guy already has airpods, a new case to carry + protect them is a great Father’s Day gift idea too! Whether you go high end leather or fun colored rubber there are great options!
  • Phone Wallet : If your guy is anything like Joe, he hates carrying a ton of stuff around, including a wallet. Insert this awesome phone case. It holds a few credit cards and the other necessities while still keeping your phone sleek and slim to fit in your pocket.


. . .

01. hat  |  02. shirt  |  03. flip flops  |  04. sunglasses  |  05. swim suit  |  06. backpack



I know I know, for the most part dad’s don’t usually celebrate getting new clothes…BUT sometimes practical gifts can be just what they need too and don’t have to be boring! I rounded up 6 that are a little more unique than a pair of pants or underwear that your guy will love!

  • Hat : Guys like to accessorize too, and a new hat is the perfect fun clothing gift for Father’s Day. Hats are great for the summer sun and just to add a little bit of personality to their outfit. My big kids love to pick out new hats for Joe!
  • Flip Flops : Another summer staple that makes a perfect Father’s Day gift is a new pair of Flip Flops! I love getting and giving fun summer staples at the beginning of the season. It gets us all excited for summer activities.
  • T-Shirt : You can never have too many good basic tees. Joe would live in a t-shirt and shorts 365 days of the year if he didn’t have to go in to work, so he always loves a new tee. These ones are great quality and a great price!
  • Sunglasses : If you want to gift a good summer staple and make a little more of an investment, sunglasses are a great option! This would be a great option for dad’s and grandpas too!
  • Swim Suit : Nothing screams summer fun with the family more than a new swim suit!
  • Backpack : This is one I saw a friend recommend and thought it was a great idea! If you want to get extra creative, you could fill the backpack with all of dad’s favorite treats!


. . .

01. bug a salt  |  02. car wash kit  |  03. bbq sauces  |  04. trx band  |  05. watch band  |  06. corn hole


While I love leaning on the basics and staples for gift ideas because they are guaranteed wins, thinking of unique ideas is so fun too! These six ideas are things that are a little more out of the box than your average Father’s Day Gift ideas, but they are all so fun for dad!

  • Bug A Salt : When I first heard of this, I about died laughing. It is the perfect Father’s Day gift idea for the guy who is a kid at heart, which totally screams Joe! I got it for him this past Christmas, and all the guys were fighting over it. Grab it for your guy and your summer fly problem will be a thing of the past!
  • Car Wash Kit : My little people LOVE washing the car or going to the car wash with Joe. I love grabbing one of these kits to help with the interior, and adding in a car wash pass as well! I think this is another one that would be perfect for the grandpas!
  • BBQ Sauces : Give Joe a steak and he is a happy man! Haha! But really, we have loved having our Traeger Grill and trying out new fun delicious recipes on it. Whether you have a Traeger or not, grilling and summertime go hand in hand, and these sauces are SO SO good!! You could go big and get him a grill with the sauces, or if he is already set with that, keep it simple and get some sauces, rubs, and a meat thermometer!
  • TRX Band : As you all know, we are in the process of adding on a home gym and can’t wait! While that is happening, we are still trying to get some at home workouts in. Joe is loving this set of bands a friend recommended. You don’t need any other equipment and you get a crazy good workout!
  • Watch Band : Up in our tech section we mentioned an Apple Watch. If your guy already has one, a fun simple idea from the littles could be a new watch band! You can find just about every color for under $10 here!
  • Corn Hole : Joe LOVES this game!! It is so great for family get togethers, friend date nights, or just when we are hanging out in the back yard. I love the idea of gifting a game that encourages more family time!


. . .

I hope this fun roundup of Father’s Day Gift Ideas helps spark something great you know your guy will love!! I’d love to hear what some of your favorite unique ideas are too!

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