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Hunter’s Invisalign


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Somehow time has just flown by, and Hunter is already old enough to be in the stage of life where it is time for braces! (I know…I can barely talk about it) My cousin is the orthodontist for Beckstrom Orthodontics in St. George so we headed down and got Hunter all set up!

I always dreaded putting my kids through the torture of wearing braces, but am totally feeling like she is lucking out, because she gets to do Invisalign instead and miss out on all of the embarrassing photos! ha! You can hardly tell she is wearing them, and she says they aren’t too uncomfortable either. I love them for the simplicity and how easy they are to use. All we have to remember is to switch out the tray once a week , and we don’t have to go in for monthly appointments, which you know I love!

A lot of orthodontists are moving more in this direction because it is easier to customize to your needs, and like in Hunter’s case, we can break it up in to two stages, one now and one when all her adult teeth come in.

As soon as we are done with Hunter,  JOE is next in line! (his trays are actually waiting for him in St. George – he just now has to find some time to get down there). The man has had braces TWICE and took them off himself because he hated them so much, and refuses to do them again. Brian has convinced him these were made for him and will be a quick fix!!

If you are in Utah, I highly recommend Beckstrom Ortho,  and it really isn’t just because he is my cousin! (But honestly they are amazing!! Really you can ask anyone) With mom brain going strong over here, I need things to be as simple and easy to keep organized as possible so I love that they have such a nice system down! Through their 24/7 patient system, you can do just about everything when it comes to scheduling and payments online, + they send text reminders of everything to your phone too! I love when companies are up to date on all the technology.

So if you have any questions at all leave them below and I will answer everything that I can. And if I can’t I’ll ask Brian and let you all know asap.

xx kails


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  1. Haha, I have to applaud your husband- I took my own braces off as well! After hearing for the better part of a year (after 2.5 yrs with them on) “next time they’ll be off” and nothing, I was done with it! My orthodontist was a looney though and thought he did it himself. Being honest, I admitted it was me and he refused to give me a retainer! So they’re not perfectly straight, but they’re also not jacked up haha so I’ll take a little quirky with my smile


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