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My Favorite Make Up Ever: Maskcara

Kailee Wright_Maskcara Makeup

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I’ve hinted a little bit about this in the past, but I wouldn’t feel like a good girlfriend if I didn’t tell you guys about my go to favorite makeup, Maskcara!! Now let me start off by saying, I have never been someone that loves makeup. I’ve never liked how it feels on my face, and that is why I don’t typically blog about a lot beauty products. (I’m a pretty simple girl)  I want my opinions and recommendations from sales to be real. And since I don’t use a lot of products, that limits things! But you guys, this one has been a total game changer for me!! So I had to share why I love it!

Cara (the owner/creator of this fabulous product) is actually a good friend of mine and I started using it way back when she first started. I can’t even tell you how fun it has been to watch her company grow. I am so proud of her and what a huge brand this has become. Everyone that I know that has tried this makeup instantly falls in love because it is just that good!

Kailee Wright_Maskcara Makeup

The thing I love the most about Maskcara is that it seriously only takes me 5 minutes to put it on, from start to finish. (I’m sharing an Instagram Story of how I do my make up in the car!) With our crazy schedule + 2 babies that are always wanting to be held in the mornings, this is huge for me! Five minutes is completely doable, and then I can head into my day feeling put together! It is amazing to me how much more focused I am and I can accomplish when I take the time to get ready for the day.

Another thing I love is the coverage and feel of it. Like I said, growing up I didn’t usually wear a lot of makeup because I couldn’t stand how it felt on my face. It always feels like to get good coverage, it had to feel heavy, and almost greasy. That’s not the case at all with Maskcara and the coverage is so good!! It goes on super light and smooth so you don’t feel weighed down or like it’s caked on. It’s also so easy to highlight and contour with their step by step guides. (I didn’t even know what that was!) Plus, I feel like it looks so pretty and natural on any skin type.

I love sharing my favorites with you guys, and definitely couldn’t leave this one out! If you have any questions or want help color matching yourself just let me know!! I am happy to help!

xx kails

Kailee Wright_Maskcara MakeupKailee Wright_Maskcara Makeup Kailee Wright_Maskcara MakeupKailee Wright_Maskcara Makeup Kailee Wright_Maskcara MakeupKailee Wright_Maskcara Makeup Kailee Wright_Maskcara Makeup Kailee Wright_Maskcara Makeup Kailee Wright_Maskcara Makeup

photos: corissa ann

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  1. I am super interested in this!! I have followed Maskcara for a long time but I think this post sold me! Do you feel like the coverage would work for blemishes or red spots?? You have such beautiful skin!

    1. I’m so glad it was helpful! I definitely think the coverage would be good! It helps a lot with my dark spots, and I have friends that use it for redness/acne. Hope you love it!

  2. This was so helpful for me! Thanks for posting. I’m 30 years old and I’ve never worn makeup and while I hear many bloggers talk about their favorite products, I literally have no idea at all what to do with it! It seems really daunting but you made it look easy and I like that everything you use is in one thing. Thanks for sharing! When I get brave enough to try makeup, I’ll try this kind.

  3. Hi! I’m super interested in this! It looks amazing and loved your insta story on it:) I’m wanting to order some just need help with color matching. Would you be able to help with that? Thank you!

    1. Yes of course! If you DM or email me a picture of you without makeup, in natural lighting..I’d be happy to tell you which colors would work best!

  4. I’m wondering if you could share the names of the products you have in this palette? I can figure out how to go back and re watch your stories with this info.

    1. Of course!! My colors are stone, walnut, aura, nude, baby, and petal.

      Your highlight and contour colors will depend on skin tone. If you’d like help color matching, you can DM me a makeup free picture and I’m happy to help!!

  5. I am interested in this! I am thinking about ordering this, wondering about learning more and possibly matching colors?

    1. You will love it and I’d be happy to help! If you can send over (via email or direct message on Instagram) a makeup free photo in natural lighting, we can help color match you!!

    1. Yes! The best way is to send me a makeup free picture through my direct messages on Instagram (@kailee_wright). Once I have that I can color match you and send the link to order in the same place!

  6. Super interested! I’m a new mom and seriously don’t have time to carry a full bag of products around with a baby on my hip haha.


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