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Houston’s Birth

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So it’s almost been four weeks (tomorrow) since our miracle baby come into this world. I  never knew we could feel so complete and beyond happy as we did in that moment! This birth seriously threw me for a loop and was so different in every aspect (well so was my pregnancy) then any of my other three deliveries. I have debated sharing my birth experience as I know everyones is different + what was long and scary for me might be nothing or a breeze to other people. So with that being said, I ask that you be respectful of our situation + feelings.

So this pregnancy was different from the very beginning…having three miscarriages before our doctor did not take this pregnancy lightly and we started having ultra sounds the minute we found out we were pregnant. This pregnancy starting out as two babes (twins) and losing one very early off, to my pelvic bone separating + having to wear a grandma brace, to measuring two weeks ahead almost my entire pregnancy. Let’s just say it was very different from my super easy, laid back other three pregnancies. So why in the world did I think my labor and delivery would be the same as my others. Haha. Looking back I should have known.

My deliveries are crazy fast. I didn’t end up getting an epidural with Hudson (my 2nd) because of it, and with Hayden (my 3rd) my doctor started me a week early nervous I would deliver in the car on the way to the hospital. With my 3rd delivery they started me and within less then 4 hours and not even one push she was here and it was all over in two seconds. I bawled because it was too fast. (I know sad) haha. So being induced this time I had in my head that we were going to have this baby here and done within 4 hours!! It was going to be a super simple, easy, boring delivery just like all the others. Boy, was I wrong.

July 2nd 2015…I was starting to have mild contractions as we drove to the hospital. Here we were two weeks early and beyond excited to meet this little boy or girl. The doctors had said the baby would be close to 8 lbs and if we waited it would be around 10 lbs two weeks later + with me not being able to walk and my pelvic bone separating more everyday they recommended we go for it. Which we did.

We got our room and the nurses started checking me…I was a two and my cervex was still really thick, but I was having good contractions. The nurse gave me a pill to help thin my cervex and said we had to wait four hours before they would start pitocin. What?! I was suppose to have this baby within four hours. (little did I know) Four hours later, a three. With my husband being an Anesthesia Resident I wanted my epidural asap to get things going. (in past deliveries once I get the epidural I go from a 4-10 in 20 mins) Epidural in and pitocin started. Okay we thought here we go…baby will be here soon. Four hours later they checked me again and I was only a four. What the crap?! By this time its 4pm. My kids, friends and family have all called a million times + between my mom, sister, husband and best friend we had only recieved nearly 100 text messages. I was over it…not responding till baby comes. haha. Six pm the nurse checked me again and she was dying with my past record how long this delivery is taking. She was so sweet and kept telling me, “any hour now, it’s going to go fast!” They broke my water and nothing came out. That’s when my mom knew something was wrong. In my head I kept wondering why my body was not doing what it was meant to do or what it normally does? I was so confused and upset.

Eight pm baby’s heartrate starts going down and they can’t get it regulated. Finally the doctor checks me again and decides she’s going to “help” me a bit and try and to release more water by trying to move the baby with her hand inside me. (sorry this might start to be to much info) They figure out that the baby is faced the wrong way and his little ear is at the opening. The next word that comes out of her mouth is c-section…that’s when I lost it. When the true fear of something could happen to this baby finally set in and felt so real. I wasn’t upset about the c-section, but I was super nervous about it. After about 5 minutes of excruciating pain (by then my epidural had wore off and I was feeling everything) the doctor was able to physically move the baby herself and then the water came a flowing! Five minutes later I was a five, then a six and in within 20 minutes I was ten!! All within that 20 minutes pure chaos was going on. I honestly can’t remember it all because it was so crazy. The baby’s heart rate went down extremely after I had lost all my water. With every contraction they would lose the heart rate completely. As the doctors were coming up with every scenario possible I was getting more and more confused by all the medical terms + it scared me. When Joe walked out of the room to compose himself and converse with some doctors he completely trusted about what scenario we should take, I knew things had gotten really serious. Pretty soon they were pumping water back into me to help the baby’s heart rate and talking about screwing monitors into the baby’s head. All I could do was try and keep it all together. There were wires coming out of me everywhere (and I mean down there)…it was nuts. There were monitors and tubes and then all of a sudden I started to feel a ton a pressure. I let the doctors know…five minutes later baby BOY was here. Then it was quiet + no crying, (those seconds felt like an hour + I was dying inside with fear) the cord was wrapped around his neck twice and his shoulder once. The Resident that delivered me was absolutely amazing and had the cord off in two seconds. Finally, at 11:28 pm he was here safe and sound and FINALLY after two years of we were holding our much waited for baby boy!! I have never felt so grateful or relieved in my life. We truly had been so blessed!

