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9 Great Date Night Ideas

Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Date Night

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So Joe and I used to be really good about going out on a regular date night. In California we went out about every other week. But since moving to Utah we have totally gotten out of the habit. We are trying hard to get back into a routine.

We usually just end up going to dinner. I honestly just enjoy the uninterrupted conversation! So since our dates are pretty casual I always reach for go to are my black jeans and a loose blouse. Or I’ll keep it simple with a dress + booties.

So if you know Joe you know he lives in basic tees. We hardly ever stray from them. He recently picked up a few more from Nordstrom along with a new pair of jeans. Joe had no  nice sneakers, so I made him pick some out! So on that note, I’m sharing a few more of our favorite casual date night looks below!!

Also last week I asked you guys to share your best date night ideas on instagram and you all came through with flying colors!!! So I don’t know about you, but Joe and I sometimes get in a rut for date nights and can’t get out of it. Anyone else struggle coming up with new ideas for date night? So I gathered all the best and sharing 9 GREAT date night ideas below!! Enjoy!!

xx kails


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Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Date Night

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  1. Kid at heart: Do something the inner kid in you would love! Head to an arcade, go mini golfing, play laser tag or go bowling. These are usually the dates we love the most because we can’t stop laughing the whole time so live it up! It is a great way to just forget about being an adult for a little while!
  2. Restaurant roulette: Try something new besides your go to restaurants. Or even better take your tried and true favorites to a new setting by getting takeout and going to the park or the drive in!
  3. Learn something new together: Whether it’s a sport you haven’t quite perfected, a dance style you’ve been wanting to try, or even a cooking class, learning something new together is so much fun!
  4. Real estate hopping: So this one sounds like my dream. Go to different open houses or parade of homes to snag ideas for your own dream home.
  5. Bring on the romance: Get all dressed up and head into the city for a fancy dinner for two, get a couples massage, go on a walk, pack a picnic in the mountains, or head to a bed & breakfast.
  6. Recreate your first date: Plan your date as close to your original first date as you can! Have fun reminiscing about how you each remember it, what you were nervous about, or funny details they might not know!
  7. Be adventurous: Do something that will get your hearts racing. Go tubing down a snowy mountain or a river, zip lining through the trees, or ride roller coasters at an amusement park. Every time we do something a little out of our comfort zone we end up having the best time both laughing at ourselves.
  8. Dream big: Make a live list together! My friend Kelly gave me this idea and I absolutely love it. Sit down together and make a list of things you want to accomplish together. It can include simple things like a concert you want to go to together, or restaurant you want to try, as well as bigger goals like places you want to travel someday. It’s so much fun to think about the future together and add new fun ideas!
  9. Keep it simple: You know what works best for you. That one on one time is really what it’s all about, so if hitting the drive thru for a burger + shake and eating it together in your car is all you have time for before the next soccer practice or business meeting, do it!

Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Date NightKailee Wright_Nordstrom Date Night Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Date NightKailee Wright_Nordstrom Date NightKailee Wright_Nordstrom Date Night Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Date Night Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Date NightKailee Wright_Nordstrom Date Night Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Date Night

in collaboration with Nordstrom

photos: corissa ann

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