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How to Add Seasonal Decor and Stay in Your Aesthetic

Kailee Wright Walmart home decor

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As much I always miss summer, Fall is one of my favorites as well! It just screams cozy to me! And it is always the beginning of so many fun holiday traditions to finish up the rest of the year. With the seasons changing and holidays, one thing that we tend to add into our home is seasonal decor. This can be anything from the window clings our kids know and love, to pumpkins covering every surface, and can easily get out of hand!  So today I thought it would be fun to team up with Walmart and share some of my biggest tips to adding seasonal decor while staying in you aesthetic.

Kailee Wright Walmart home decor


My biggest tip is to focus on the accessories in your home. For me personally, when it comes to seasonal decor, less is more. By that I mean instead of adding a lot of clutter, I take the accessories already featured in my home, like pillows, blankets, and baskets, and swap them out for a more seasonal touch. This can mean swapping out your throw pillows for more muted tones, or just adding some more textures. These simple changes can give you a more seasonal feel without completely changing your overall style.

kailee wright Christmas decorations

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If you know me, you know I love plants and all things greenery. I have pops of both real and faux plants throughout my house because I love that it can be a pop of color and texture to a more neutral aesthetic.  t instantly brings a pop of color and texture to the space. Having greenery throughout your home is a great way to switch up your seasonal decor as well. I love real flowers in the Spring + Summer, faux branches and leaves like these in the fall, and a garland in the winter months.

Walmart Home is one of my favorite places to shop seasonal home decor. You can find great items like pillows, blankets, baskets, and even faux greenery for a great price! I love that they have a good variety of options for you to mix and match. Plus they give you the option of quick shipping, pickup + delivery to save time! Shops some of my favorite seasonal decor items from Walmart below!

Kailee Wright Walmart home decor

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