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The Truth About Organizing with Containers

Kailee Wright kids closet organization

my top  + similar jeans + hat  ||  gray baskets + tags + string

My organization course, 30 Days To An Organized Home, launches this week and one of the biggest questions I get is “But what do I do about containers?” I have been asked questions from which ones I use to if you actually need them in order to achieve an organized home, and if it is even possible on a budget.  Just like weights are a tool for strength training, so are containers for organizing.  Can you do it without them?  Yes, but it’s much more difficult to achieve and maintain without them.  So this post is my rundown of all things containers and the common myths about them!  

Kailee Wright kids closet organization

pink baskets + gray baskets 

Myth 1 : They’re So Expensive

This is like 10% true.  Containers can certainly add up if you have a lot of stuff and you don’t currently have any.  The more things you have, the more you’ll need.  But the 90% truth of the matter is, most containers are built to last.  You shouldn’t need to replace them often if you buy well made items.  And they can be purchased at so many different stores.  I’ve even found amazing options for small items at the dollar store and in the Target Dollar section.  Trust me, they can be as affordable as you need them to be. You just have to look! The pink and gray baskets pictured above are only $6 and those below are under $3! Both cute and functional! 


white bins + sticker labels

. . . Kailee Wright Playroom Closet

similar clear containers (mine were found at Ikea) + sticker labels pink basket + aqua basket 

Myth 2 : They Won’t Make a Difference

Okay, this one is super, super false.  If you’ve tried to organize a kid’s playroom or a pantry without a bin, basket, or any sort of container, you know how well that goes.  It may look okay for a day or two, but the organization never lasts long.  The purpose of containers is to give everything a place.  When everything has a place, you and anyone in your home can easily find it, put it away, and reorganize as necessary.  Containers are, in my opinion, necessary for long-lasting organization.

Kailee Wright Playroom Closet

. . . 

Kailee Wright Pantry with Neat Method

top shelf clear   |  gray baskets + label holders  |  bottom shelf clear

Myth 3: I Need All Of The Same Containers

False!  As you’ll see inside the course and within our own home, you can absolutely use different types of containers, even in the same space.  In fact, I recommend it!  For example, look at the image above in my pantry. There are some items I want to be able to see easily.  For those, I opt for acrylic ones or wire baskets.  There are also many things I’d like to keep hidden like medicines, mismatched chips/back stock, or treats I’m hiding from my kids! For those I opt for woven bins or a colored plastic that isn’t through. The same goes for closets and bathrooms. Use the variety of containers both in size and materials to match what you are organizing.  It’s absolutely okay to mix and match for your style, space, and budget.

Kailee Wright Pantry with Neat Method

top clear containers  |  white containers

. . . 

Kailee Wright kids closet organization
At the end of the day, containers are just a part of organizing. I will walk you through exactly how to find the perfect options for your newly organized home in my new course, 30 Days to An Organized Home, that launches on September 1st!  

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