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kailee wright amazon favorites

Oh Amazon. What did we ever do without your convenient 2 day shipping? You have really brought retail therapy to a whole new level!! And let’s be honest, probably made me way more resistant to ever go to the actual store again unless I HAVE to! I love seeing what other people find and love from Amazon so today I’m sharing a roundup of all of our best Amazon purchases of July + August. From some amazing dresses + loungewear, to the water flosser Joe has fallen in love with, the details are all below!

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First up, let’s talk the random finds. These are the things people usually aren’t sharing about all over Instagram because they are just household every day things. But some of these were major scores so I had to share!

: Pajama Set 

If you follow along over on Instagram, you may have seen this set x 10. My residency sisters and I threw a surprise birthday party for one of the girls and of course matching is a must! We found these darling super comfy matching sets that we all loved!

: Water Flosser 

This water flosser is another one that actually did make an appearance over on Instagram because Joe is in love! Haha! No, but really he is obsessed and shocked by the results. As gross as it sounds, your mind will be blown at how much it gets out of your teeth even after brushing!

: Sunglasses 

I saw a friend wearing these and had to try them out. I love the more vintage aviator look to them.

: Makeup Remover Cloths 

Nothing overly exciting about these makeup remover cloths,  but love them.  They work great + are super affordable compared to most you will find!


We have been using these BCAA’s for a couple years now and really love them. Don’t taste gross at all!

: Men’s Tee

If I can find a tee Joe likes and will actually wear, I will buy 100 of them! This is one of those great basic tee finds! Under $10 and comes in a million colors!

: Cutting Board Stand 

Just a simple clean black stand for cutting board display. Love that it is good quality and sturdy but very minimal.

: Drain Hair Snake

I won’t go into detail on this one, but 4 girls with lots of hair, this thing is necessary!

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kailee wright amazon dress

my dress + bracelets + sandals 


I think this one tops my list of favorite fashion find lately. It is the perfect dress for summer and fall. I love the fun pattern mixed with the darker color to keep it more subtle. Looks super cute with sandals but would pair great with booties for Fall as well. And the sleeve detail is so fun.

kailee wright amazon leopard dress

my dress + sandals + bracelets


Loved this leopard dress find from Amazon! Oversized for sure, but still has a great silhouette. I love the pattern and the sleeve detail! Under $30!

kailee wright amazon dress

my dress + sandals  + bracelets


Rounding up the Amazon dress finds for this month is this pretty blue one. I think it would be so perfect to wear as a wedding guest or date night. It meets my versatile dressed up or dressed down requirement so well and is of course comfortable!

kailee wright amazon leopard skirt

my top + skirt + booties + hat + bracelets + necklace


I thought this was such a fun take on the leopard pencil skirt. Still gives you that silhouette but is super lightweight and comfortable. Love that it is versatile and can be dressed up with a plain top and booties like this or more down with a graphic tee and some sandals.

kailee wright amazon basic tee

my top + jeans + hat + sandals


This was such a good find for a basic closet staple! This tee is under $20 and comes in a bunch of colors! I love the neckline and longer sleeve length.

kailee wright amazon blouse

my top + jeans + hat + sandals + bracelets


I LOVE this top!! The pom pom detail is so fun but still subtle enough to not be too much. The blush pink is such a pretty color and I love that sleeve detail!

kailee wright amazon lounge set

my set + sandals + bracelets


Meet your new favorite swim cover up! I wore this non-stop at the pool and on vacation. It feels like pajamas and is the perfect lightweight material. I love that the shorts aren’t too crazy short either!

kailee wright amazon tie dye sweat set

sweatshirt + shorts + bracelets


You know my love for loungewear and tie dye, so when I found this top + shorts set that combined both on Amazon it was a must have! Super comfortable! I love it is two separates so if the shorts aren’t your jam you could just do the top. Would be great for a teen too as Hunter keeps stealing it!

kailee wright amazon black jumper

my set + sandals


Another great Amazon lounge set finds was this tank and jogger one piece set. I loved wearing it as a cover up again or just around the house in the summer. Super comfortable!

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That rounds up our latest Amazon purchases! What was your favorite Amazon find this month?

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