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Solo Trips

Kailee wright Kids Solo trip

 joe – similar tee + hat + similar shorts + sandals  ||  hudson – similar tee + shorts + hat  ||
me – similar dress + hat + sunglasses + shoes

A couple of weeks ago we took Hudson to Boston for his 12 year old solo trip! I mentioned what we were doing and was shocked by how many questions you guys had! Our 12 year old solo trips are one of my absolute very favorite traditions we started! They are something I think you’d love to do with your kids too, so today I’m sharing all the details on how we do it!

kailee wright instagram round up

me – similar swim top + bottom (similar dupe here!)  + hat  ||  hunter – similar swim top + bottom


I originally saw the idea when my friend Kelly did it with her oldest. My mama heart was instantly drawn into the idea of one on one time, especially as my kids get older and schedules can make it tricky. With 5 kids, the mom guilt and feeling of time running out is REAL, so the idea of that connection felt like an answer to my prayers and I was sold!

Boston Trip best recommendations

joe – similar tee + hat  ||  hudson – similar tee + shorts + hat  ||  me – dress + hat


We do our solo trips at age 12. For us that felt like an age where number one, they were old enough to appreciate it. I also feel like they are old enough to understand money and cost a little better. And be ok with only getting the trip for their birthday that year instead of presents and parties.

kailee wright instagram round up

hunter – similar top + similar shorts  ||  me – similar jacket + similar jumpsuit + hat + necklaces


The trip location and itinerary is completely up to the 12 year old we are celebrating. Our only real rule is it has to be in the US (minus Hawaii + Alaska). From there we let them take the reins. Hunter chose Southern California because she LOVES the beach. Her itinerary was all things pool time, shopping, checking out the beach town, amusement park, yummy food, and more pool time. Hudson chose Boston and was so laid back. He didn’t really want to do all the touristy go go go stuff and was totally satisfied with baseball and food.

. . . 

I love that it is fully customizable to you and your family, but such a great way to connect with them. These trips have quickly become a tradition we all look forward to so much. Joe and I both have loved getting that priceless one on one time to really focus in on them and spoil them a little with zero distractions. For me it has really helped ease the pain of my kids growing up before I feel ready. Hayden is already talking about hers and we cannot wait!

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  1. Love this idea.
    My grandpa when my sister and i were younger used to take us on a week long trip And we loved it

    This will DEFINITELY be SOMETHING i do with my kids

  2. Love this idea. So you start when they turn 12. Then do you do it every year for their birthday? Or every other year?

    1. We just do it one time when they are 12! We might change that sometime in the future but that is all we have done so far.


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