Functional Red . White . Blue - Kailee Wright
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Functional Red . White . Blue

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Hayden’s dress + red shoes  |  Houston’s outfit

I always will gravitate to a comfortable + functional outfit when I’m out with my little people any day of the week! (which is usually always) Haha. I’ve learned after having four littles that that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion once you’ve got a van full of little people. Right now in this stage of my life I am nursing baby Houston, running little people back and fourth to soccer, dance, gym and school activities and more. So on crazy days like this I reach for my converse + jeans. Almost always. I also have to have a shirt that is easy to nurse in and won’t looked stretch out by the end of the day…so I usually go for a higher neck like this baseball tee. (please tell me you know what I mean when the your neckline is all stretched out by the end of the day)

Another huge trick that I have learned to help my life out in the laundry department is when I am dressing all of us for the day, I try to make sure at least two of us are wearing a color. So when I do laundry I can wash almost a day or two worth of outfits together!! Haha, but honestly it has helped me cut down on my laundry a ton!! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!! Happy Friday!!



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