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Friday Faves: What’s In My Bag

Kailee Wright Pampers inside my purse

my top + jeans + belt + slippers  ||  harper’s overallssimilar + similar top + bow  ||  diaper bag  ||  rug + dresser

Is it just me, or does your go to purse/diaper bag feel like more of a survival kit? It is filled with the things that will get you through the day. Whether it is the charger that keeps you connected all day, the lipstick that helps you fake it till you make it, or the wipes that save you from alllll the messes, what you include can make or break your day! I honestly feel like what a persons must have bag items are kind of gives you a peek into their personality and lifestyle. So I thought it would be fun to show you my must have bag fillers for a typical day!

Kailee Wright Pampers inside my purse

charger  |  lip mask + lipstick  | g2g bar  |  yogurt pouches  |  diapers  |  wipes  |  water color books  |  hair ties  |  gum + mints  |  clear organizing bags  |  water bottle


You’ve probably seen my share about this at least 100 times. But you guys, it is because it is that good!! I don’t know about you, but being out and about and seeing my battery get in the red zone stresses me out so much! My phone is kind of like my life line when it comes to schedules, to do lists, and keeping in touch with Joe and my people. This little gadget gives you complete peace of mind. It can charge your phone up to 7 times before it needs a recharge itself. I ALWAYS have one in my bag and a spare in the car too. It is the best gift for just about any person you know, and I promise they will thank you constantly after receiving it! I never leave home without it!



Being a busy mom of 5, getting makeup on for the day takes a back seat pretty often. I’ve got a lot on my plate and sometimes that doesn’t make it up there before I have to be on the go. That is why I always carry some of my favorite lipstick in my bag. Let’s call it a mom hack. You can throw on some quick lipstick and sunnies and you look like you’ve got things together. Nobody in that school drop off or grocery pick up line is the wiser. You’re welcome! And if you haven’t tried this lip sleeping mask, treat yo self right now!! It is life changing. I use it day and night and can’t get enough. Your lips feel amazing!



We never leave home without being prepared with snacks. Nobody likes a hangry baby, and a hangry mom isn’t much better! My go to for the babies are these pouches. Even my big kids love them and I love that they are at least somewhat healthy and help fill them up for longer. For me, you all know my go to is going to be the G2G bar. It is the yummiest candy bar tasting protein bar you will ever taste. They are the perfect thing to hold me over between meals and something you will always find in my bag! And bonus, you can use code kailee for 20% off. Order the PB Chocolate…you’ll thank me later!



With Harper still in diapers, you know this is definitely always on my list! I always make sure to have at least a few of our favorite Pampers Pure diapers in the bag so we are prepared on the go! We have loved using their diapers because they are clinically proven hypoallergenic and gentle for baby’s delicate skin, and we never have to worry about leaks which is a life saver when you are out and about a lot! Plus the patterns are always so cute- especially the new ones they just released!



Of course along with diapers, we always include some Pampers Pure Aqua Wipes as well. While they are of course great for diaper changes, we love and use them for so much more than that! Since they are 99% water, I honestly use them for all the things. Wiping the babies’ faces and hands down, cleaning off the car seat, wiping down the grocery carts when we are shopping or high chairs at a restaurant, wiping down the car if it’s looking a little trashed, they are seriously the best for EVERYTHING! I always have a pack in my bag and a pack in the car…and basically every room of our house.



Having babies in tow, I have to think of their entertainment when it comes to packing my bag too. I don’t like to add a million different toys that take up tons of space in my bag. My favorite go to are these water color books. They are completely mess free, take up hardly any space, and the babies love them!! They are great to hand back to them when we are in the car, or watching the big kids sports.



With 3 girls + myself, hair ties definitely make the cut when it comes to my bag necessities. Sometimes I will have my hair down and by the time I’ve ran all the circles of errands, I need it up and out of my way. They are great to have when I pick the girls up from school or a friends and take them to a game or practice so they can quickly pull their hair up out of the way. I swear they disappear on us all the time, so we always make sure my bag is fully stocked with them! We love these ones because they don’t leave a crease in your hair either!



This one is probably a given and a must have in most peoples bags. I always make sure I have my bag stocked with gum and mints so I never have to worry about me (or my people) having bad breath!



If you know me at all, you know that I have to have things clean and organized to function, and my bag is no exception. These clear zipper bags are a life saver when it comes to keeping things organized. I love that they are clear so I can easily find what I’m looking for. They are great to separate lipsticks, hair ties, chargers, gum + mints, all the things!



Last but not least is a water bottle. I’ve been really trying to up my water intake lately. Being constantly on the go, that means bringing it along with me. I love that these water bottles keep my water nice and cold while I’m out and have the convenient straw lid! But I also stumbled upon these new bottles and am obsessed! They have little markers on the side that help you track your water intake for the day. It seems like such a small thing, but I have been doing so much better getting it all in daily!

. . .

So now that I’ve shared my favorites, I wanna know! What are your go to must haves for your stocking your bag?

Kailee Wright Pampers inside my purseKailee Wright Pampers inside my purse

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