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Inside My Suitcase: Scottsdale Edition

kailee wright andaz scottsdale arizona trip

top  |  jeans  |  belt  |  hat  |  sandals  |  bag  |  suitcase

Joe and I just got back from a little weekend getaway in Scottsdale with our Residency Family! We call them family because after going through the ups and downs of Medical Residency together, they honestly became as close as family to us. It was the perfect little getaway, and exactly what we needed to reconnect and have some time just relaxing and having fun!! I shared quite a little bit about our trip over on Instagram, and have had SO many questions on everything from swim suits to food, and all the details on where we stayed. Since I didn’t want to overwhelm you, I’ve broken it down into two posts! Next week I’ll be sharing our top things to do, see, and eat in Scottsdale, so today I’m covering inside my suitcase! All my favorite swim suits, cover ups, sandals and new spring favorites!

One thing that was HUGE for us this time around, was the fact that Joe and I shared ONE single carry on sized suitcase. Yes you read that right! I know it was only a weekend getaway, but keeping things minimal was so so nice. I learned on our trip to Hawaii that focusing on multi-functional pieces is a GAME CHANGER. I’ve shared my best packing tips and tricks here for you to check out, but I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with myself! So with that in mind, here is what I packed in my suitcase this go around!

. . .

kailee wright andaz scottsdale arizona trip

swim top  |  swim bottoms  |  disc necklace  |  bar necklace  |  watch band


One of the reasons I was most excited to go to Scottsdale was to see the sunshine! Northern Utah is still feeling pretty moody about staying warm! Haha! So of course one of top things to throw in my suitcase was a good swimsuit! A girl can never have too many right? Haha! As much as I hate shopping for them, I love finding great timeless pieces, and the one I grabbed for this trip definitely fits that! I’m obsessed! I had heard so many great things about the quality and uniqueness of the suits from Albion Fit, so I gave it a shot and instantly fell in love!! The fit was perfect and holds you in in all the right places! I loved the uniqueness of the cut and the more neutral simple colors. I highly recommend their suits!

:: shop my favorite swim suits ::

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kailee wright andaz scottsdale arizona trip

my jumpsuit + sandals + hat  ||  joe’s tee + shorts + sandals  ||  suitcase  ||  planter


As far as the clothes that I packed, I really tried to focus on good mix and match basics. Things that could easily be dressed up for going out to dinner, but still totally casual for around the hotel or doing some shopping. Versatile is key for me when packing my suitcase.

For bottoms, I went with basic jeans (can’t go wrong with a classic) and then a pair of white jeans to add a little pop. Tops I did a basic black tee and a graphic tee. I went with black because it is a classic pair with jeans, but throw on some jewelry, nicer sandals, and the white jeans and you have a dressed up look for a night out.


kailee wright andaz scottsdale arizona trip

pants  |  top

We did a little shopping and I snagged a couple of fun pieces like these stripe pants and cute basic top in yellow. I love getting to shop summer clothes a little early in a warm location so I am stocked up for whenever Utah decides to be ready for summer!

kailee wright andaz scottsdale arizona trip

my jumpsuit + here + sandals + sunglasses  ||  joe’s top + shorts + sandals

Last but not least, were two jumpsuits. This one that I wore there is also from Albion and SO DANG COMFY. I felt like I was wearing pajamas.Jumpsuits are a travel favorite because they can so easily transition from day to night and really work with any plans you have! I love the classic look of this black one, but am always up for a fun pop too like you see here. Like I said, I kept it super simple, but loved that I still had options!

:: shop my favorite mix + match basics ::

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kailee wright andaz scottsdale arizona trip

white tunic  |  sandals  |  sunglasses


Since we were only gone for a quick 48 hours, I only took two pair of shoes. I asked for your vote over on Instagram and honestly loved hearing your opinions and how invested you were in my choice! Haha! You can never go wrong with these flip flops. They are of course perfect for a day at the pool, but I love that they look high end enough to go with your night look too. My other choice was these leopard flats. I don’t know about you, but I’ve pretty much adopted leopard as a neutral! I went with them because again, they are so great with jeans, swim, jumpsuit, anything!

:: shop my flip flops + sandals ::

. . .

kailee wright andaz scottsdale arizona trip

my jumpsuit  |  sunglasses  |  disc necklace + bar necklace  |  watch band


First up is of course my travel sized Tula line up. I love that I don’t have to switch up my normal routine when traveling, because they have all my favorites it a convenient travel size kit. The kits are so good, that I actually gifted them to my girlfriends that were on the trip with us! It comes with my favorite cleanser, moisturizers, exfoliating wipes, and eye cream. They are still so much product for their smaller size and totally worth the price with my 20% off code! (code : kailee )

In addition to those, the only other must haves this time were my Vitamin C Serum and Tinted sunscreen from Form. If you are looking for a good face sunscreen, this is it!! I love that it protects my face AND I don’t have to put heavy makeup on just to lay by the pool. It is just enough to even out your skin tone. So so lightweight and not greasy at all! (use code kailee10 for 10% off!) Besides those, I threw on some of this amazing lip mask and that is it!

For hair, the only thing that is really a must have for me is dry shampoo! Haha! This is because I rarely wash my hair while we are traveling. Then you have to drag along all the tools and products you need for that too. I can maintain clean looking hair with my hat and dry shampoo power couple! Having my new short hair this time around was kind of a bonus as well. I didn’t have all that long hair to deal with, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m kind of loving it!

And last but definitely not least when it comes to beauty is my tanning stuff! I’ve shared here before that I love this tanning machine. But it is such a pain to bring along traveling, especially when you are just doing a carry on. So you can imagine how THRILLED I was when I found the same brands travel solution set. It was exactly what I needed to keep up with my tan through the trip. Highly highly recommend!

:: shop my travel toiletries ::

. . .

I think that covers all the things inside my suitcase for this trip! Super simple and condensed and I loved it! If I missed anything or you have any packing questions, please ask here or on Instagram! I am happy to help!


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  1. I Love all your posts!! I am the worst packer, i promised my hubby thst we will travel to cabo in one carryon! NOT gonna lie, im scared! I was HOPING you would show the inside of your suitcase, how everything fit!! Thanks FOR all you share!


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