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Hayden’s Solo Trip


When our kids turn 12, they get to go on a trip with Joe and I! You can read all about our 12-year-old trips here. We let the kids choose anywhere they want to go in the United States (besides Hawaii). Hayden chose California, kind of similar to what Hunter chose. Hudson chose Boston and that was really fun too! It’s my favorite tradition! I got asked about where we went, where we stayed, where we ate, so today I’m sharing all the details from Hayden’s solo trip!Hayden's Solo Trip: Hayden & Kailee

my top + overalls + belt bag + sunglasses || hayden’s sweatshirt + shoes + similar belt bag

Hayden's Solo Trip: Bicycle Ride

: WHERE WE WENT + WHAT WE DID for Hayden’s Solo Trip

Friday morning, we drove to Santa Monica, CA! When we got there, Hayden just wanted to shop! Honestly, she’s the middle child and she’s in-between sizes so I feel guilty because she’s been a little neglected in the clothing department. The 2 older kids order their own clothes, and the 2 younger kids wear hand-me-downs. But, we went to Zara Kids (her favorite) and got her a bunch of good basics!

On Saturday. we went to the Santa Monica pier, and she got to ride a few rides there! We walked down the beach and rented some bikes too! We rented bikes from Bikes Joyride rentals and it was so much fun. Every night, we rented a movie and watched it together in the hotel room! She got to stay up late so that was fun for her.

Sunday we spent the day at Six Flags and then ate PF Chang’s for her birthday dinner!

Monday morning we came home. The drive was good because we could just talk to her for so long! It was perfect!

Hayden's Solo Trip: Workout

my top + bottoms + shoes + workout band || hayden’s shorts + shoes


We stayed in Santa Monica a block from the beach. It was Hilton Santa Monica hotel and suites. Where we stayed, everything was walking distance which is so nice because you don’t have to worry about parking. We literally scootered everywhere!!!

Hayden's Solo Trip: Hayden and Kailee

my similar top + jeans + shoes + belt bag + sunglasses || hayden’s pants + shoes + similar belt bag


We had SO much good food!! We hit all our favorite spots!

Brus wiffle – breakfast. Their churro waffle is to die for. We went here twice!

Fritto Misto – Italian. Little place we’ve gone to for over 10 years. Soooo good.

Duck Donuts – specialty donuts. I’m not a donut fan and these are literally incredible.

BJs – American. just a favorite of ours when we lived in California. The chicken tortilla soup and Pazooki’s cannot be beat.

North Italia – Italian. One of my favorite restaurants. Everything here is so yummy!

McConnels Ice Cream – a new ice cream place we found on third Promenade

Hayden's Solo Trip: Hayden & Joe Scooter

hayden’s shoes + similar belt bag

. . .

Overall, these trips are about having one-on-one time with our kids. Hayden didn’t care to do anything extravagant, she just wanted to be with us. And I’m so thankful for the quality time and memories I had with Hayden this past weekend!


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