Also, I can’t thank my dear friend Corissa (Corissa Ann Photography) enough for capturing these amazing pictures. I will truly cherish these forever!

xoxo kailee



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  1. Wow, why a beautiful, scary and chaotic birth story. Kudos to you for getting through it with a sane mind. I can’t even imagine how scared you must have gotten in the end. Thank God your previous baby boy came out safely! Not gonna lie, I knew I would and I sure teared up reading your story. So beautiful and those pictures are priceless! Great job mommy congratulations on your beautiful family.

  2. Congratulations he’s perfect! I just had my third baby on Mother’s Day! I miss those first moments of having him, they are so surreal. Enjoy every beautiful moment!

  3. These photos are so beautiful! What an incredible journey to meeting your little boy! I have 2 kids and I often have a fear that having more might bring complications in birth or something. I am reading your blog for the first time..I find your story inspiring. I can’t wait to read more!

  4. I have a 2 year old daughter and have had 2 miscarriages before getting pregnant again (currently 15 weeks). We’ve had so many scares with this baby now that I’ve been worried my whole pregnancy (totally opposite from when I was pregnant with my daughter). Reading your posts have hit my heart so deeply. I’m so happy everything worked out perfectly and you have your beautiful baby boy. You’ve truly been an inspiration to me

  5. Wow, that is quite the story Kailee! Thanks for sharing. You’re always so gracious and thoughtful in all you do. Congratulations to your family!

  6. Wow! What a roller coaster of a story! You did amazing! I understand the fast birth history all of mine have been 4-5 hours! My 5th was three weeks old yesterday. It’s fun following along with someone whose baby is so close in age 🙂

  7. Hi Kailee,
    My name is Melina, I am 37 years old and I’m from Argentina (Buenos Aires city) I met your instagram account by chance when visiting “A pea in the pod”. I must confess that I was touched for your family pictures and experiences shared since the 1st day. I am a mommy too, of 3, My oldest son, Bautista is 13 (first marriage) my second doughter Cala is 3+1/2 and the little one, Maite (girl) is 2 now. I am in love with all my kids although motherhood can be exhausting too .. I feel pretty much identified with your stories and enjoy having just a few minutes at night (before I fall asleep) to check your news, fashion advises and every word from you while going through this beautiful moment with your baby boy. This story above in particular… soooo touching
    I just wanted to say “hi”… I think you’re great, brave and a wonderful example as a mother and as a person too.

  8. Well… I am balling my eyes out! Such a miracle. Thank you for sharing something so sacred and special. My heart sinks at the thought of your long journey to getting this baby and then such an intense pregnancy. You are an amazing mother – what a perfect little miracle!!

  9. Ah! KAILEE!! I’m sorry I am so behind, I knew you must be due sometime soon and finally checked today . . . only to find this unbelievable birth story. I am so, so grateful that everything turned out well for you, your precious little Houston and your family . . . and I hope that the stress/worry from the last hour of labor and delivery did not take 20 yrs off your life – ach! 😉 So much of what you related sounded similar to Eli’s birth, and my heart was pounding as I read. I think you are incredible, I hope things are well as you juggle a 4th with a very busy life and a husband with a very busy job! Hope to see you soon now that I am somewhat in the vicinity again 🙂

  10. Beautiful! As a labor and delivery nurse, I can envision this scenario in my mind so well. I’m sorry medical terms were used that you couldn’t understand. That’s so scary! But it seems otherwise that you were in great hands. I’m so happy your beautiful boy did so well. Congrats sweet mama!